Compact archive May 22, 2008

Kosovo recognised by the Czech Republic

A quarter a year ago, Kosovo announced independence on Serbia, the new European state was finally recognised by the Czech government. The cabinet of Mirek Topolanek decided, the CR will establish diplomatic connections, so we may see Czech embassy in Pristina quite soon.

Against the recognition anyway voted the KDU-CSL, who joined sceptics of this step, who are afraid of worsening of the situation between the Czech Republic and Serbia.

The foreign minister Karel Schwarzenberg, who brought the proposal to the parliament, says the Czech Republic has no other choice than to recognise Kosovo. “The development was so, the Kosovo is a free state now. We have to take it as a fact and accept the reality as it is. Especially when we have 500 of our people there.”


Case of Prague Traffic Lights: Art Prize Abroad, Penalty in CR

The the beginning of this bizarre story is almost fifty Prague traffic lights – semaphores for pedestrians. They all have those common figures on, one red, one green. An artist with pseudonym Tyc decided that they are boring and that something must be done. He went to the factory where the semaphores are made, bought the original normalized glasses, and got to work. Suddenly, one day morning the figures were drinking, walking their dogs, peeing or simply sitting.

This wasn’t the first time Tyc changed reality; he is a member of Ztohoven Art Group, who also broadcasted a fictive nuclear bomb explosion on the national television. Not only Prague people liked it – it got the audience at the prestigious Vienna festival sidewalk CINEMA, and they awarded his project by the Audience Award.

Although the public evaluated his acts positively, he wasn’t so excepted by officers. They sued him for compensation of the expenses needed for putting of the traffic lights to the original state, which cost 82t czk, and they won the trial yesterday.


Bible of Racism among Czech Bestsellers

The book Turner Diaries, depicting a war against all other races than the white one, the book reasonably considered to be the Bible of the Neo-nazi, sells very well. After a few weeks, it got among bestsellers. However, according to booksellers it is bought by curious fellows first, by extremists second.

The Police investigates, how dangerous are the thoughts written there, if they find it a racist book, it may get to a ban. Similar situation was a few years ago with Mein Kampf publishing, it finished by end of the book sale.

The book was published in five thousand copies, more than a half was already sold. The publishing house Kosmas defends, the effect of this book can give a warning. “…it is worth reading despite of its monstrosity” The person who came with the original idea, Lukas Jirotka, plans to publish a second book – this time about Apartheid in Southern Africa.


Kerndlova fights for the finals of Eurovision

The crucial three minutes on the stage of Belgrade arena awaits Tereza Kerndlova, the Czech representative in the international Eurovision Song Contest. At 9 pm at the capital city of Serbia the second semifinal round starts of the 53rs volume; in the Czech Republic, CT1 television is going to broadcast it live. If Kerndlova will succeed, she moves on to the Saturday finals. The first semi-finals took place on Thursday. The future fate of Kerndlova in the competition will be decided by TV viewers of the whole Europe – voting starts at the last 15 minutes of the live broadcast.

Kerndlova’s number, where you can cast your votes is 906 09 09 for sms, it is possible to call, at number 906 09 50 22, both the sms and phone call cost 9 czk. Kerndlova’s greatest rivals are Ani Lorak from Ukraine and Charlotte Perelli from Sweden. She is expected to score high, as she won Eurovision in 1999 already.


In the Czech Republic, diesel oil is more expensive than gasoline

A litre of sold diesel oil at Czech petrol stations has beaten all the records. The price has got as high as 34,03 (1,3 €) czk /l in average. Meantime, a litre of the most sold Natural 95 gasoline sells for 32,14 czk (1,24 €).

The fears of analytics, that the prices of fuel will rise into astral heights so became true. This fierce mark up is caused mainly by non-stop growing prices of oil at world markets. A barrel of American oil costs more than 135 dollars on Thursday.

The question remains – how it is possible diesel costs more than gasoline? Because there is higher demand.