Compact archive May 19, 2008

Josh Wink - the DJ legend in Prague

The DJ legend – Josh Wink comes to Prague! Wink became one of the first DJ-producers to translate his hard work into mainstream success, when he unleashed a string of classics, including “Don’t Laugh“¸ “I’m Ready” and “Higher State of Consciousness” that topped charts worldwide.

On his 1998 album “Here hear” Wink pushed boundaries even further to contribute to a far-reaching disc that ran the gamut of electronic music styles, from ambient and trip-hop to drum n bass, as well as the trademark mix of house and techno on which Wink has built his international reputation.

Over the past year Josh has released another two dance floor anthems, “How’s Your Evening So Far” and most recently “Superfreak”, meanwhile, Josh continues to tour the globe, keeping close to his rave culture roots, spinning at clubs, parties and festivals in every continent, and putting smiles on faces wherever he goes.

You don’t want to miss this party! Friday 20th June 2008, in Prague Club Mecca, the unique concert of Josh Wink!


Starbucks Fights for Copyrights in Czech Republic

Starbacks opened its first café in Prague in June 2008, and they already have to sue a Czech company for the second time. The dispute raised over the use of Starbucks logo. Attack Media was allowed by Czech authorities to register the Starbucks Hand Crafted Collection trademark.

Attack Media originally intended wide use of the brand name, however the Industrial Property Office disapproved of any other uses than horse-riding and smoking equipment. This didn’t change matters for Starbucks – the approval of the trademark for lighters or cigar tips is harmful to the good name of the company, its deputies said.

The company promotes healthy lifestyle, sponsors an environment protection programme and takes part in other charitable events. That means, to link tobacco products and Starbucks name is unacceptable. The supreme court of administration has ruled in favour of Starbucks and ordered the municipal court in Prague to reopen the dispute. The Czech Republic is the first country in central Europe in which Starbucks has opened its cafés.


Terezin Memorial Meeting influenced by 'Bronze Names Theft'

About one thousands visitors have gathered at the National cemetery at Terezin, to commemorate all the victims, who went through Terezin ghetto and the local Gestapo prison. Terezin memorial meeting took place for the 61th time. This year was different, though; at many graves, there are those small bronze plates with names on missing.

The sculpturer and restorer Oldrich Hejtamnek makes new plates for free. The employees of Terezin memorial have glued the first new 115 tags from resin. Compared to the traditional bronze ones they shouldn’t attract metal thieves. The whole memorial should be in good order probably after as much as summer vacations.


Slavia celebrates title after 12 years of waiting

slavia fotbal logo The season of dreams of Slavia Praha ended on Saturday. Something like this wasn’t possible to see for 12 years. Until Saturday evening, when 20 thousand people rushed out from the full Slavia Stadium Eden to the streets. Slavia won the football league for the fifth time in the history.

Slavia must feel like dreaming – they played in the Masters Football League for the first time, they built their superb new stadium, and they also gained the trophy for the best team.

30th round confirmed, what a crazy year it was for football. Slavia was in the lead of the most of the season, but they didn’t keep up their pace. They ended in April. Sparta immediately took the lead, but they collapsed as well, as they gained only one point in four matches.

Slavia didn’t win either, but the draw 2:2 was enough the players could celebrate their first title at the new stadium.

The Czech Republic in Danger of Floods

The Czech Republic is going to be hit by extreme rainfalls in comming days. According to meteorologists, some regions should prepare to high degree of flood. The strongest rainfalls are expected in the Jeseniky region. In Olomouc and Moravskoslezky regions the Czech hydro-meteorological office have already announced flood thread.

The rivers that could overflow the banks are especially those at Ceskomoravska vrchovina. At some locations, 100 mm of rain would be possible to fall.

In Vysocina, meteorologists warned of flood possibility as well, in Pradubice and Kralovohradecky region there is flood alert. Nowadays storms can be accompanied by hails. So, to sum it up – watch the weather news, avoid activities connected to watercourses, drive slowly in storms.