Compact archive June 6, 2008

The famous Zizkov Tower will get an upgrade

enlightened zizkov tower The tower started to broadcast seventeen years ago, and at the time its futuristic design and 216 metres of height raised much dispute. Now, when it is newly and nicely illuminated, with the inherent babies crawling up by the artist Cerny, the tower belongs to positive dominants of Prague.

After the years of service, an upgrade became necessary, as the Czech Republic broadcasting is now in digital quality. And the action itself will be something that could fit into Hollywood blockbuster, as the new tip of the tower will be brought on the spot by the Russian helicopter Ka-32, which has two machines and can carry 12 700 kg.

The flying derrick is to replace the antenna during September 2008. During that time, there may be no-entry zone around the whole Zizkov tower zone because of obvious security reasons.


Eccentric Journalist Jiri X Dolezal goes on hunger-strike to Support Radar

After the hunger-strike of activists Jan Tamas and Jan Bednaragainst the planned construction of the US radar base in the Czech Republic, the other person went to hunger-strike from today morning. It is nobody else than the eccentric journalist and writer, witty commentator, the publisher of non-conformist books and marijuana decriminalization fighter, Jiri X Dolezal. The reasons why he went on hunger-strike are the opposite reasons – he wants the treaty among the US and the CR to be signed immediately, without delay.

Even when none of their demands was fulfilled, Tamas and Bednar ended their 22-days long hunger-strike this Monday, for health reasons. They demanded referendum for the radar base. The both opposing bands want more attention of politicians, who do not let the nation talk to their decisions. Jiri X Dolezal announced he fights against populism of those Czech Politicians, who refuse the final sighting of the Radar Treaty.


Czech scientists found another better cure for cancer

Czech Scientists have participated on a discovery, which can radically change the way of Brest cancer cure. They informed about their accomplishments in the last volume of Nature Genetics.

Together with their Denmark colleagues, they discovered the gene responsible for creating the substance which is repressive to tumor occurrence.

Concerning the women with disadvantageous mutation of this gene, the defense against tumor occurrence doesn’t work as it should. And not only this; patients with a slightly changed gene variation are resistant to chemotherapy, quite contrary, the side effect only makes them harm.

The scientists expect it should be possible to cure every patient individually, and so much effectively.

The Professor Jiri Bartek, who participated on the discovery, revealed what this will mean in common language: “Meanwhile traditional medicine is comparable to the situation where is everyone given clothes of the same size, this new era should offer every patient clothes tailored to their individual needs. “


Husband and Wife driving car: His Blood alcohol concentration 2%, his wife 5%

The biggest surprise for the police unit of that night – to stop one car twice a night, that is not very common. It begun, when they checked a man, driving with 1,8 percent BAC. In addition, the unit knew him, he had lost his driving licence just because of alcohol. So they loaded him into their car, and drove with him to the police station. He gave his keys to his wife before.

When they were on the way, the police officers felt, the car behind them was moving somehow weird – it zigzag too much. So they stopped again, and made her to take a breath test. What was their surprise, when she breathed even more than her husband – 4,77% of alcohol. Surprising, when we know the critical level of alcohol for the human organism is 3,5%….


Young Buck in Prague Roxy

To most, rapper Young Buck was a fresh face when he became a member of 50 Cent’s crew G-Unit, but he spent a long time waiting on the bench before that. The Nashville, TN, native started rapping at 12 and was in a recording studio by 14, the same age he was when he began peddling narcotics. Cash Money’s main man, Brian “Baby” Williams, caught a 16-year-old Young Buck at a rap battle and soon the rapper was out of high school and in New Orleans, crowded into a small apartment with the rest of the Cash Money crew. Dedicated heart and soul to the crew, Buck “secured” the expensive cars for Juvenile’s 1999 “Ha” video and spent the next four years working behind the scenes. It was too long for him not to get his own shot at stardom, so Buck left Cash Money and headed home. Back peddling and pushing, Buck paid the price when his door was kicked in by one man, guns blazing. He made it out the back with two gunshot wounds.

Around this time, Buck partnered with rapper D-Tay and the duo released the Thuggin’ Til the End album on Next Level in 2000. The album didn’t make much of an impact, but Cash Money was back on the phone, asking Buck to return to the label. He did, but after two weeks of just sitting around the office, Buck felt he was stuck once again. He ran into Juvenile — who was ready to split with Cash Money at the time — and hit the road with the rapper. When the tour hit New York City Buck met 50 Cent and was soon asked to join his G-Unit crew. He did — with Juvenile’s blessing — and co-wrote and appeared on the 50 Cent track “Bloodhound.” G-Unit’s full-length debut, Beg for Mercy, brought Buck to everyone’s attention in 2003. It had gone double platinum by the time Buck’s first G-Unit associated record, Straight Outta Cashville, appeared on Interscope in 2004. Three years later he returned with the hard hitting Buck the World. David Jeffries, All Music Guide

27th June 2008, Tickets: 490 czk, 390 in pre-sale, Brought by Roxy, Dlouha 22, Prague