Compact archive May 29, 2008

Classical Music at the Prague Castle

The concert cycle “Music of the Prague Castle” is a continuation of three preceding cycles which took place at Prague Castle in the past three years. During the whole of the last year it was obvious that Prague audiences began to view this concert cycle as a permanent part of the Prague classical music scene, and were coming in ever-increasing numbers.

The programmes of this year´s cycle endeavour to continue in this trend by presenting yet more quality and audience-friendly works. Beside the traditional places, such as the Spanish and Rothmayer Halls, the Ball Game Hall and the Basilica of St George, the concerts will also take place in some of the lesser-known parts of Prague Castle, such as the Rozmberk Hall or the Roman Cellars. The concerts take place on Tuesays at 7:30pm.

The unifying idea of the cycle lies in its focus on early music which well matches the historical premises of Prague Castle. There will also be a special concert in June which will bring together artists from different cultural backgrounds: a joint project of the Japanese monks of the Tendai school and the vocal ensemble Schola Gregoriana Pragensis (“Intimate Voices from Far Away”.) Contrary to the preceding cycles, four concerts this year will feature foreign artists.

Apart form concerts of early music, the cycle is based on appearances by great Czech musicians, such as violinist Vaclav Hudecek and pianist Ivan Moravec. The concert cycle will reach its peak in a recital by the world-renowned star Magdalena Kozena, whose appearance at Prague Castle will also be this year´s Concert for the First Lady.

Event: 19.02.2008 – 12.11.2008
Venue: Rothmayer Hall
Concerts begin at 7:30pm.
Tickets: CZK 280
Reduced price: CZK 150

The ticket for the concert is valid also for entrance to one exhibition of your choice held by Prague Castle Administration eight days after the date of the concert (does not apply to permanent expositions: Prague Castle Picture Gallery, The Story of the Prague Castle).


France opens its labour market to Czechs this summer

France is going to open its labour market to the countries of Middle and Eastern Europe, which have entered the EU in 2004. It was announced at a press conference in Warsaw by the French president Nicolas Sarkozy.

The French foreign minister Bernard Koucher has confirmed the news, with a comment that the people will need some kind of permission, but he didn’t specified how it will look like.

The French labour market is partly accessible since January 2005. During that time, no greater flow of employees took place, the media talk about 5000 workers in two years, mainly Poles.

This would be the opposite decision to the one of Germany and Austria. Germany have announced a few weeks ago, they are going to protect the labour market against workers from the East for two more years. The regulation so doesn’t end in 09, but in 2011.

Countries where Czechs work without restrictions:
The Great Britain
The Netherlands

Still with some restrictions