Compact archive May 16, 2008

Prague Baroque Jewel to Open for People

Today, the first time in the history, Velka Fürstenberska Zahrada (The Great Fürstenberg Garden) will be opened to the general public.

Palace gardens, situated on the slopes under the Prague Castle towards Mala Strana (Lesser Quarter) will grow of more territories. To the complex of Five Castle Gardens (all belong to the state), will accede Velka Fürstenberska Zahrada, which extensive reconstruction finished by the Capital City of Prague. The plan is to connect all the Castle gardens together, so tourists and Prague citizens could go freely from one to another.

To revive and repair the garden took about a year and a half. During that time the sightseeing pavilion was repaired, planned to become a social facility and a restaurant. Gardeners planted a few thousand flowers, trees and over two thousands roses. The entrance to the garden is from its higher part, from the Old Castle stairs.

The complete info on Velka Fürstenberska Zahrada here


Albrecht von Wallenstein Exhibition Awarded

The never-ending processions were standing in the first May days in front of the gate to Valdstejnska Jizdarna of the Prague Castle. Even when the exhibition was prolonged. It was so awarded by the public, and than the exhibition about the famous leader of Thirty-years war was also awarded by museum experts themselves – it gained the special prize of the International Committee of museums ICOM, the prestigious competition musaealis, given by the Association of museum and galleries, together with the ministry of culture of the CR.

The preparations took 20 months, before the exhibition was ready. Curators of a few institutions – The military historic institute, National museum and Czech Senate. They managed to put together a unique set of one thousand two hundred items, connected to famous Valdstein. During the three months it welcomed 150 000 visitors.


The Bible of Neo-Nazi published in the CR

Another rather extreme book published. After Hitler’s Main Kampf, published in 2000, an another title connected to Nazism and Racism. The Book Turner Diaries was written by a Neo-nazi William Luther Piece.

The Czech Republic is probably the only country, selling Turner Diaries. The book was officially published in the United States only, it is forbidden to even have a copy in Germany. The novel fiction describes a riot, after which the white race takes over the USA government, and than the world. According to the polimetrician Zdenek Zboril, the book is based on strong white racism and anti-semitism, with huge admiration for Nazism. The most dangerous is that it targets the system as a whole.

Turner Diaries was published by the Kontingent Press company, which opened, according to its deputy, just because they wanted to publish the book. He denies, though, he would like to propagate neo-nazism. Quite on the contrary, he states he wants to alert the society to dangers, coming from radicals. William Luther Pierce founded the main Nazi organization National Alliance in the USA in 1974, and led it until his death in 2002.


The Blob Library has many foundation stones already.

It resembles the times of ‘the Czech National Renaissance’; at the corridors of Prague Klementinum, the present seat of the National Library, are foundation stones everywhere. This time, though, they are not intended for the National Theatre, but for the Blob library building.

Another stone arrived a few days ago – it was given to the Library by the Czech Esperanto society, and it has a sign in Czech and Esperanto as well. A stone from Rip or from Blanik hill is not missing. But there are also unusual stones coming; a basket of eggs (a reminder eggs were used for building of the Charles Bridge) there are also Stoneage fling or a unique Baroque brick, coming from Berlin print work.

The first stones came to the library in 2006, and they have been coming ever since. Klementinum will so soon have to solve the problem, where to put them, as they already have problems with space. They need Blob especially because lack of space. Source: MF Dnes


Toll in Prague inevitable, Probably to start in 2009

The report of Deloitte company expects the toll could be established starting December of the next year. From the analysis it is also clear the most useful system is the camera one, and that toll will be applied, in the first phase, at 8,5 square kilometre.

Toll should be, according to Deloitte, collected approximately from Smichov to the expressway, it should than be extended to other areas, too. In 2012, the drivers could pay in area of 50 square kilometers. The company has also worked out a harmonogram of dispositions, the pilot program would be initiated in the last month of the next year.

The camera system is, compared to the microwave or satellite one, much cheaper and effective. Plus the pictures can be also used for recovery of a sum. The locals should pay nothing, or very little.