Compact archive June 9, 2008

Clocks and Watches Exhibition at Prague Castle

This collection of clocks and watches from Prague Castle works together to form a fascinating whole, documenting the development of the measurement of time, interior design during the last 250 years, and the craftsmanship of renowned watchmakers and clockmakers from Prague and Western Europe.

The exhibited clocks are regarded as pieces of period movement and art-craft work, forming the reason why they were accompanied by other items from the Prague Castle collections. The visitors have a chance to, at one place, see items from the representative spaces, offices, cabinets, habitable rooms and depositories of the Prague Castle and Lany chateau.

There are 103 clockworks and their parts exhibited, accompanied by 23 collection pieces – comodas, mirrors, chandeliers etc. Event: 19.06.2008 – 28.09.2008. Venue: The Imperial Stables of The Prague Castle


Paul Van Dyk Returns to Prague

The guru of house and dance music, the German DJ and producer Paul Van Dyk comes to Prague again! Last time, when he appeared in T-Mobile Arena it was reported as a unique experience.

Within the Prague Sessions 2008, we can look forward to the new concept of four-hour appearance, which part will be conceived like a concert, where Paul Van Dyk will be accompanied by quite a number of top musicians and singers. We can look forward to the biggest hits of his extensive production, including his last album In Between.

Other DJ stars will play that evening, among others Michael Burian and Dj Tocadisco. Except unique music experiences the visitors can look forward to mammoth production. The organizer and venue is Prague O2 Arena, the show is at 20th September 2008, starts 21:00

Tickets: Until 30. 4. at 550 CZK, 1. 5.-30. 6. at 660 CZK, 1. 7.-31. 8. at 770 CZK, 1. 9.-19. 9. at 880 CZK and at the day of the show at 990 CZK.


New Havel's play Odchazeni is a big success

What is Havel’s play about? A prominent politician leaves the politics after years of service, and faces all the drama around.

Havel himself thinks, “… The play … is quite strange. I was worried, how the audience will accept it. It is a very pedant and specific play, which was also going along with problems from the very beginning.” (He stated for Lidove Noviny)

Now it is clear his play is the real deal. Not only because it is directed by David Radok, one of the best Czech theatre directors of all times, and starrs Jan Triska, who acted in several Hollywood movies (People vs. Larry Flynt, Ronin..), not plainly because it was written by such an important person who Vaclav Havel is. Critics from Czech newspapers have agreed – Havel created a timeless play, often compared to Shakespeare’s King Lear.

The play was such a bell-ringer that it is going to be performed in the theaters world-wide including in New York and Washington. The article was inspired by


Czechs cheering – Football team beaten Switzerland

The noise at Old town Square can be heard at Charles Bridge. 12 thousand fans gathered at the Square in front of the biggest Euro football television so far, drunk hectolitres of beer, and when the 71 minute brought the winning shot, the whole crowd shouted “goal” at the whole Old Town. Some of the fans dance in a way, you would expect to dance savages around fire.

The organizer of the event, Taiko company, who takes care of the ‘football festivities’ promises, there will be a second television, in the case Czechs will advance. If that happens is a question, because even when we have won the first game, the show wasn’t very convincing, except for Petr Cech, who didn’t let anything behind his back. The other chance our players get is 11th of June against Portugal at 18:00, and 15th of June against Turkey at 20:45.

So anyone who wants to support Czechs at the Old Town Square, has a chance. Of course there will be, like yesterday, hectolitres of beer and quintals of sausages.


Alicia Keys comes to Prague

After Kylie Minogue, the other songress with worldwide music influence comes for the first time to Prague. The Songress and pianist, born in 1981 in New York, has sold 28 million records worldwide, and even in the CR people have bought a few dozens of thousands, which means it is quite good.

Her musical development went from mastering Chopin, Beethoven or Mozart at the age of seven, than she went to jazz. At the age of fourteen, she wrote her first song Butterflyz. It was published on her album in 2001; Songs In A Mirror. About 12 million people bought the record and she gained five Grammy prizes for it.

Alicia Keys became a fixed star of the music scene. The album form 2003 called The Diary of Alicia Keys stood on the first place of American hit parades, and the whole sale reached 9 million copies.

Tickets are 990 czk for seats, 880 for standing, they are sold in Ticketpro and Ticketportal. Alicia Keys is very active in charity and non-profit organizations, so 50 czk from every ticket goes to charity.

Talented and universal Alicia Keys, the American singer, who won nine Grammy prizes, perfors 14th October 2008 at Prague Exhibition Ground.