Compact archive June 5, 2008

'Threatening General' Jurij Balujevskij Removed from Position

The General-in-chief of Russian Generality is no longer Jurij Balujevskij. The general got into consciousness of the Czechs by his statements about the planned US radar base, especially the one:

“ … a possible start of a defensive missile from the base in Poland can Russian systems read as a launch of a ballistic missile. That would provoke a launch of a Russian missile in return”

By which he tried to talk the Czech Republic out of building the anti-rocket system. This quote produced much distaste when it was spitted out, it brought back the memory of the worst times spend with Russia.

He no longer works as a boss of Russian Generality, he was redeployed reportedly because of his open dispute with the minister of defense Anatolij Serdukov. Balujevskij openly put up resistance against his reformations. He was moved to a fat office, where he hopefully won’t threaten anyone.


Paroubek's wife Prepares National collection for Blob

petra-paroubkova-photo-by-impuls It should be a similar event, like when the Czechs in 19th century collected money, under the slogan ‘Nation for Itself’, and built the National Theatre. The idea came from a meeting of Jan Kaplicky, with his wife, and Jiri Paroubek, the leader of CSSD and his wife, Petra Paroubkova. They are considering to make a ‘Blob supportive project’.

The total price of Blob is estimated at three billions czk, which means the collection pool would need every Czech, including the newborn, to donate 300 czk, to finance the building completely. But Paroubkova seems to don’t mind, as she states it would be more like a manifest of solidarity with the project.

“Supermarkets are built here without any troubles. If they would look like Sellfridges in Birmingham by Kaplicky, everything would be fine. But there are no new buildings, which could carry the cultural heritage on.” Paroubkova explained for MF Dnes.


Prague Plants new Forests

Over 80 thousands trees are to be planted this Fall, as new forests are planned to be planted. The city buys forests areas from the proprietors, and creates new forest parks. The reason is not only nature protection, but also the crowds, visiting the present Prague forest parks.

The biggest new forest parks should grow up at four land subdivisions in Kyje, Dubec and Letnany. To ‘build’ such a park is not expensive – the complete costs should be under 3 millions czk. In Dubec, and other smaller regions, like Brezineves the planting is already underway. Just during this spring, over 75 000 seedling were placed at ex-farmlands.

Czech PM Topolanek got Diabetes

The news was brought first by Hospodarske Noviny, where he confirmed: “Yes, it is true, during a preventive check-up I had bad blood test results and I was diagnosed the type two glycemia.”

As a matter of fact, the illness does not affect Topolanek in his duties. At this stage, his diabetes does not yet require insulin injections. What will change for him? Firstly, he was ordered a strict diet, ant he also needs to measure his blood sugar level every week (he does that by himself).

Type two glycemia has 50 percent chance of recovery. It affects those over 40, and the recommendations are to keep healthy diet, exercise, cut down smoking and alcohol. The prime minister Mirek Topolanek commented, he has lost 13 kilograms since the last month. If he will continue living healthy, he has roughly 50 percent chance to totally recover.

Olympic Games 2016: Not in Prague

The International Olympic Committee decided, which cities will become the official candidates for the OG of 2016. Prague is not, according to expectations, among them, it got beaten by Chicago, Madrid, Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo. Choice of the host town takes place 2nd October 2009. Prague now wants to apply for candidacy of 2020.

Who is going to proceed to the next round was decided by 15 members of the IOC. The team, who prepared Prague candidacy for 2016, didn’t count on the possibility of getting into the short list. They want to apply seriously in 2020.

The candidacy of Prague so far cost 60 millions czk. The Prague committee have given to the Prague Olympic society 12,5 millions only for the preparation phasis. If Prague wins the contest for 2020, the expenses will vary basically in hundreads of billions czk.