Compact archive June 2008

Permanent exposition The Story of Prague Castle

The exhibition tells the tale of the main castle complex in the country and the people associated with it – from monarchs and presidents to nobility and courtiers, famous artists, builders, architects and scientists to craftsmen and servants. It is the story of a complex bearing the secret of the last resting place of the most important Czech princes and kings and patron saints of our country, of a place preserving the Czech crown jewels, St. Vitus’ Treasure, as well as a place representing a respectable residence of the head of the Czech Republic. The story begins in ancient history – in prehistory – and continues to the present time, recording more than 5,000 years, which mostly became fateful moments for Czech history and the history of all its inhabitants.

The main route leads through particular eras, to which are connected thematic branches – stories representing interesting items associated with Prague Castle, such as the Story of Coronation, Burial, Czech Patrons of the Church and Cathedrals. Part of the exposition is a special program for children, called Play Castle, and other interactive programs and projections.

Admission: Full 140 CZK : Reduced 70 CZK : Family 200 CZK

The Exhibition is open daily except 28.10 and 24.12, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. during the summer (1.4. – 31.10.) and from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the winter (1.11. – 31.3.).

The entrance can be reached through the Third Courtyard and the North Courtyard. There is also an entrance from St. George’s Square.


Flogging Molly change date of Concert

It is sometimes necessary to unexpectedly change a date of a concert, like this time, when the Flogging Molly moved their show from 13th June to 2nd July 2008. The reason is they are performing at USA music festival KROQ, an important one from the point of view of radio broadcast. So they gave to know: “We hope you will understand this our very important decision. We will compensate everything in July!”

The concert term was moved for Prague, Budapest and other European cities. Valid tickets can be still used. If the term does not suits you, you can hand your ticket back at the place of your purchase. The place – Prague Rock Café – stays the same, price of tickets, 410 czk as well.


First Gay Pride Parade in Czech Republic Surprisingly Pointed at Different Problem

It was supposed to be a gay party in the streets, such are common in liberal countries. But the gathering was violated by the neo-nazi organization Narodni Odpor (National Resistance) who couldn’t resist the temptation and went the violent way to publicity. They managed to get to the square before the parade started, and started to fire petards and throw eggs. Some participants of the gay parade got beaten, too, and the whole act was ended by one of the neo-nazi throwing a tear-gas grenade into the crowd.

First thing – we can be happy the one throwing the grenade wasn’t a police officer, we live in democratic country and such acts are forbidden. Second thing – those, who prematurely ended the parade by their violent behaviour should go to prison. The police have arrested 15 people, the others are searched for as they have been recorded on security cameras.

The Minister of the Interior Ivna Langer stated he watches the activities of Narodni Strana and considers establishing ban on them. The First Czech Gay Pride so pointed at different thing – we don’t have problem with increasing numbers of gay marriages, but increasing numbers of neo-nazi in our society.

Suzanne Vega in in Prague on Tuesday

American songstress Suzanne Vega with her new album of last summer Beauty and Crime is coming to Prague. She sings about New York, love and violence and she still changes from adulthood of her show to soft, girlish melancholy. The typical rock of 80’s still lives! We can probably can look forward to her songs Luka and Tom’s Diner.

Her new songs have a dimension of chansons and they are quite various, as it is inspired by New York. There are known spots at her new album – the story of Sinatra with Ava Gardnera, a memory of a porn star Bettie Page. Her music? She juxtaposes acoustic guitar-driven melodies with coolly synthesized beats; intensely personal lyrics with compelling, short story-like narratives.

Her concert is on 1st July 2008 in Prague, Congress Centre.


Prague wants to legalize Prostitution

MF Dnes brought news about Prague Town hall recent tendencies to decriminalize the business in the area of the capital city. According to MF Dnes, there is about three thousand prostitutes in Prague, in the present time moving to private flats from the streets. The representatives want to propose a motion for giving the prostitutes a licence.

This way of filing prostitutes the police get a tool for controlling them. The girls will also have to go to regular medical check-ups and pay taxes. The prostitutes in Prague are now usually covered from view, working in clubs labelled as “dance cabarets, strip bars or erotic discotheques”. There is about thirty of them around Wenceslas square only, in whole Prague much more.

Flogging Molly in Prague - Irish folk-punk you will love

What makes a band truly remarkable? Insightful lyrics? Memorable melodies? Blow-your-mind live performances? The truth is that it takes all of those things along with a boundless enthusiasm, an infectious energy and a supreme devotion to the fans. With this rare combination, a band may ascend past “good,” – or even the record industry’s Holy Grail, “marketable” – and reach sublime.

Drawing on the hardships and joys of their own lives and a musical history ranging from old world Celtic to modern day punk rock, the seven members of Flogging Molly do just that, and they do it with a charm and an ease that makes them one of the most accessible bands performing today.

“We’re not a traditional band,” explains Dublin born singer/songwriter, Dave King. “We are influenced by traditional music and inspired by it, and we put our own little twist on it.”

“If it didn’t have mandolin, accordion, fiddle and whistle, it would be punk rock, and if it didn’t have guitar, bass and drums, it would be traditional Irish music,” King admits, adding, “You can’t be bothered being labeled.”

Eight member group punk-folk group which recently produced new album Float. Contagious energy, strong melodies.
2nd July in Rock Café, Prague. Are you going?


The cause of Presidential Vote Corruption postponed

The Czech police have postponed the criminal announcement of the presidential vote corruption. The presidential vote, when Klaus was voted the president again, was an international disgrace. Now it seems, no one will be punished. Josef Notný (SNK) stated, one person from ODS wanted to bribe him into voting for Klaus. The Anti-corruption police leader Roman Skrepek said to Pravo there wasn’t any proof.

Novotny confirmed to Pravo that Vlastimil Sehnal, who is a senator for ODS, offered two millions czk for his vote for Klaus. Novotny said there is no proof, as the investigators weren’t allowed to the security cameras tapes at all, with the comment there are no cameras in the room, where Novotny was supposed to be bribed. Novotny showed a picture of the camera, but they said it is a speaker.


Klaus announced he won't subscribe the new gay-lesbian law, but he neither treads it.

The president Vaclav Klaus so gave the public know, his attitude to the registered partnership is still reserved. The new law, changing some regulations connected to gay and lesbian partnerships won’t be subscribed, but also won’t be sent back to the parliament. So it will be probably passed.

For the president, the law represents one step of a line, at which end is the same laws for hetero and homo families. For Klaus, who always repeats he supports traditional family, the idea of a gay or lesbian couple adopting a child is unthinkable.

At least he doesn’t use his backroom tactics, like in the case of Blob, to stop the inevitable development. Czech homosexual couples are gaining influence, they will have their first gay-parade this weekend, and no one can expect a country in the middle of Europe to go backward.

Prague Smichov Beach is now Opening

The Smichov Bank of Vltava has a new layer of nice white sand and wooden floors for tables were laid yesterday. The place is coming back to life again. For the fourth time, it will be possible to take a seat, have a drink and sunbathe or chat under an umbrella, in the very centre of Prague.

The Smichov Beach is opened everyday since 10 to 22 hours until the half of September. The full capacity of the place is about five hundred people, so no wonder the place with a view of Vysehrad and Podskali hosted about 40 thousand people last year.

The all-day ticket to the beach is 50czk, small kids for free. There will be concerts of various groups and thematic evenings focused e.g. on mediterranean cuisine. There is a beach volleyball field, of course, you can play petanque. The place is sweet.


Czechs Massively going on Vacation Abroad

To go on vacation abroad is much more tempting than before. The Czech crown was strong the last year already, but now the crown is even stronger, so it is possible to live decently on holiday. Lidove Noviny wrote about increased interest in foreign currency purchasing.

Simplified – if now it is possible to buy euro for about 24,4 czk, at this time one year ago it was 29 czk. Euros are so cheaper of 16 percent. If we talk about dollar, it is even better as it falls, because it is cheaper of 28% compared to the last year; one dollar is now 15,60 czk, last year it was 21,60.

The average standard of housing for Czechs at vacation is now 3-star hotel.

Alanis Morissette in Prague Concert

The Canandian songstress Alanis Morissette performs in Prague with her June album Flavors of Entanglement.

Alanis succeeded with her emotive folk-pop-rock in the half of the 90’s. Today, she is an owner of seven Grammy prizes and loved by millions of fans world wide.

Her international debut album was the rock-influenced Jagged Little Pill, which remains the best-selling debut album by a female artist in the U.S., and the highest selling debut album worldwide in music history.

Her liking of electricism, either the music or the spiritual one, brought new sounds and styles, which she introduced to her fans on her recent tour with Matchbox Twenty. She also sung her song Underneath, reflecting words of Mahatma Gandhi, that you have to be the change you want to see in the world.
The date is 12th August 2008, tickets are sold at Ticketpro starting at 990 czk, the venue is the Congress centre


The first Gay Pride Parade in the Czech Republic soon

lesbians at the gay pride in the US The Czech Republic is a liberal country, that’s a well-known fact. Gay marriages have been going for quite some time, but there has not been any gay parade yet. That is about to change, as Saturday 28 June in Brno should be the day of “Rainbow Parade”

And the whole merry-go-round starts to turn again, as it was turning before the registered partnership was allowed – groups of Christians and right wing extremists are again trying to speak higher number of extreme statements than the other group, just to let the whole topic go a few years later, when the gay theme doesn’t get media coverage.

The event is aimed at reducing the level of homophobia among Czechs. Gays and lesbians will ask for tolerance during their march, but it is more than clear some people are not willing to tolerate them. Media are curious, how the event will go, but hopefully it will be an event of peace, as intended.

Gay Parade: Brno, 28th June 2008, 14:00 at Namesti Svobody

Two Czech Scientists arrested for doing a research in India

rhino beetle Because of their passion for science, the two Czech etymologists got into troubles with Indian law. Their crime was they collected beetles and larvas in Indian National Park. Right now, both of them are being held prisoner with the possibility of getting two to seven years of prison for collecting rare species in protected areas.

The arrested Czechs are employees of the Academy of Science, the Etymology branch. They are science workers so basically, they were doing a biological research. The Czech Government and the Academy backs our citizens in the court that that takes place on 7th July, and they hope Indians will understand their activity was not based on profit.


Czech Tapestries Exhibition in Prague Museum

tapestry exhibition in Prague Designers, artists and architects are the authors of the projects, according to which tapestries are created in the manufacture in Valsske Mezirici of Northern Moravia are created for more than 110 years.

The cross-section of the 20th century production is displayed until 21st September at the exhibition in the Decorative Arts Museum in Prague, just by Charles Bridge.

The exhibition introduces the founder of the manufacture for tapestries and hand-made carpets Rudolf Schlattauer (1861-1915) but also works of younger designers plus works of present tapestry artists.

The exhibition starts today in Umeleckoprumyslove Muzeum – The Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague and lasts until 21st September 2008.


Prague Ska Conspiracy in Cross Club

Originally, the project Prague Ska Conspiracy was intended as an instrumental group put together from members of Vertigo and Green Smatroll. Those who have lived in Prague ska – jazz scene for some time know, that these two names mean very quality sound by professionally educated musicians.

It was supposed to be an instrumental group, and it was for some time. But things changed rapidly when Mariana, the new singer with African roots, who decided the new direction in the first minute – the instrumental part became just a mount for her singing, very much jazzy, reggae, soul and African.

The group in its present form belong to the prominent musical ensembles of Prague, if we look at the overall quality of sound. You can hear them today, in club Cross, Plynarni street at Holesovice, where else than Prague.


Celine Dion concert tomorrow

The pop megastar Celine Dion introduces herself to her music fans in the Czech Republic. Within the world tour Taking Chances she is going to sing in Prague.

The tour, on which she is going to visit more than hundred of cities in five continents was started in February 2008.

Celine Dion, often labelled as the best selling woman interpret of all times, have sold over 180 million copies and gained over 1000 significant trophies, including Grammy, Oscar, Golden Globe, World Music, Juno and Felix Awards.

Celine Dion concert in Prague is tomorrow 26th June in Prague Multipurpose arena O2.


Czech Green Party Leader – use a bike to get to work!

Bursik initiated the ministry employees to use bicycles for their way to the parliament. Does the image of parliamentarians in Prague, where to use a bike means to hazard with life, going to work on bike seems Utopical? Maybe, but Bursik launched a mission to show environmentally friendly behaviour.

He already achieved that the roof of the Environment ministry was equipped with solar panels, he very well knows that the change of the society starts with an individual. Cars of his cabinet are hybrid ones, and he also fights for half of the car pool of the parliament would be hybrids. It is his credit that the parliamentary buffet offers ‘bioproducts. But this time… he may ask for too much. But if he wants to point at the situation, he is doing it right.

Yesterday Prague Transport Employees Strike

Why to demonstrate? The deputies of union of Prague Public transport company don’t like the state-owned company doesn’t reflect increasing prices of goods and services on salaries. They decided to show their dissatisfaction by blocking Jecna street, which is a very centre-located expressway, where about 60 000 cars pass daily. They used packs of straw for stopping the traffic from 1 to 2 pm yesterday.

The strike of drivers included tramways stopping at the station, but the Prague Public transport company was prepared for it; they had back-up drivers prepared and just replaced those who didn’t wanted to continue, so in the end only seven tramways stopped, or they moved dead slow. The bus drivers were more successful, as about 200 buses stopped at stations.

Taxi drivers also joined the strike, but compared to the state transport company workers they caused not just dismay, but also disgust. They demanded cancellation of limits for charges, so they could go deeper into being an abomination. They blocked the road to the Airport and refused to take customers in. Hopefully, their demands won’t be listened to, prior to helping those who need it – the state employees who really have something to complain about.


New York Gallery sells Czechoslovakia Formica

an armchair In the Art district of New York Brooklyn with a fabulous view of Manhattan is possible to see an incredible thing – a prestigious vendor gallery selling Czech furniture from previous century. It may look like in the Husakovo 3+1, but you can only find the pearls of design.

a chandelier The subtle armchair with wooden hand rests, a kitchen chair from bent wood, a dish chandelier or the undefeated classic of 60’s Czechoslovak design – Formica kitchen table. The privately known objects return one into the grandparents house, even when one is one metro stop away form Manhattan.

The kingdom of Czech design belongs to Borton Quillen, and when he opened it he had no idea that one day the filmstar Rachel Weisz would come and buy a functionalist table worth 4200 dollars or that the French styler Christian Louboutin take a few accessories into his studio.

The design of the Czechoslovakia era became a hit at home again too, rising interest in Czechoslovakia design illustrates for example the Brussels dream exhibition.

Source: Andrea Koch, MF Dnes


A Huge Red Poodle at Kampa Park

The Italian art group Cracking Art introduces itself in the Prague museum Kampa in Sovovy Mlyny. The group from the North Italy city of Biela is joined of artists from various countries and installations for Prague called Re-evolution has such attractions like color dogs, crocodiles, rabbits and other super-sized animals.

The art objects were installed in the area of the gallery using a derrick and some can be quite well seen from the other side of Vltava river as well, such as the previously mentioned 3-metre tall red poodle. The exhibition takes place under the auspices of the Italian ambassador Pigliapoc and the Prague Mayor Pavel Bem. The location is Prague Kampa Park and it lasts until 12th October 2008.


Where to Eat in Prague - 4 restaurant reviews by Julian Overall

Yummy yummy! When I was searching the web for a place, where I could invite my foreign friends for a quality meal, I found this webpage, and I can’t do otherwise than really recommend.

The web offers not just reviews of Prague restaurant, but various information served lightly with the precision of the BBC, yet in the relaxed Internet way.

The Prague restaurants he visits:

Lehka Hlava, Borsov 2

Radost FX, Belehradska 120

Kampa Park, Na Kampe 8b

Maly Buddha, Uvoz 46

Sure, there are also other web pages providing information about Prague Restaurants. For example gives an overview on the way of eating and drinking in the Czech Republic in general, and also recommends some good spots.

The Foreign Policy Chart: Vaclav Havel among the 100 top intellectuals

The prestigious American Internet portal have listed the ex-president of the Czech Republic among the most important intellectuals of the world.

In the Foreign Policy chart are philosophers, historians, writers, journalists, economists and religious persons, including the present pope, but also representatives of modern finance, politicians, defenders of human rights and peace activists. Those, who have influenced the course of the world.

Havel is listed as “Statesman and Dermatician” and was put into the company of such names as the American critic Noam Chomsky, peace activist from Israel Daniel Barenboim or South-Africa writer J.M. Coetzee.

What does this tells us about? What we already know, Vaclav Havel is apprehended more positively abroad than in the Czech Republic. He gained many prizes from other countries, he was also Nobel Prize nominee a few times.

Dozens of international companies head to Czech Republic

Burger King or Polish labels prepare for Czech customers. Also the big players are talking about our country, including Aldi and Media Markt. How could some new shopping mall look like? Hamburgers from Burger King, Aldi discount groceries, cheap electronics from MediaMarkt plus man more new, western or eastern marks, shops and restaurants.

After Gucci opened in Prague this May and Burberry, Prada or Tod’s opened last year already, the Czech Republic is no longer a country where one could enjoy shopping for cheap eastern goods like twenty years ago. Traditional foods? Sure! But a Starbucks coffee and a burger from Burger King as well.

The biggest unionist strike in a long time

The biggest unionist strike since 1989 started today at 6:00 by doctors, the main, one-hour strike will be at 13:00. The warning strike, aimed at reforms of Mirek Topolanek. It should, according to organizers, join together thousands of Prague employees.

The most visible it will be in city tramways and buses, which just might not go as usual. At one o’clock, the tramways are going to stop at stations – it is possible there will be three-four of them at the same station.

According to information of the Union of Health and Social Care, all the teaching hospitals in the country are on strike. Physically there is as much employees as on a weekend.

Lenny Kravitz in Prague Tonight

The American musician Lenny Kravitz returns to Prague for his third concert after four years. He plays today and by tomorrow he is already in Bratislava.

The American musician Lenny Kravitz returns with his eight studio tape. The person, who “would like to be a Jimmi Hendrix of our time, but he is such a good Lenny Kravitz already.” His advantage is, we mostly remember his strong moments, such as Are You Gonna Go Ma Way from 2993, and Fly Away or American Woman, from the end of 90’s for which he got the Grammy.

His music bears influence of retro style, soul, funk, psychedelics and even folk. His voice is surest in romantic ballads. He plays today in O2 Arena, where else than in Prague.


Prague Airport Privatization: Deputies Fighting over Influence

airport map ruzyne The leader of Czech ODS, Mirek Topolanek, and his party rival, the leader of Prague ODS and Mayor Pavel Bem have different opinions how to spend the money gained from Prague Airport privatization.

Bem suggests, the elections are coming nearer and than the present government doesn’t have to last. The government wants to sell the privatization jewel by itself, expecting profits of at least 100 billions czk. Topolanek promises 1/3 of the money will go to Prague and the Central Bohemia for streets and railways.

Pavel Bem asks for a different approach: the city of Prague should gain 34% of stocks of Prague Airport before the privatization. Topolanek declined the claim.

Why does Bem want it solved differently? He is afraid of the system, where they would have to ask every time to use the money, and if the government changes, there might be a problem. On the other hand, if Prague enters the whole matter, some critics are afraid they could co-decide, to whom it will be sold.


Use the online time machine to make you travel back to a communist Czechoslovakia supermarket

O’Rourke once said that “a whole totalitarian system was brought tumbling down because nobody wanted to wear Bulgarian shoes.”

Even when this is a nice exaggeration, which may entertain those, who didn’t live in it, lack of anything of higher quality or lack in general is a typical sign of communism.

iDnes prepared an interesting project for those of you, who wants to look back how did it look like. At their page, you can get yourself scared by browsing listed items of communist Czechoslovakia and than thinking about that using this was bad, but most of the time, the shelves in shops were just empty.

Fabia Advertisement Best in the World

fabia cake The Advertisement on Skoda Fabia, which won the British Television Advertising Craft Award has now gained another prize on the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival. The prize is a similar appraisal like the Oscars for actors. The advertisement on the Famous Czech Cars Skoda was made by the London company Fallon, and it scores because of the unique idea of a ‘cooked car’.

The life-size Fabia Cake gained also a prize for the best model and the best song. The other who scored was BBDO with their Pizza Colosseum ad, that gained some positive critics. The question may be, why no original Czech advertisement scored, and the answer is: different approach. Czech ad’s are mostly based on typical situation humour, which probably only Czechs laugh at.


Ballet Causa Carmen in Prague National Theatre

The new inscenation is compound from two choreographers. The first of them – Santa Says Cut it – is apiece by Johan Greben from Holland and Urih Ivgi from Israel. They both are have successful dance carrier to build on. Music was composed by a four-member Holland percussion group called Percossa.

The authors comment their artpiece : “We don’t want to tell a story of dance, but more like to animate the individual imagination of the audience. That’s why we have narrowed all the ideas into a few basic thoughts: Uniformity, Passion. Individuality, Escape and Freedom”.

The second part directed according to Mats Eko from Sweedeb, it is his famous version of Carmen from 1992. If you read any newspaper today, the Carmen of 2008 in National Theatre in Prague won’t get under 85%, most of critics give it about 95%. If you want to see the best ballet, go to see the Carmen.

Snoop Dogg returns to Prague

The Rapper, producer, actor and pimp Snoop Dogg, often labelled as the king of west-coast hip-hop returns to Prague. The well-known rebel, personal name Cordozar Calvin Broadus Jr. has published a new album called Ego Trippin this spring, and nothing can make it sell better than a world tour.

Snoop is best known as an MC in hip hop scene, and for being one of producer Dr. Dre’s most notable protégés. His catch phrase is “-izzle,” a slang term developed in California.

Last year in July he rocked the O2 Arena in Prague. For 2008, he has his stage reserved in the metropolis on 8th September in Tesla Arena, former T-mobile arena. Ticketpro distributes the tickets, they start at 890 czk and go up to 1100 czk.


Fourth Prague Cafe Potme serves coffee in total darkness

svetluska logo The fourth café Potme has opened in Prague, with the help of its patron Aneta Langerova and the ex-president Vaclav Havel. The enterprise is special in its settings, as there is total darkness inside, and the waiters are unseeing persons. So the café really works as a role-swapping place; instead of the unseeing would be helped by the seeing, it is swooped.

But really, you can still help the blind by going there – a significant part of the profit goes to the charity project ‘Svetluska’ that helps the unseeing. The total money collected by the Potme cafe projects is more than 800,000 crowns over the past four years. The location is at Ovocny Trh in Prague and it opens July 5.

London Elektricity in Prague Tomorrow

London Elektricity is a by-word for real music in drum n’ bass. Making their mark with the epic ‘Song In The Key Of Knife’, Tony Colman and Chris Goss first threw together their ‘Elektric productions in 1996. Founders and backbone of Hospital Records, they also pursued parallel projects under the monikers Future Homosapiens, Dwarf Electro, and Orkestra Galactica.

Having spent much time developing the label, and nurturing their young Welsh prodigy High Contrast, they got a pause – Tony having perenially been the musical and song-writing hub of the project has taken on the LE mantle solo, whilst Chris has moved over to full-time management of the record label.

Tony and Chris got back together and published their record Pull the Plug, known for perfect vocals and atmosphere which brought excellent critiques. It set a whole new course by which dnb started to head – into very complex brilliant arranges.

You can hear them in Prague Roxy, tommorow.


Prague Villa of Richter with re-opened Vineyard

One of the dominants of Mala Strana, or Little Quarter, the classicist Richterova vila opens to public probably for the first time in history. So after The Great Fürstenberg Garden was ‘unclassified’ this year, this is the second place with some history that opens to people in Prague.

The renter made from the Vila and the area around a vine theme spot, dealing with vine and everything around it. The important part of the reconstruction was restoration of St. Wenceslas vineyard. In a few years, there may be Prague vine again.

Tradition of the local vineyard goes many hundred years backwards, but the place was never publicly accessible. The area is about 7000 cubic metres. The location is Na Opysi, it is separated from the Stare zamecke schody (Old Castle Stairs) by a wall.

Prague doesn't, but Melnik wants the gift from Sarkozy

Melnik, the city in central Bohemia, especially its mayor have spoken, they would be proud to have the unwanted statue of Jan Palach. The three and a half metre tall bronze monument depicting postmodern impression of the Czech freedom fighter who self-immolated as a protest against Russian despotism in 1969.

Nicolas Sarcosy wanted to bring it as a gift, however Prague representatives said they don’t have a place anywhere in Prague. The leader of Czech diplomacy Karel Schwarzenberg suggested it would stay in France, the name Dijon came in debate.

The mayor of Melnik Miroslav Neuman stated they planned a monument for Palach close to the grammar school where Palach studied. He said they wanted to make a one, but if there is one already, they would accept it. It is now being negotiated.


Kraska v Nesnazich - Beauty in Trouble - liked by the Americans

The Czech movie Kraska v Nesnazich, in the US and Canada distributed as Beauty in Trouble, is evaluated quite positively abroad.

Positive reviews can be read also at the, I want to put one by johno-21 from United States here:

ana is the best czech actress, also the best looking one I recently saw this at the 2008 Palm Springs International Film Festival. The film’s title and in fact much of the outline of the film is from the Robert Graves poem Beauty in Trouble. Jan Hrebejk directs a screenplay by Petr Jrchovský from a story by Hrebejk and Jrchovský. the story begins in 2002 when Prague is hit by one of those devastating 100 year floods that destroys the household of Marcela (Ana Ceislerová) and Jarda (Roman Luknár) and their two children Kuba (Adam Misik) and Lucina (Michaela Mrvikova). Because of the moldy conditions where they now live Kuba’s asthma is life threatening. Marcela works and Jarda runs a chop shop out of the garage they live next to. Jarda’s shady occupation runs him afoul of the law and one of his theft victims becomes infatuated with Marcela. Evzen Benes (Josef Abrhám) is a wealthy businessman who divides his time between Italy and the Czech Republic and offers to care Marcela and her two kids. Jana Brejchová is Marcella’s mother who lives with her common-law husband called Uncle Richie played by Jirí Schmitzer in probably the film’s best role. Rounding out this excellent cast is Emília Vasaryova as Jarda’s mentally fragile mother who gives any money she gets to the local religious charlatan. There is a lot going on here for a small film and it’s good story with a great script and a lot of comic relief. Ales Brezina provides the music score with additional music from Czech singer Raduza and Irish singer Glen Hansard. There is a lot to like about this film and I would give it an 8.0 out of 10 and recommend it.

So if you haven’t seen it yet, now is the good time…

Zizkov transmitter prepares for its 'air show'

ka-32 LN brought an insight of how the action-movie-like upgrading of the Zizkov broadcasting tower will look like. The problem is the 216m tower is so high it is necessary to use some kind of flying device for taking the old antenna off the tower tip and replacing it with a digital one.

For the action was chosen the Russian helicopter Ka-32, which has two machines consuming 800 litres of gas per hour and can carry 12700 kg. It will fly above the transmitter and technicians will rope the top of the tower to it. Then, they will demount it, and the pilot will fly with it away.

The pilot of the Ka-32 will be one of the very important persons of the process, as hew will decide the day and hour of the whole operation. The most important factor is the weather, as e.g. gust wind could send the helicopter with the antenna to the nearby apartments.


The United Islands of Prague Festival 2008 has started!

The free festival United Islands of Prague (UIP) on three Prague islands and many clubs, hosting over 100 bands from 12 countries starts today. Today is the day of less known music groups, mostly local ones, who participate at the contest for a recording contract.

The official initiation is tomorrow, 20th June in the centre of contemporary art Meet Factory.

Except for Tata Boys, all the groups are playing for free. “This way, we can introduce groups to people, who wouldn’t come, if they had to pay” Said one of the organizers.

Along the music, there are also exotic kitchens and good accompanying programme. For complete information in English click here. For programme, just here


Architecture Week - Contemporary Architecture Festival, Film Festival

Festival of contemporary and modern architecture, Architectureweek, exists in different forms almost in every European city except from Prague. Therefore the organizer Czech Architecture Week s.r.o. has decided to make a similar event. The festival will present Czech and foreign architecture to professional and non-professional public through various events – exhibitions, lectures, seminars, presentations, walks, cocktails, openings and others. Architectureweek is an opportunity for people of every age and every occupation to explore architecture and develop their knowledge about it.

Within its all-year program Architecture Year 2008, Czech Architecture Week company prepares from 18th to 20th June 2008 a film festival on architecture called Czech Architecture Week – Film Festival. Since wednesday to frifay, the non-commerical film festival for students and public. Opening time 10 – 18, free entry.

If you want to widen your knowledge about architecture, the festival takes place in Veletrzni palac in the new lifestyle, architecture and design spce Terminal. Programe and all the info you need here


Avril Lavigne concert in Prague in Less than a Month

avril became adult... well a kind of adult Time keeps moving on, summer is here, promising the best concerts of the year. Avril Lavigne returns to the Czech Republic within her European tour, introducing the album ‘The Best Damn Thing’. The tour have started 2nd May 2008 in Glasgow.

Avril Lavigne (born 1984) is a Canadian pop rock singer/songwriter and actress who is well known for her “skater punk” persona. At the age of 16 she dropped out of school, moved to New York City and began to work on her music career.

In 2002, she released her first album, Let Go, which included the song complicated that went straight up to the top of the charts.

In June 2005 Avril Lavigne got engaged to rocker Deryck Whibley (lead singer of Sum 41), and they married on July 15, 2006. Her third album, The Best Damn Thing, reached #1 on the US Billboard 200 chart.

Sitting tickets – 790 and 590 czk, standing 690 and 550 czk. Tickets at Sazkaticket, Venue: O2 Arena Prague, 20:00, July 8, 2008.


The New Skoda Superb – in shops now

The new luxurious limousine Skoda Superb can be purchased since 20th June.

Skoda auto expects big interest for the vehicles, since it was a very closely watched car from the very beginning; the speaker of Skoda Auto Krauskopf announced “The tradesmen file high number of demand form their customers. We don’t have any official numbers, but we plan to sell two thousand of new Superbs this year.”

new skoda superb

“The base price of the model 1,4 TSI/ with 92 kW is 600 000czk – 25 000€. The standard equipment has 7 airbags, ESP with ESP, MSR, ASR and Dual Rate. The upgrade from previous version include the variable system of back door opening TwinDoor. Superb can be powered by six kinds of engines, varying from 77 to 191 kW” Krauskopf continues.

The Price list of the new Skoda Superb is available at authorized sellers of Skoda Auto in the Czech Republic, they accept orders now. Since this Friday, there will be complete information at

Czech Crown goes up to 24 czk : 1€

The Czech crown is again moving the frontiers, as on wednesday it was traded for 24,06 czk/eur. It gets stronger every month.

The development is heavily influenced by weakening American dollar. Towards him, the Czech crown trades for 15,52 czk/usd. The level of 24 czk for an Euro is within reach. It is very real, czk will get over it and continue strengthening.

The real impact of the situation is that Czech exporters have real losses, e.g. the clothing company OP Prostejov announced they have to close some of their premises because of the strong currency. On the other hand, Czechs who want to travel can buy their Euros, Dollars and Pounds really cheap.

Prague Main Bus Station Florenc Reconstruction

Florenc in its present form of 2008 looks very similar to the way it looked back in 1970’s and 1980’s so when you accidentally appear there, you are contrasted with the reality of a communist country: zero services, concrete falling apart, dirt and homeless people everywhere, unfriendly and dangerous. design of new florenc station. Luckily, someone finally took a notice of it, so the Florenc bus station will get reconstructed. The main railway station reconstruction is going just fine, so let’s hope this will be the case as well.

At the place of former Vietnamese marketplace grows a new terminal building, which should be, according to CSAD Praha Holding, pleasant to passengers and should fit into the location architecturally. So Florenc will get a gift for its birthday – it was instituted exactly 60 years ago. How many hundreds of millions people travelled through the station is not easy to find, but hopefully the next year those who use it will travel with dignity.


Czech Factory for Clothes of the Future

oneil glove Clothes of the future are tailored (or build?) in the Czech Republic, in a little factory in Pilsen, the company name is Applycon and they offer constructing clothes enabling listening music, telephoning, filming via in-build camera, sturdy jackets with solar panels, lights, GPS antenna, and all kinds of sensors. The clothes they made are used by rescue workers, refineries, patients in hospitals and extreme sportsmen.

To create ‘intelligent textiles’ is still a quite unique job in the world. The series of snowboard clothes created for O’Neill was a great success in the world. Among the first customers were companies from fashion and entertainment industry. Applycon now expands and wants to create clothes and uniforms for demanding occupations. They came with an innovation this year – a textile keyboard on a sleeve.


Weather is nice... which Prague park is worth relaxing?

So which of Prague parks are the best? There is Stromovka – huge park, recently renovated. It was quite destroyed because of the flood, which was in Prague in the summer 2002. “Strom” means a tree in Czech language and there really are lots of trees, but there are also beds with flowers, water fountain, a lake with ducks, but there are other interesting buildings in Stromovka, for example in 1961 was built here an astronomical observatory. But the park is mainly the favorite place, where Prague inhabitants spend their free time in the fresh air, surrounded by trees.

Not far from Stromovka is a park called Letenske sady (which in English means Letna Gardens). Here used to be a famous huge statue of the infamous dictator Stalin. Later was on this place put a huge statue of Metronome. And from the Metronome you can enjoy amazing view over Prague with Vltava River and all that amazing Prague towers, churches, palaces and other builidings. There are a lot of flowers planted in Letenske Sady, at this time exceed especially beautiful tulips of different shapes and colors. Plus, here is a popular beer garden with a beautiful view over Prague, or you can ask for beer in a plastic cap and enjoy it while walking through park or on some of plenty benches.

But probably the most famous of Prague parks are Petrinske Sady (Petrin Gardens) – according to the tradition, the ideal place for lovers. There is even a statue of their “patron” – a Czech poet Karel Hynek Macha, an author of very well-known poem Maj (May), which is an obligatory reading in almost all Czech high schools´ literature lessons. In Petrin is also a beautiful Rose Garden and popular mirror maze, lookout tower, Stafanik´s observatory, Memorial to the victims of Communism. And if you do not want to climb up on the Petrin hill, you can use Petrin funicular, a special mean of Prague public transport.


Coldplay in Prague O2 Arena

Coldplay are an British alternative rock band formed in London in 1997. The group comprises vocalist/pianist/guitarist Chris Martin, lead guitarist Jonny Buckland, bassist Guy Berryman, and drummer/multi-instrumentalist Will Champion. Coldplay has been one of the most commercially successful bands of the new millennium, selling over 30 million albums. The band is also known for its hit singles, such as “Yellow”, “Speed of Sound”, the Grammy Award-winning “Clocks” and their latest single, “Viva la Vida”.

Coldplay never intended to become England’s favorite rock & roll sons when their signature rock melodies ruled the charts throughout 2000. The Brit rock quartet yearned to mess around a bit, plucking their own acoustics for fun while attending the University College of London. All had been playing instruments since their early teens and had been influenced by the likes of Bob Dylan, the Stone Roses, Neil Young, and My Bloody Valentine.

Coldplay arrive to play in Prague O2 Arena on 22nd September 2008, while they are on their “Viva La Vida” tour. Seated tickets at 1 100 CZK, 1 400 CZK and 1 475 CZK, standing in front of the stage at 1 390 CZK and standing tickets at 1 290 CZK. Tickets at Sazkaticket.


It's decided: The new post-modern skyscrapers will be build in Prague

Another two skyscrapers will grow at Pankrac. Twenty years ago, Pankrac was a kind of left-aside place, close to the centre, yet somehow empty. Now, it has changed dramatically and another changes are planned – Pankrac is turning into the new Business centre of Prague. No matter how the denizens complain, those luxurious apartments and office complexes do not contribute anything to civic amenities, no matter that UNESCO intervenes.

Progress cannot be stopped, the city part of Pankrac already takes in account Pankrac will once become a changing station for new Metro line D, and ECM, the company that planed and now is going to build the Epoque residence (photo) have even more plans. They have reconstructed Motokov and Ceskoslovensky rozhlas buildings at Pankrac already. When they finish building Epoque, they want to build another eight post-modern buildings. At least one thing is indisputable – their designs are really professional.


Budejovicky Budvar – Budweiser – now even Bai De Fu

The well-known lager from Ceske Budejovice in the South Czech Republic starts to sell in China from 17th July. If Chinese decide to have a Budweiser, they are lucky. The name in Chinese – Bai De Fu means ‘A lot of luck’, something like good luck wish.

Budwar Chinese Etiquette Why would the well known brand rename? A Chinese is not able to pronounce Budvar or Budejovicky, so the business managers for East Asia decided to find a new name with locals, short and optimistic one.

The golden Czech beer starts in 13 million Shanghai. The Patent Office gave the Czech Brewery licence for whole China.


Japan Companies Bosses in CR: Czechs do not want to do morning exercises

morning exercise Bosses from Japan exercise the morning routine with smile. They know the moves from the pre-school already. You can imagine, how they are accepted by Czechs, who still feel yesterday beers and the loss in Euro, nota bene in the morning. MF Dnes informed about situation in a branch of Japan company Daikin.

“At the beginning, Czechs tried to see the funny side of it. But they run out of funny quite soon.” Says the personal manager. Meanwhile in Japan, those rituals deepen the bond between a boss and an employee, a Czech employee have it connected with communist totalitarian arrangements. “In a few months, such an aversion was put up against the exercises, Daikin had to cancel them.”


Man Wanted to Smuggle Grass-snake in His Underwear

Natrix tessellata The foreign policy have arrested a man at Brno airport with a Natrix tessellata grass snake in his pants. Literally. This kind of snake lives for example in Turkey.

The foreign police have seized the man of Czech nationality, travelling to Brno from Burgas in Bulgaria. The speaker didn’t mention, whether the underwear smuggler is a snake breeder or vendor, or what he intended to do with it.

According to the speaker of foreign police the 32-yo man probably committed an offense. The snake was taken to the Brno Zoo, where it is probably to stay.


Josh Wink's Prague concert getting nearer

On Friday 20th June, Mecca welcomes one of the all time greats of underground electronic music. That man is the legendary Josh Wink. Since his groundbreaking record ‘Higher States of Consciousness’ bought chaos to our dancefloor many moons ago and started a career of the king of acid house.

“Some people get pigeonholed as being into just one thing,” Wink remarks. “I hate that. When there are rules, it doesn’t become art, and it’s not fun. I’ve learned that you can’t please everybody, so I’d rather be concerned with making good art, and the people that like this art will stick with you.”

Over the past fifteen years Josh Wink has always ran ahead of the pack, as a DJ, label owner, producer, remixer, and artist. With a career that boasts numerous magazine covers, chart topping singles, sold out DJ gigs and collaborations with such A-list artists as Radiohead, Sting and Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails), Philly-bred Josh Wink has grown into one of the Americas most revered and respected electronic music artists.

You don’t want to miss this party! Friday 20th June 2008, in one of the best Prague Club Mecca, the unique concert of Josh Wink! be prepared to see a true legend in action.


The Czech police is going to give away free non-alcoholic beer

Is it an absurd vision, that a police officer would give you a free beverage? Well it can happen, where else than in Prague. Since today to Thursday, the traffic-preventive action called ‘Alcohol doesn’t belong behind the wheel’ takes place in Prague.

The police is going to check drivers for alcohol, those who didn’t drink before driving will get a free, non-alcoholic beer as a reward.

The meaning of the action is to emphasize, drivers can drink only non-alcoholic drinks, and to warn against hazards of drunk driving. But it wouldn’t be Czechs, if the solution wouldn’t include beers… I guess beer really is the Czech word for water...


Football Euro 2008: Czechs Out

It was clear, that without the attacking team, which missed Rosicky, Nedved, Poborsky, and consisted almost solely from Koller, we cannot score high in Euro. I don’t understand, why I am always so susceptible by the media and always start to watch the Czech football team struggling. It seemed so incredible in the first half – after the team presented no warlikeness with Switzerland (but we won 1:0) , and after the meeting with so much better Portugal (they won 3:2) the Czech team finally seemed to wake up at the match with Turkey, and actually played. For 20 minutes.

The yesterday match with Turkey? In 87th minute the Czechs were winning 2:1, but than the team lost all the concentration and energy and their game resembled collapse. The best player of the Czech team, Petr Cech, didn’t held centre, the ball came out of his gloves right in front of Turkish captain Nihata boots. And in two minutes, Nihata scored again, 3:2.


Sylvain Chauveau and Félicie Atkins: Music Infinity

Sylvain Chauveau The concert series Music Infinity continues with the concert of french couple Sylvain Chauveau and Félicie Atkins. Sylvain Chauveau belongs to the big discoveries of French alternative music of the past years. The Czech audience saw him in 2006, when he introduced his album Down to the Bone An Acoustic Tribute to Depeche Mode. The concert was such an success in Prague, the album was published here on the NextEra label.

In the production of Sylvain Chauveau, as well as for his mate Félicie Atkins, the most important construction unit of the created music is the suggestive and meditative atmosphere, performed on dreamy vocal, tranquil tones of piano or guitar. Minimalistic, ambient, ethereally flowing arranges can drag a listener in a fragile wold full of imagination.

Music Infinity presents Sylvain Chauveau and Félicie Atkins, 18th June 2008, Palac Akropolis, Prague


Prague Kids Getting Fatter

The number of obese kids grows year by year. The illness that stroke the USA comes to the Czech Republic? No way. I don’t think many people here could afford to pay for their super obesity, and also thanks to the fact traffic jams are so common people are forced to leave their cars at home and get on their feet.

Anyway, MF Dnes brought a survey, according to which 2888 kids under 14 needed to go to a doctor because of obesity and resulting problems. “The reasons are simple. Kids do not move very much and instead of going to sports when they come from school, they sit by a tv or by a computer.” Dr. Marie Finkova explains.

The other reason are the soda machines in schools. But.. don’t you think it’s strange, that all the world needs to deal with the problems that brings the US kind of life, as well as enjoy its undeniable benefits?

ALIVE Animal photos Exhibition in the centre of Prague

On Tuesday, at Namesti Republiky Square, the Prague Mayor Pavel Bem and the representative of Prague 1 Petr Hejma opened the world-wide known open-air animal photography exhibition ALIVE.

 ... everything the light touches is our kingdom .. The Mayor Bem stated for Denik: “The animals on the exhibition are photographic experience an impression, which offer open look into the nature, which we need to protect and respect. People are going to love stopping here, and it will inspire their relation to nature”

Some of you may remember the other exhibition Bertrand organized two years ago at Kampa park. The exhibition was called Earth: beautiful, unknown and at the time it was seen by more than 300 000 visitors. The exhibion will be there until 5th October 08. To have a look at them is for free.


Czech Girls are Amazingly Hot Video

“Yes, you are beautiful… like no other” When I come back from some longer trip, let’s say longer than three months, I am always surpised how beautiful girls live in here. When I came back from one leghty stay in Spain, I was just stunned. Compared to Spanish girs, the girls here are at least a head taller, much slimmer, and blonde. They can act so fragille! If you say princess, I say Czech. The ideal of romantic beauty? Czechs.

Czech beauties are not only the top-model Petra Nemcova, or ‘shake your booty’ Kerndlova. There are much more of them, looking just incredible. But you don’t have to believe me. The short movie here called The Models from Prague Paradise City documentary will not only present some hot beautiful Czech Chicks in underwear, but you can also hear a pro talk about why it is so.


Lenny Kravitz in Prague in 10 days

It seems almost incredible, but since the time Lenny Kravitz played for Czech audience for the first time, 18 years have passed, and during that time, many things have changed. Lenny Kravitz didn’t, as he still keeps his style and still has something to say.

The key to his success of his music is the mood of his songs – classical rock, soul, funk, 1960’s pop, however his songs always have modern sound and arranges. His new album It Is Time For A Love Revolution quite proves he didn’t lost his passion for the 60’s, also for which he is among the world’s top interprets.

Lenny Kravitz comes after four years to his third concert in Prague. (btw the commercial shoot in Prague doesn’t count) Every show he did in Prague became a little sensation. For his energy and spirit are something we must love and admire him for

Seats: 1 690 czk and 1 490 czk, standing tickets 1 190 czk and 990 czk. Parking: 250 czk. Venue: O2 Arena Prague, Date: 23rd June 2008


Czechs Refused Palach Statue

present palach memorial at wenceslas square The President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy prepared a big gift on the occasion of his visit on the next Monday – 3,5 metre tall statue of Jan Palach. Prague however refused it: the representatives think the statue made in France should stay in France. The problem only moves – they didn’t get get very excited the huge statue representing Jan Palach burning should stay in France either.

However, the French government took it easy and some information leaked that Sarkozy prepared a more modest gift for Mirek Topolanek, maybe a painting. Jan Palach already has a memorial, little, but skillfully crafted. Pavel Fisher, the ambassador of the CR in France commented we “… touch history of French politics. A lot of them have been in 1968 among Trockists and so were basically against Palach”

Where it could end up? Maybe in Dijon, as the Czech Republic keeps close relations with it since the First Republic. But it may happen, the burning statue would be put in depositionary, as it could distract any place it would be put in.


Camel Cub and Numerous visitors in Prague Zoo

The Prague Zoo has a new offspring to be proud of. A few days ago, the mother camel Rona gave birth a little male (he doesn’t have name yet, Prague Zoo knows how to enjoy baptism ceremony and do not rush) that now can be seen in the yard by those who want to pay him a visit.

At the moment, he is the only cub in the family of seven camels, who reside in Prague Zoo. They are not the ‘prominent family’ like the famous Gorillas, but still are quite visited animals. Camels are remarkable for their adaptation abilities, as they can survive in extreme conditions (of course not the case in the Zoo).

In addition to welcoming the young one, the Prague Zoo have welcomed the 500.000 visitor of this year. Last year was record-breaking in the number of visitors ; almost one million three hundreds thousand people came to the Zoo, forming a record of the whole animal park. Based on LN


To spit out a chewing gum in Prague is now illegal

It was ruled out, Prague joins other world metropolises, having laws against polluting public spaces. The new public notice was published on Thursday by Prague representatives. And any violator can pay quite a lot – up to 30 000 czk, which is 1200€.

According to the public notice, a police officer can fine a polluter up to 1000 czk at the place, for CIGRETTE-END, CHEWING GUM, or DOG DEJECTA. If it goes to administrative procedure, the sanction can be up to 30t.

The public notice is official since 1st July 2008, ever since the police will check whether it is adhered. The polluter will get a fine, plus he will have to clean it after him. The typically controlled places will be the Prague centre, everyday more crowded, and other frequently visited places like Prague Exhibition ground.


More People in Here or Czech Baby Boom Continues

During the first quarter of the 2008, 28 500 babies were born, which is 1500 more than in the same period of the last year. Prague Maternity Hospitals have gone through a crisis, when there was not enough beds for all the mothers, and they are increasing their capacities.

Czech population grew of 22 thousands people in the first quarter of this year. Numbers of born were of 2000 higher than numbers of those who died in the time span. Those 22 000 are migrants, and the total number of people living in the Czech Republic went over 10,4 million.

We can also read in the statistics, most of the foreigners come to live in the CR from Ukraine – 5500, followed by Vietnamese 440, and Slovaks 2200

Russian Submarine Heading to Prague

A group of sea captains and army historians are trying to find the solution for the problem – how to get a 1954 submarine from Albania to the Czech Republic, where it should become a unique museum. Specialists plan, they would have the 1000-ton colossus transported on a special ramp on Mediterranean sea, through Gibraltar to Hamburg and from there on Elbe river to Prague.

“It is technically possible, however we have not yet gained money for the transport and a place, where we could anchor the ship safely or a place in a dry dock.” The director of Historic Military Office Ales Knizek said. The vessel would than serve as the Museum of Cold War, and sure there would be hardly any better building that could host such an exhibition than this one, which was a part of it. Source: MF

Prague Bank Robbed with Plasticine

Plasticine cat The Robber was probably 20-25 yo, with a wig on his head. He entered an affiliate of Ceska Sporitelna in Vrsovice with a bag and a pistol (later, the employees discuss whether the pistol was from pvc or if it was a gas-gun) and forced a cashier to give him money. When he got 20 000 czk, he left the bag there and escaped.

The Police have evacuated the employees and clients of the Vrsovice affiliate, knowing the bag contains some strange plastic material. The pyrotechnic have however found only Plasticine and some gas-gun projectiles. During the incident, nobody was hurt, and the plasticine violator is looked for by police.


Prague Bans Public Drinking ... Soon ... ?

The council of the capital city of Prague have agreed on a bill, banning drinking of alcohol on chosen public spaces. The deputy of the Prague Mayor Rudolf Blazek stated the locals complain about being annoyed or offended by drunks, that seek some typical places on everyday basis. When he talked to deputies of Prague parts, he reportedly even needed to calm their efforts to ban it almost everywhere.

When reading the list of ‘no drinking’ zones, I could nor resist the feeling the law is mainly intended as a tool to repellent homeless and other individuals from places of their hang-out. Typical is the Narodni Trida square just behind Tesco, also the Wenceslas Square would need to get rid of some drunks. The space in front of the Main Train Station is notorious. What surprises is the Kampa park, which was somehow the park where even ‘mainstream’ locals go to have their drink in, because the location is so pro-tourist and expensive one has to travel a few tram stations before he/she can afford a beer.

If the bill will be passed, it will definitely bring changes, significant changes to the face of the streets. Hopefully, it won’t turn into a tool for police bullying, but sustains its original purpose – to bring the locals revelation from the mess.


United Islands of Prague 2008

United Islands of Prague 2008 Schedule
Thursday 19th June 2008 World Music Day, celebrated in clubs in the centre of Prague
Friday 20th June 2008 The official initiation of the festival by a premiere concert and a vernissage of the concert poster (in the international centre of contemporary art Meet Factory)
Saturday 21th June 2008 Open-air festival with rich accompanying programme

United Islands of Prague is the city festival, gaining popularity every year, becoming an important cultural event of the Metropolis. During those three days, you have the unique chance to enjoy the beginning of summer, celebrate the end of the schoolyear, and especially participy at the music feast in the historical centre of Prague.

To the line-up of 2008 – To participate have promised Spanish project La Shica with the singress and rapper Elsa Rovayo, the rising star of the world music. Jazz stage at Kampa will host No Jazz from France. Also, there will be the Hungarian Quimby, which sells out the biggest clubs with their alternative rock music. Of course, the Blues magicians J.J. Band cannot miss this event. Read the complete info on United Islands 2008 of Prague

Asian Art in Prague - Permanent Exhibition

Zbraslav chateau hosts a permanent exhibition of Asian art. The ground floor is mostly Japanese. Every room is supplied with a thorough, well- written commentary in Czech and English; each room is mostly devoted to a single theme, period or a major technique. The various influences are interesting, for example the similarities between 19th Century Japanese ceramics and the European art noveau decorations, or the very early hints of the comic- book style of drawing. There are some very old sheets with of a storyboard- like character, where a series of pictures tells the story of an ancient legend, the short comments written on a side.

The Chinese part is on the second floor. There you may see a quick walk through the country’s art from simple artifacts, buried with the deceased or later statues- guards of tombs to examples of Middle Ages and Modern Times painting and Buddhist sculptures. Buddhism naturally plays an important role in all parts of the exhibition. The supplied commentaries also provide a brief, but competent overview of Chinese history, as it is reflected in the creations of the eras. Continue reading on blog


Exhibition according to Philosopher Herakleit

Sculptures, statues and interior and exterior objects have filled Danube House and its surroundings at the Rohansky ostrov island. Exhibition of clause works have been opened by the students of sculpture at VSU (Prague Art University)

„Young artists have a chance to join the attractive surroundings of modern architecture with their art-pieces“ Said Marcela Stefcova from the organizing agency. The collection, named after the statement of Herakleit „You can’t cross the same river twice“ stays at Rohansky ostrov until the end of September.


Prague Zoo in search of young female elephant

A young female elephant is really a scarce commodity. The director of the Prague Zoo, Petr Fejk tries to get one, but – there are none.

“Prague Zoo makes a new elephant pavilion next year, designed for ten animals. But at the time, we only have one male and two females, who are now quite old and can’t have the young ones.” Fejk explains, why they are looking for those animals.

“We first looked for females in European Zoos, but they don’t have any free Indian elephants there.” Petr Fejk sighs. “During the last thirty years, the elephant population in Europe have grown old. Wee need to check Asian Zoos and elephant farms, but we don’t have enough contacts.”

If they would be successful, and breed a baby elephant, they would be the first zoological garden in the Czech Republic, that have achieved that. But that wouldn’t be too unusual – they are the first zoo in many respects. Source: MF


Personal License Plate soon available in CR

czech licence plate Originally, the idea was no one should have a different sign, so no one will envy the other. Ideas and reality vary, so in the end it only helped to nurture corruption of officers, responsible for the plate. The drivers should, in the future, gain the licence plate either the traditional way (computer roll) or to choose it by themselves.

american licence plate Drivers should get the possibility of setting the last five letters of the plate, the first two, which show the registration place and the code of the region, would stay the same. The Prague town council is serious about that matter, and if the proposal won’t pass through the Transport Department, they plan to submit it to the Parliament.


Olympic Day Run in Prague

Olympic Day was held for the first time in June 1948 with a total of 9 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) hosting ceremonies in their respective countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Great Britain, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, Uruguay and Venezuela.

In an effort to encourage all NOCs to commemorate and celebrate Olympic Day, the IOC Sport for All Commission launched the Olympic Day Run concept with the objective of promoting the practice of participation in sport by men, women and children from all corners of the world and all walks of life, regardless of athletic ability. The first Olympic Day Run was held in 1987, over a distance of 10km, with 45 participating NOCs.

Over the last 17 years, the Olympic Day Run has developed into the only worldwide celebration of the Olympic Day, and helps to spread the Olympic ideals to every corner of the world.

25th June 2008, in 15 Czech and Moravian cities the traditional Olympic Day Run takes place.

Those cities are Brno, České Budějovice, Hodonín, Chrudim, Jilemnice, Liberec, Lomnice nad Popelkou, Mladá Boleslav, Most, Ostrava, Praha, Stříbro, Turnov, Vrchlabí and Zlín.

“It is not merely a run for health or win. We want to remind to the participants the idea of Olympism and fair-play fight” The Olympian Imrich Bugár, director of the race, says.

The Czech Olympic Committee is among the organizers from the first year. Those are public races, in categories from pupils to veterans. To participate is for free, the participants do not pay any charges.

Event: Prague , 25th June 2008
09:00 : youth – the area of Troja slalom canal
17:00 : the main 10 km race – adults at Strahov, area among stadiums of Rosickeho and treningovy.


Pool: If elections were now, CSSD would win

Median Agency conducted a month poll, from May to June, trying to find out, who is the voters’ preference for the parliamentary elections. 1,188 respondents older than 18 years of age answered the question, showing the Social Democrats would swap the roles with ODS – this time it would be the CSSD, who would narrowly win.

CSSD would get 36.5 percent of the votes, while ODS only 32.3 percent. Members of the Christian Democratic party KDU-CSL would be the only other party which would get seats in the lower house, passing the 5-percent limited by 2 points. That wouldn’t be the case of the Green party which would end with 4.9 percent of the votes, but this may not be completely accurate.


Radar protesters driven away from the military base

Greenpeace anti-radar base before Since 28 April, the protesters have camped at the site, protesting again the planned US radar base construction. Until yesterday, when the Czech Army started to intervene against the Greenpeace members, as they did not react to repeated calls to leave the area.

The activists have put up passive resistance, so the military police loaded three of them in their car, the other two they had to lift from trees using a special military ramp.

The Military knew, that to use force against the peace activists would only nourish the national disgust with the radar matter. They didn’t use force, but they found a way, how to get their revenge on the party, which camped on their property – fining them.

Protest camping? Violation of the forest regime. Cooking foods on fire? Dangerous in hot weather. Digging and building of a latrine? Illegal construction. Now it is very clear there will be some trial, the activists against the military, when the military will demand incredible amounts of money as a revenge.

The government have finished their talks with the US, the main treaty waits to be signed, in July at the latest, and it is clear the radar will be build, protests or not.


Concert of Soulfly in Prague Roxy 2008

The Metal group Soulfly will perform in Prague Roxy Again. The world-wide known hordcore-metal attraction comes back to Czech club scene. Exclusive concert in Prague Roxy promises a real hardcore party.

With their third album, Soulfly is totally on track in terms of unleashing an essential spate of songs. The album ‘3’ is an essential album in the Soulfly career, states Max. “It’s the album where we reach the level of maturity that we were looking for with the last two records. But we also wanted to continue surprising people with different elements. So on the one hand it’s the chemistry of Soulfly that we’ve found over the years of the band being together, but on the other hand we’ve also been developing experimental stuff so we don’t become repetitious and boring.”

While Soulfly 3 sees the band branching out into more experimental sonic terrain, especially in terms of composition, it also sees the band returning to their roots. Case in point, the return of original Soulfly rhythm keeper, Roy Mayorga. Max: “I think he was never meant to leave, but you know, you can’t control that. He was going through a weird phase in his life, which ended up leading to that. But we welcomed him back with open arms. His drumming is really amazing and I think he really adds a lot to this album. We just think this is the best line-up Soulfly ever had.”

Within propagation tour of the last album ‘3’ Soulfly arrives 24th August 2008 to Prague, to bomb the club Roxy in Dlouha street. Tickets – Ticketpro, Ticketstream.

Dominik Hasek: Goodbye. Seriously.

One of the best goalkeepers of the history Hasek leaves the Hockey League again. Last time he ‘left’ the scene was six years ago, when he won Stanley Cup. Another Stanley Cup victory took place three days ago with the Detroit Red Wings.

Known as ‘the Dominator’, Hasek won 389 games from the total 735 plays, gaining 2,2 goals per average, his 92.2 save percentage is the NHL’s top all-time mark.

This time it is probably definitive retirement, as his son finished school, so they can move back to the Czech Republic as a family. “I am very happy at the moment, I have had great moments during my sixteen years in Buffalo and Detroit, and I found many great friends. Presently, I don’t think I would find enough motivation for another training.”


Clocks and Watches Exhibition at Prague Castle

This collection of clocks and watches from Prague Castle works together to form a fascinating whole, documenting the development of the measurement of time, interior design during the last 250 years, and the craftsmanship of renowned watchmakers and clockmakers from Prague and Western Europe.

The exhibited clocks are regarded as pieces of period movement and art-craft work, forming the reason why they were accompanied by other items from the Prague Castle collections. The visitors have a chance to, at one place, see items from the representative spaces, offices, cabinets, habitable rooms and depositories of the Prague Castle and Lany chateau.

There are 103 clockworks and their parts exhibited, accompanied by 23 collection pieces – comodas, mirrors, chandeliers etc. Event: 19.06.2008 – 28.09.2008. Venue: The Imperial Stables of The Prague Castle


Paul Van Dyk Returns to Prague

The guru of house and dance music, the German DJ and producer Paul Van Dyk comes to Prague again! Last time, when he appeared in T-Mobile Arena it was reported as a unique experience.

Within the Prague Sessions 2008, we can look forward to the new concept of four-hour appearance, which part will be conceived like a concert, where Paul Van Dyk will be accompanied by quite a number of top musicians and singers. We can look forward to the biggest hits of his extensive production, including his last album In Between.

Other DJ stars will play that evening, among others Michael Burian and Dj Tocadisco. Except unique music experiences the visitors can look forward to mammoth production. The organizer and venue is Prague O2 Arena, the show is at 20th September 2008, starts 21:00

Tickets: Until 30. 4. at 550 CZK, 1. 5.-30. 6. at 660 CZK, 1. 7.-31. 8. at 770 CZK, 1. 9.-19. 9. at 880 CZK and at the day of the show at 990 CZK.


New Havel's play Odchazeni is a big success

What is Havel’s play about? A prominent politician leaves the politics after years of service, and faces all the drama around.

Havel himself thinks, “… The play … is quite strange. I was worried, how the audience will accept it. It is a very pedant and specific play, which was also going along with problems from the very beginning.” (He stated for Lidove Noviny)

Now it is clear his play is the real deal. Not only because it is directed by David Radok, one of the best Czech theatre directors of all times, and starrs Jan Triska, who acted in several Hollywood movies (People vs. Larry Flynt, Ronin..), not plainly because it was written by such an important person who Vaclav Havel is. Critics from Czech newspapers have agreed – Havel created a timeless play, often compared to Shakespeare’s King Lear.

The play was such a bell-ringer that it is going to be performed in the theaters world-wide including in New York and Washington. The article was inspired by


Czechs cheering – Football team beaten Switzerland

The noise at Old town Square can be heard at Charles Bridge. 12 thousand fans gathered at the Square in front of the biggest Euro football television so far, drunk hectolitres of beer, and when the 71 minute brought the winning shot, the whole crowd shouted “goal” at the whole Old Town. Some of the fans dance in a way, you would expect to dance savages around fire.

The organizer of the event, Taiko company, who takes care of the ‘football festivities’ promises, there will be a second television, in the case Czechs will advance. If that happens is a question, because even when we have won the first game, the show wasn’t very convincing, except for Petr Cech, who didn’t let anything behind his back. The other chance our players get is 11th of June against Portugal at 18:00, and 15th of June against Turkey at 20:45.

So anyone who wants to support Czechs at the Old Town Square, has a chance. Of course there will be, like yesterday, hectolitres of beer and quintals of sausages.


Alicia Keys comes to Prague

After Kylie Minogue, the other songress with worldwide music influence comes for the first time to Prague. The Songress and pianist, born in 1981 in New York, has sold 28 million records worldwide, and even in the CR people have bought a few dozens of thousands, which means it is quite good.

Her musical development went from mastering Chopin, Beethoven or Mozart at the age of seven, than she went to jazz. At the age of fourteen, she wrote her first song Butterflyz. It was published on her album in 2001; Songs In A Mirror. About 12 million people bought the record and she gained five Grammy prizes for it.

Alicia Keys became a fixed star of the music scene. The album form 2003 called The Diary of Alicia Keys stood on the first place of American hit parades, and the whole sale reached 9 million copies.

Tickets are 990 czk for seats, 880 for standing, they are sold in Ticketpro and Ticketportal. Alicia Keys is very active in charity and non-profit organizations, so 50 czk from every ticket goes to charity.

Talented and universal Alicia Keys, the American singer, who won nine Grammy prizes, perfors 14th October 2008 at Prague Exhibition Ground.


The famous Zizkov Tower will get an upgrade

enlightened zizkov tower The tower started to broadcast seventeen years ago, and at the time its futuristic design and 216 metres of height raised much dispute. Now, when it is newly and nicely illuminated, with the inherent babies crawling up by the artist Cerny, the tower belongs to positive dominants of Prague.

After the years of service, an upgrade became necessary, as the Czech Republic broadcasting is now in digital quality. And the action itself will be something that could fit into Hollywood blockbuster, as the new tip of the tower will be brought on the spot by the Russian helicopter Ka-32, which has two machines and can carry 12 700 kg.

The flying derrick is to replace the antenna during September 2008. During that time, there may be no-entry zone around the whole Zizkov tower zone because of obvious security reasons.


Eccentric Journalist Jiri X Dolezal goes on hunger-strike to Support Radar

After the hunger-strike of activists Jan Tamas and Jan Bednaragainst the planned construction of the US radar base in the Czech Republic, the other person went to hunger-strike from today morning. It is nobody else than the eccentric journalist and writer, witty commentator, the publisher of non-conformist books and marijuana decriminalization fighter, Jiri X Dolezal. The reasons why he went on hunger-strike are the opposite reasons – he wants the treaty among the US and the CR to be signed immediately, without delay.

Even when none of their demands was fulfilled, Tamas and Bednar ended their 22-days long hunger-strike this Monday, for health reasons. They demanded referendum for the radar base. The both opposing bands want more attention of politicians, who do not let the nation talk to their decisions. Jiri X Dolezal announced he fights against populism of those Czech Politicians, who refuse the final sighting of the Radar Treaty.


Czech scientists found another better cure for cancer

Czech Scientists have participated on a discovery, which can radically change the way of Brest cancer cure. They informed about their accomplishments in the last volume of Nature Genetics.

Together with their Denmark colleagues, they discovered the gene responsible for creating the substance which is repressive to tumor occurrence.

Concerning the women with disadvantageous mutation of this gene, the defense against tumor occurrence doesn’t work as it should. And not only this; patients with a slightly changed gene variation are resistant to chemotherapy, quite contrary, the side effect only makes them harm.

The scientists expect it should be possible to cure every patient individually, and so much effectively.

The Professor Jiri Bartek, who participated on the discovery, revealed what this will mean in common language: “Meanwhile traditional medicine is comparable to the situation where is everyone given clothes of the same size, this new era should offer every patient clothes tailored to their individual needs. “


Husband and Wife driving car: His Blood alcohol concentration 2%, his wife 5%

The biggest surprise for the police unit of that night – to stop one car twice a night, that is not very common. It begun, when they checked a man, driving with 1,8 percent BAC. In addition, the unit knew him, he had lost his driving licence just because of alcohol. So they loaded him into their car, and drove with him to the police station. He gave his keys to his wife before.

When they were on the way, the police officers felt, the car behind them was moving somehow weird – it zigzag too much. So they stopped again, and made her to take a breath test. What was their surprise, when she breathed even more than her husband – 4,77% of alcohol. Surprising, when we know the critical level of alcohol for the human organism is 3,5%….


Young Buck in Prague Roxy

To most, rapper Young Buck was a fresh face when he became a member of 50 Cent’s crew G-Unit, but he spent a long time waiting on the bench before that. The Nashville, TN, native started rapping at 12 and was in a recording studio by 14, the same age he was when he began peddling narcotics. Cash Money’s main man, Brian “Baby” Williams, caught a 16-year-old Young Buck at a rap battle and soon the rapper was out of high school and in New Orleans, crowded into a small apartment with the rest of the Cash Money crew. Dedicated heart and soul to the crew, Buck “secured” the expensive cars for Juvenile’s 1999 “Ha” video and spent the next four years working behind the scenes. It was too long for him not to get his own shot at stardom, so Buck left Cash Money and headed home. Back peddling and pushing, Buck paid the price when his door was kicked in by one man, guns blazing. He made it out the back with two gunshot wounds.

Around this time, Buck partnered with rapper D-Tay and the duo released the Thuggin’ Til the End album on Next Level in 2000. The album didn’t make much of an impact, but Cash Money was back on the phone, asking Buck to return to the label. He did, but after two weeks of just sitting around the office, Buck felt he was stuck once again. He ran into Juvenile — who was ready to split with Cash Money at the time — and hit the road with the rapper. When the tour hit New York City Buck met 50 Cent and was soon asked to join his G-Unit crew. He did — with Juvenile’s blessing — and co-wrote and appeared on the 50 Cent track “Bloodhound.” G-Unit’s full-length debut, Beg for Mercy, brought Buck to everyone’s attention in 2003. It had gone double platinum by the time Buck’s first G-Unit associated record, Straight Outta Cashville, appeared on Interscope in 2004. Three years later he returned with the hard hitting Buck the World. David Jeffries, All Music Guide

27th June 2008, Tickets: 490 czk, 390 in pre-sale, Brought by Roxy, Dlouha 22, Prague


'Threatening General' Jurij Balujevskij Removed from Position

The General-in-chief of Russian Generality is no longer Jurij Balujevskij. The general got into consciousness of the Czechs by his statements about the planned US radar base, especially the one:

“ … a possible start of a defensive missile from the base in Poland can Russian systems read as a launch of a ballistic missile. That would provoke a launch of a Russian missile in return”

By which he tried to talk the Czech Republic out of building the anti-rocket system. This quote produced much distaste when it was spitted out, it brought back the memory of the worst times spend with Russia.

He no longer works as a boss of Russian Generality, he was redeployed reportedly because of his open dispute with the minister of defense Anatolij Serdukov. Balujevskij openly put up resistance against his reformations. He was moved to a fat office, where he hopefully won’t threaten anyone.


Paroubek's wife Prepares National collection for Blob

petra-paroubkova-photo-by-impuls It should be a similar event, like when the Czechs in 19th century collected money, under the slogan ‘Nation for Itself’, and built the National Theatre. The idea came from a meeting of Jan Kaplicky, with his wife, and Jiri Paroubek, the leader of CSSD and his wife, Petra Paroubkova. They are considering to make a ‘Blob supportive project’.

The total price of Blob is estimated at three billions czk, which means the collection pool would need every Czech, including the newborn, to donate 300 czk, to finance the building completely. But Paroubkova seems to don’t mind, as she states it would be more like a manifest of solidarity with the project.

“Supermarkets are built here without any troubles. If they would look like Sellfridges in Birmingham by Kaplicky, everything would be fine. But there are no new buildings, which could carry the cultural heritage on.” Paroubkova explained for MF Dnes.


Prague Plants new Forests

Over 80 thousands trees are to be planted this Fall, as new forests are planned to be planted. The city buys forests areas from the proprietors, and creates new forest parks. The reason is not only nature protection, but also the crowds, visiting the present Prague forest parks.

The biggest new forest parks should grow up at four land subdivisions in Kyje, Dubec and Letnany. To ‘build’ such a park is not expensive – the complete costs should be under 3 millions czk. In Dubec, and other smaller regions, like Brezineves the planting is already underway. Just during this spring, over 75 000 seedling were placed at ex-farmlands.

Czech PM Topolanek got Diabetes

The news was brought first by Hospodarske Noviny, where he confirmed: “Yes, it is true, during a preventive check-up I had bad blood test results and I was diagnosed the type two glycemia.”

As a matter of fact, the illness does not affect Topolanek in his duties. At this stage, his diabetes does not yet require insulin injections. What will change for him? Firstly, he was ordered a strict diet, ant he also needs to measure his blood sugar level every week (he does that by himself).

Type two glycemia has 50 percent chance of recovery. It affects those over 40, and the recommendations are to keep healthy diet, exercise, cut down smoking and alcohol. The prime minister Mirek Topolanek commented, he has lost 13 kilograms since the last month. If he will continue living healthy, he has roughly 50 percent chance to totally recover.

Olympic Games 2016: Not in Prague

The International Olympic Committee decided, which cities will become the official candidates for the OG of 2016. Prague is not, according to expectations, among them, it got beaten by Chicago, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo. Choice of the host town takes place 2nd October 2009. Prague now wants to apply for candidacy of 2020.

Who is going to proceed to the next round was decided by 15 members of the IOC. The team, who prepared Prague candidacy for 2016, didn’t count on the possibility of getting into the short list. They want to apply seriously in 2020.

The candidacy of Prague so far cost 60 millions czk. The Prague committee have given to the Prague Olympic society 12,5 millions only for the preparation phasis. If Prague wins the contest for 2020, the expenses will vary basically in hundreads of billions czk.


The Health Food Festival of Prague

healthy food festival logo From the 8th of May till the 30th of June, the CTE group introduce Prague first health food festival, supported by the Prague marathon. In very short, the concept is about introducing the athletes and Prague’s inhabitants with health food.

Through 15 renown chefs offering besides their normal menu a special festival menu, they let all interested discover, that health food is not only healthy, but can also be very tasty.

The CTE group, the official ground handler of the Prague marathon, aim to get as much as possible people to come and try and get inspiration from this festival. They try to get across the message that to live healthy is to feel fit and perform. If you want to know more, you can continue to


Jezek's senate candidacy

KDU-CSL, the Christian Democratic Union – Czechoslovak People’s Party, came with the surprising candidate for senate – the director of the National Library. His candidacy was authorized by the national committee of KDU-CSL. Jezek said for MF Dnes: “I was surprised by the offer, but I decided to take it, because I already got to politics and I have many things I want to talk about, loudly. “

His main topics he wants to talk about are culture and education, because “… it is the base for our future.” He got to subconscious of people as the propagator of the new national library. The truth is, he and Jan Kaplicky have been fighting the politicians for over a year because of the Blob library. Vlastimil Jezek is the one who has never loose his nerves during that whole struggle, and has kept thinking positively.

Titanic: Artifacts Exhibition comes to Prague

The story of the famous ship waits for he visitors of the unusual exhibition, that moved to Prague from its previous destination in Brno, Budapest and the USA opens to visitors.

Titanic Artifacts that are there came in great number – over 300 exhibits, that were lifted from their watery grave. The authentic objects, from scenario of the tragedy which took lives of more than 1500 people on one April night of 1912, will take you back in time immediately.

19 million people have attended the exhibition worldwide, and the greatest emotions are always aroused by personal belongings of passengers, such as a suit-case, evening dress, top hat, music instruments or talismans. There are also pieces of luxurious porcelain, silver dippers or glasses.

The project was launched with help of RMS Titanic, the American company having exclusive licence for rescuing objects from the shipwreck.

Starts – 5th June, Ends – according to interest of visitors, Place – Lucerna, Great Hall, Prague. Open 10:00 – 21:00, tickets – 280-330 czk.


International Olympic Committee deciding about Olympic Games placement today

The International Olympic Committee decides in Athens, which of the seven applying cities will become the official candidates for organization of the Olympic Games in 2016. One of them is Prague, the other ones are Baku, Dauha, Chickago, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro and Tokio. Only four of them will be chosen as the candidate cities.

Which of the metropolises will be the chosen is up to 15 members of the IOC, International Olympic Committee. The very people who prepare the candidacy of Prague do not count with the possibility of winning; the speaker of Olympic Prague said: “We have declared from the very beginning, candidacy of Prague for 2016 is an effort for succeeding in 2020.”


The Prague main Train Station Hlavni Nadrazi may not be accessible

In June, some of the trains going to the Main Train Station Hlavni Nadrazi in Prague are not going to stop there, due to the continuing reconstruction works. The platforms are being modernized, new trolley linking being established, the tracks are rearranged, and the close tunnel to Smichov repaired, such are the reasons given by the Czech Railways.

The first stage of reconstruction, which started in January, has been brought to finish – the luxurious boutique Sasch opened, soon followed by Neo-Luxor bookshop. The second stage has been started, which means half of the entrance hall is closed again. There should be 3 000 m2 commercial areas.

So during June, July, August and September, if the train which was supposed to stop at Hlavni Nadrazi stops at somewhere else in Prague, it is normal.


Paintball in Prague

Paintball is a modern, fast growing, adrenalin sport. It requires not just speed and accuracy but also tactical thinking and the ability to stay calm. You can experience the joy and satisfaction of victory, as well as the disappointment of defeat. Paintball is played all over the world by millions of men and women of all ages, from different professions and lifestyles. Individuals, a bunch of friends, or a large company enjoy paintball.

There are many ways to play a paintball game but all of them have one thing in common, there is always two teams competing against each other. The objective for the game can vary, in one game you could be trying to capture the flag of the opposing team and in another game defending your flag, or possibly trying to eliminate all the players on the opposing team. The number of players on each team is optional, it is limited only by the size of the field. There can be just two people playing or over 500 players on each side. The games can have time limits, usually 10 minutes depending on the size of the field and the amount of players. This prevents people from spending too long out of the game.

In Prague, you can visit the paintball spot close to the centre, on an island called Cisarska louka (The Emperors Meadow). This area has a beautiful view of the river and the ancient castle Vysehrad. It is easily accessible by car or public transport.
Price of a game: 750,- czk, Price of a ball: 1,- czk. The price includes: Entrance to the field, lending fee for paintball gun and mask, lending fee for overall (camouflage design), hood and paintball gloves, 100 paintballs, CO2 for the whole game. The facility consists of three separated fields which can be joined together to make one large field. Each was built in a different style. The first one is set up as an old town with houses and barriers. The second one has inflatable barriers which are used for sport paintball, and the last one is a military style.

Ruzyne Airport will be sold directly

The Czech Government has voted for direct sell of the package of 100% funds to a strategic partner, Topolanek stated. The strategic partner is supposed to pay more than 100 billion czk to the state. The government also set the minister of finance, Miroslav Kaluousek, to start the process of choosing the main advisor for the privatization. The office is needed for judging of the offers.

According to assumptions it will probably be a consortium of an entrepreneur of a big airport and a financial institution. The decision for direct sell was made on the basis of not very numerous privatizations on the market, and also relatively prosperous time for aviation.


Anti-Art in National Gallery

grizzly man by marcin dziaczkowsky To went away from the mainstream and ruling conventions, not to be a subject to the art market, to create art for the value of the gesture, not for the monetary value of the object. Such is the idea of the exhibition of alternative contemporary art in Prague, which starts today, and continues until 14th September 2008.

One of the main ideas of this year is the statement, that the art value of an arpiece is not determined by the object itself, but by the gesture of the artist who created it. The example would be Marcel Duchamp, who in 1917 transported the industrially made pissoir into a show room, thus creating the first ready-made and aroused a debate of theoreticians about anti-art. In the end the Duchamp’s pissoir was labelled the most fundamental artpiece of the 20th century.

We previously informed you about the exhibition venue in the National Gallery, however other part of the exhibition is placed in Kinsky Palace.


Bem's Reaction to Havel's “Do not vote for ODS“ appeal

Pavel Bem wrote for Lidove noviny newspaper an article called ‘A wave of anger from Havel’. Bem states, that “…Havel in his Article only warns, alleges, laughs at, gingers up, on purpose. In the name of some ‘higher principle’, with no respect to the others, without respect to truth, only with respect that he is the chosen bearer of light and universal truth.”

“The ex-president complains there are shopping centres growing, destroying local ways, complains about the way how modern buildings look like, even when their owners want them to look like that, about the ‘Businessmen Baroque’ of satellites growing without shops, schools, or civilian life. But, such is the reality and free will of people.” Wrote the Prague Mayor Bem

The center point of Bem’s essay is the fact, Havel was against the ODS project of the tunnel below Letna, and that Havel supports the theatres ODS want to cut off grants. Those two articles cannot be judged objectively, because both represent completely different point of views. If we simplify both presentations, it would look like this:

Theatre matter: ODS: Prague theatres are getting enough and they should be able to make money by themselves. Havel: If we let theatres without support, they will have to reduce their staff and to play only commercial pieces.

Letna tunnel matter: Havel: There are places with higher need of a by-pass, and much much cheaper. ODS: It is expensive, but needed.

Blob matter: ODS: Klaus doesn’t like it, we cannot go against our founding father. Havel: The international contest has a higher value that one man’s opinion, even when he is the president.

Suburbs matter: Havel: To build without a long-term plan devastates the countryside, and doesn’t care about the locals. ODS: The state needs money, and supranational companies bring them.

It can’t get clearer than this. Who is with the left wing, who is with the right wing?

Metallica concert in Prague Today, let your Cameras at Home

lars ulrich, the copy rights enthusiastic The organizer of today concert of the American music group Metallica gave notice of photographing, filming, or audio recording ban. They also announced there is no possibility of storing anything in the area of Sk Slavia Praha. Anyone, who will try to get through with a recording device on them, can get ban to the area.

Remember – any record that you make at the concert, can cost the group members millions, and when you copy Metallica music, you make Ulrich very sad. The stadium opens at four p.m. and Metallica starts playing after two other groups at half past seven. The end of the concert is planned on ten p.m.


Rainstorms in Prague

Yesterday storms brought a short memory of the floods in 2002. The tropical weekend ended in fierce rainstorm. The water forced out many units of fire-brigade. There was water to be pumped out not only in basements, but also in Metro A/B Mustek at the Wenceslas Square. According to meteorologists, there were 2-cm groats falling in Prague that evening.

Meanwhile people travelled on by Metro, even when they had to get to it through 10cm of water at Mustek, the Zizkovsky vysilac television tower was hit by a lighting, and out-of-function for five hours, while it wasn’t possible to tune up the Czech Television in Prague. In June we can expect warm, but not tropical weather.


Z1 is the New Czech News Television

The Czech Republic has a new broadcast station. The commercially news-journalism station Z1 started yesterday at 19.00. The programme was started by the main news with reporters known from their activities in the Czech Television, Veronika Sedlackova and Jan Nemec. The leader of the television Martin Mrnka stated the aim of the television is to bring news channel on commercial basis.

The new television will be a competition of the statutory CT24. But the promotion of Z1 states they are aimed at a specific group of the most educated and rich viewers. They plan to gain three percents share. They build on successful news programmes, such as CNN or Sky News. It is possible to tune it up in Prague, Brno, Ostrava and Pilsen, and at

Metallica Tomorrow in Prague

Metallica is an American Rock band that formed in 1981 in Los Angeles, California. Metallica’s original line-up consisted of Lars Ulrich, rhythm guitarist and vocalist James Hetfield, lead guitarist Dave Mustaine, and bassist Ron McGovney. McGovney and Mustaine were later ejected from the band, in favor of Cliff Burton and Kirk Hammett, respectively. The ejection of Mustaine resulted in a feud between him and Metallica. Mustaine later went on to form the band Megadeth.

Metallica’s early releases included fast tempos, instrumentals, and aggressive musicianship that placed them as one of the “Big Four” of the thrash metal subgenre alongside Slayer, Megadeth and Anthrax. The band earned a growing fan base in the underground music community, and some critics say the 1986 release Master of Puppets is one of the most influential and “heavy” thrash metal albums.

The band achieved substantial commercial success with its self-titled 1991 album Metallica, which debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. Some critics and fans believed the band changed its musical direction to appeal to the mainstream audience. In 2000, Metallica was among several artists who filed a lawsuit against Napster for sharing the band’s copyright-protected material for free without the band members’ consent, by which became even more commercial in the eyes of many fans.

The band has become one of the most commercially successful with over 95 million records sold worldwide, including 57 million in the United States alone.

Metallica concert takes place in Prague Stadion Eden. It will be the first concert in this very new stadium, and Mettallica will show what they can do on 3rd June.


Prague Spring 2008 : BBC Orchestra excelled in Prague

Prazske Jaro – Prague Spring was unrecorded in the number of performing artists, who, for various reasons, decided to chancel their performance. For example Dagmar Peckova, who was supposed to perform the complex act from melodrama Awaiting, couldn’t arrive because of illness. Luckily, she was replaced by renowned American sopranos Deborah Polanski, who made an act full of emotions.

Also the London orchestra came to impress at the Prague Spring, with their present boss Jiri Belohlavek. The British performed as the wonderful music interprets of the 20th century music. They played Skladateluv apel from 1968, with certainty of experienced interpret of the 20th century and attacked the listeners’ senses with richness of colors. Based on LN Hradecka


Havel appealed to Prague: Do not vote for ODS

The unusually direct strike against the ruling ODS came from the ex-president Vaclav Havel this weekend. Havel is no longer politically active, this was one of the few political declarations he has made with some emphasis in the past five years.

Prague is the base of ODS, the Civic Democratic Party, the Prague mayor is a ODS member, too, why we should change it? “… I can’t think of anything else than to recommend to Prague citizens, not to vote for the party, which has ruled in Prague for so long, and which has allowed and done so much ill, in the incoming elections.” Havel wrote for LN on Saturday.

What is the biggest problem? For Havel, it is the way ODS wants to change supporting system of Prague theatres in a way, which would in the end mean commercialization of the repertoire. Other criticized deeds were the candidacy for Olympic Games, because Prague has major problems with traffic, in comparison with no projects of Prague growth that goes unlimited without services for the locals.