Compact archive June 4, 2008

The Health Food Festival of Prague

healthy food festival logo From the 8th of May till the 30th of June, the CTE group introduce Prague first health food festival, supported by the Prague marathon. In very short, the concept is about introducing the athletes and Prague’s inhabitants with health food.

Through 15 renown chefs offering besides their normal menu a special festival menu, they let all interested discover, that health food is not only healthy, but can also be very tasty.

The CTE group, the official ground handler of the Prague marathon, aim to get as much as possible people to come and try and get inspiration from this festival. They try to get across the message that to live healthy is to feel fit and perform. If you want to know more, you can continue to


Jezek's senate candidacy

KDU-CSL, the Christian Democratic Union – Czechoslovak People’s Party, came with the surprising candidate for senate – the director of the National Library. His candidacy was authorized by the national committee of KDU-CSL. Jezek said for MF Dnes: “I was surprised by the offer, but I decided to take it, because I already got to politics and I have many things I want to talk about, loudly. “

His main topics he wants to talk about are culture and education, because “… it is the base for our future.” He got to subconscious of people as the propagator of the new national library. The truth is, he and Jan Kaplicky have been fighting the politicians for over a year because of the Blob library. Vlastimil Jezek is the one who has never loose his nerves during that whole struggle, and has kept thinking positively.

Titanic: Artifacts Exhibition comes to Prague

The story of the famous ship waits for he visitors of the unusual exhibition, that moved to Prague from its previous destination in Brno, Budapest and the USA opens to visitors.

Titanic Artifacts that are there came in great number – over 300 exhibits, that were lifted from their watery grave. The authentic objects, from scenario of the tragedy which took lives of more than 1500 people on one April night of 1912, will take you back in time immediately.

19 million people have attended the exhibition worldwide, and the greatest emotions are always aroused by personal belongings of passengers, such as a suit-case, evening dress, top hat, music instruments or talismans. There are also pieces of luxurious porcelain, silver dippers or glasses.

The project was launched with help of RMS Titanic, the American company having exclusive licence for rescuing objects from the shipwreck.

Starts – 5th June, Ends – according to interest of visitors, Place – Lucerna, Great Hall, Prague. Open 10:00 – 21:00, tickets – 280-330 czk.


International Olympic Committee deciding about Olympic Games placement today

The International Olympic Committee decides in Athens, which of the seven applying cities will become the official candidates for organization of the Olympic Games in 2016. One of them is Prague, the other ones are Baku, Dauha, Chickago, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro and Tokio. Only four of them will be chosen as the candidate cities.

Which of the metropolises will be the chosen is up to 15 members of the IOC, International Olympic Committee. The very people who prepare the candidacy of Prague do not count with the possibility of winning; the speaker of Olympic Prague said: “We have declared from the very beginning, candidacy of Prague for 2016 is an effort for succeeding in 2020.”


The Prague main Train Station Hlavni Nadrazi may not be accessible

In June, some of the trains going to the Main Train Station Hlavni Nadrazi in Prague are not going to stop there, due to the continuing reconstruction works. The platforms are being modernized, new trolley linking being established, the tracks are rearranged, and the close tunnel to Smichov repaired, such are the reasons given by the Czech Railways.

The first stage of reconstruction, which started in January, has been brought to finish – the luxurious boutique Sasch opened, soon followed by Neo-Luxor bookshop. The second stage has been started, which means half of the entrance hall is closed again. There should be 3 000 m2 commercial areas.

So during June, July, August and September, if the train which was supposed to stop at Hlavni Nadrazi stops at somewhere else in Prague, it is normal.