Compact archive May 21, 2008

Vaclav Havel Play Odchazeni Premiere Tomorrow

The most expected theatre event is here. Tomorrow, the premiere of Vaclav Havel’s play Odchazeni (Leaving) in Prague theatre Divadlo Archa takes place. The directing job was done by David Radok, which is one of ours best directors.

Havel himself thinks, “… The play will be more a social event, than a scrape or a blast, which may have happened as well. Because it is quite strange. I was worried, how the audience will accept the play. It is a very pedant and specific play, which was also going along with problems from the very beginning. The way to the premiere was probably more tiring for me than the writing itself.” (He stated for Lidove Noviny)

The set was made in complicated financial situation, and if it wasn’t for gifts of private sponsors, it would have never been carried out, commented the director of Divadlo Archa yesterday. The choice of actors was, according to him, a miracle, it changed all the time, some roles were not taken until the first rehearsal took place. The way to what is now in Archa, was incredible and absurd.


Klaus: Don't pretend the Olympics will be profitable

The Czech Republic won’t gain profit on possible Olympic games organizing. The president Vaclav Klaus repeated again his opinion about Olympics: “I am a lifelong sportsman, but I watch preparation for Olympics with dilemma.” He stated in Hradec Kralove debate. He continued, that figures speaking of the Czech Republic possible profits of tens or hundreds of millions czk provoke him. “We definitely won’t profit from the Olympics, on the contrary, we will have to pay a lot of money.” According to him, the real costs should be mentioned.

His word probably weren’t very pleasant for the Prague mayor Bem, who is in the same political party, but at the same time a big propagator of the Games in the capital, an he always says the Olympic Games can be a profitable event. Whether or not Prague will get the chance to organize the Olympics in 2016 will be decided on the beginning of June.


Tourism of the first quarter of the year – quite good, actually

Thanks to mild winter with at least some snow on the mountains, the first quarter of 2008 brought more than 10% tourists than the last year. Accommodation facilities hosted over 2,6 million tourists. Snowing attracted outdoor tourists, no drastic frosts attracted urban tourists. The other factor contributing was the fact this years’ Easter were in March already.

According to statistics, the number of tourists, who use better accommodation facilities. The highest increase of guests – 16,3% noted 3-star hotels. Those 5-star and 4-star hotels didn’t get left behind, as they were used by 15,3 and 12,8% percent more than in the last year.


Eurovision Song Contest Started

czech martina kerndlova has a pretty body, her singing is not so great The 53rd year Eurovision Song Contest in Serbia started yesterday. 43 contestants of various European countries is a very high number, so this year there will be two semi-final evenings for the first time.

The newcomers are Azerbaijan and San Marino. Every evening, there will be 19th participants, from which 10 will go to the finals. The sms messages will be the voting device, the rule, that fans cannot vote for the country they are from stays the same.

Ireland surprised by taking the show light-heartily and sending a children-show puppet of Dustin the Turkey. The other joke-contestants are for example the Spanish, who have a TV comedian, acting like a singer with a plastic guitar on his neck. And in my opinion – if anyone heard Martina Kerndlova to sing, the one must agree her singing is bad karaoke. The main weapon she has is her sex-appeal, which might not be enough even to get to the finals.


Czech Anti-smoking law too strong, proposals of softening

smokers may hope for re-establishment of smoking trains Economic commission of the Czech House of the Parliament is now solving the proposal of the anti-smoking law. But the proposals, collected nowadays, would paradoxically mean less strict rules, compared to nowadays. “If the proposals, that were heard in the committee, would be voted for, the norm should be rather called the smoking protection law.” Boris Stastny from ODS stated.

One of the points is, at the tram and bus stops, the ban would be lifted for the outside of shelters (now it is forbidden to smoke at stops as a whole). Another ideas bring into consideration obligatory smoking vogons in trains, which would mean they would have their little comeback.

The Parliament returns the anti-smoking law back to discussion because of its bad law enforceability and uncertainty.