Compact archive May 27, 2008

Very Special Dark Restaurant, Where one eats in total darkness, opens in Prague

The new restaurant that serves total darkness opens in the Ceter of Prague. The new gastronomic experience, which is enjoyed by gurmets and lovers of adrenalin in major cities of the World, can be enjoyed in Prague as well.

The meals are eaten in this environment with the complete loss of vision. By starving one’s sense, the other senses are supposed to be stimulated to full alert, and your food should taste like it’s never tasted before. In case you are wondering about the washrooms, they are all brightly lit, there is also separate room with light on.

The dark restaurants are initially a project of the Blind-Liecht (Swiss German for blind-light) foundation. The foundation works to create employment opportunities for blind and visually impaired people. Their first venture, the blindekuh in Zurich, opened in 1999 and is claimed to be the world’s first dark restaurant. Since then, the restaurant concept has been subsequently replicated elsewhere, including Paris, Berlin, London and multiple cities in Canada, United States, Russia and Australia, also in China.

The restaurant’s name is Pod kridlem noci (Under the wing of night). Three-course meal starts at 790 czk (32 €). The food is served with full service. Adress: Narodni 10, Prague

Klaus: Why did you recognise Kosovo?

This is the typical sign of the Czech political culture – if there is something people would vote for in a pool, the Czech president Klaus is against, whatever it is. The same situation with the Blob, global warming opinions etc. What is the other thing Klaus is against? This time it is the Kosovo recognition.

On Wednesday, the government has approved a proposal of Foreign Affairs Minister Karel Schwarzenberg to recognize Kosovo. Immediately afterwards, the Serbian ambassador in Prague was recalled by Belgrade. That made Klaus upset, as he wanted to at least make a little signal that the attitude towards Serbia didn’t change. The opposition, Social democrats and Communist Party, of course criticize the step as well.


Biedermeier Arts and Culture in the Bohemian Lands

This exhibition will be the first ever to present the wealth of art made in the Bohemian Lands in the first half of the nineteenth century. In this period, middle-class society created its own distinctive style of art and way of life. Reflecting the timeless values of temperance, practicality, and simplicity the style came to be called “Biedermeier” here and elsewhere in the Austrian Empire.

Nascent civil society sought inspiration in the traditional milieux of homeland, family, town, and nature. And the ideals emerged that were dear to Modern man –prosperity and personal responsibility. This impressive exhibition is an opportunity to provide a well-rounded picture of Biedermeier and to demonstrate its contribution to art, which is comparable to those of other great periods already presented at Prague Castle.

The exhibition is being organized by Prague Castle Administration and the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague. 28th May 2008 – 28th September 2008. Venue: The Riding School of Prague Castle, U Prasneho mostu 3.


Expensive fuel will make bus travelling more expensive

Fees for longer trips within the CR are getting more expensive, and payments are expected to increase more, up to 15 percent. The record-breaking prices of oil logically reflect in prices of transport as a whole. Since the beginning of the year, when most of the forwarding agents increased charges, a litre of oil raised in price of 3 czk.

Expensive oil raises also the price, at which trucks transport companies work. According to their representatives, costs raised at least 10%. Which brings another negative effect – increase of transport prices is directly proportional with increase of prices of goods.

Joe Satriani – Rock Virtuoso in Prague

The concert of the American virtuoso of electrical guitar draws nearer.

Why is Joe Satriani so famous? Not only has he given legendary guitarists like Kirk Hammett of Metallica and Charlie Hunter lessons in mastering the guitar, but he has also released many albums, the latest of which is Strange Beautiful Music.

The man that has toured with Mick Jagger, Deep Purple and launched the legendary G3 movement, showcasing talented players like Eric Johnson and Steve Vai, is stepping up to the plate again and the audience is eagerly listening…

He has not only been a prodigious teacher, but he has also let his craft do the wailing on extreme albums like Surfing With The Alien, Flying in a Blue Dream and The Extremist. Never one to rest on his laurels, “Satch” set on a new journey on his Grammy nominated Engines of Creation, an electronic offering that was markedly different from his rock staples.

Jo Satriani in Prague – a concert on 3rd June 2008 in Arena HC Sparta Prague. Tickets at Ticketpro, 690 – 590,- czk