Compact archive May 30, 2008

Czech Travel Companies Abandon Paper Air Tickets

The association of travel companies IATA announced a move from paper tickets to electronic ones. They expect to raise their profits of 9 mil czk, and also save up to 50 000 trees a year.

According to the association, the electronic tickets are preferred by more than 89% of the passengers. Czech travel companies embrace the proposal with one voice.

Asia and Africa are the only continents where could be problems, so there stay paper tickets. Otherwise, paper tickets will be used only in two cases. 1St: Charter flights with travel agencies, 2nd: Of course those travel companies, which are not in the IATA association, those are especially small companies in developing countries.

It is common to buy the ticket at the Internet nowadays.


EuroConnections in Prague Acropolis: Messer Chups (Rus) + Bad Tones (Cz)

Zombiegirl from Messer Chups An invasion of good taste lovers comes to Prague. Messer Chups from Petersburg come to Palac Akropolis, with their ironic color, to resurrect the esthetic of sci-fi magazines and low-budget horrors into breath-taking music spectacle.

Messer Chups’ music often features a fundament of surf drums on which they build collages of samples from odd sources, like circus music, jazz, east European animation soundtracks, and American B-pictures. On top of that they lay solos from guitar and theremin. The overall effect is one of loving parody and good fun.

That night, you can dance with vampires, and undead Elvis. The group is internationally known, they played among others at the Eurosonic festival in Holland, Trans Musicales in France or Slovak festival Pohoda. They come on 11th June 2008 to Palac Akropolis, Kubelikova 27, in Prague tickets: 260 czk.


Caricatures of Prophet Mohamed appeared in Prague

Caricatures of the Islamic prophet Mohamed appeared in the area of Florenc and Cerny Most, where are mosques of Prague Muslims. One of the posters is the famous Danish caricature of Mohamed with a bomb instead of a turban, on the another he is labelled a pedophile.

The posters link to web pages, where the authors present their concern with freedom of speech, and adverting to increasing numbers of extremists among Islamists. The photocopied posters are accompanied by slogans like: “Maybe provocative, but freedom of speech is worth of it”

A similar action took place in Brno last year – somebody put stickers with Mohamed on public places. Muslims of Brno disapproved of the action, however they decided not to take legal proceedings.