Compact archive June 10, 2008

Olympic Day Run in Prague

Olympic Day was held for the first time in June 1948 with a total of 9 National Olympic Committees (NOCs) hosting ceremonies in their respective countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Great Britain, Greece, Portugal, Switzerland, Uruguay and Venezuela.

In an effort to encourage all NOCs to commemorate and celebrate Olympic Day, the IOC Sport for All Commission launched the Olympic Day Run concept with the objective of promoting the practice of participation in sport by men, women and children from all corners of the world and all walks of life, regardless of athletic ability. The first Olympic Day Run was held in 1987, over a distance of 10km, with 45 participating NOCs.

Over the last 17 years, the Olympic Day Run has developed into the only worldwide celebration of the Olympic Day, and helps to spread the Olympic ideals to every corner of the world.

25th June 2008, in 15 Czech and Moravian cities the traditional Olympic Day Run takes place.

Those cities are Brno, České Budějovice, Hodonín, Chrudim, Jilemnice, Liberec, Lomnice nad Popelkou, Mladá Boleslav, Most, Ostrava, Praha, Stříbro, Turnov, Vrchlabí and Zlín.

“It is not merely a run for health or win. We want to remind to the participants the idea of Olympism and fair-play fight” The Olympian Imrich Bugár, director of the race, says.

The Czech Olympic Committee is among the organizers from the first year. Those are public races, in categories from pupils to veterans. To participate is for free, the participants do not pay any charges.

Event: Prague , 25th June 2008
09:00 : youth – the area of Troja slalom canal
17:00 : the main 10 km race – adults at Strahov, area among stadiums of Rosickeho and treningovy.


Pool: If elections were now, CSSD would win

Median Agency conducted a month poll, from May to June, trying to find out, who is the voters’ preference for the parliamentary elections. 1,188 respondents older than 18 years of age answered the question, showing the Social Democrats would swap the roles with ODS – this time it would be the CSSD, who would narrowly win.

CSSD would get 36.5 percent of the votes, while ODS only 32.3 percent. Members of the Christian Democratic party KDU-CSL would be the only other party which would get seats in the lower house, passing the 5-percent limited by 2 points. That wouldn’t be the case of the Green party which would end with 4.9 percent of the votes, but this may not be completely accurate.


Radar protesters driven away from the military base

Greenpeace anti-radar base before Since 28 April, the protesters have camped at the site, protesting again the planned US radar base construction. Until yesterday, when the Czech Army started to intervene against the Greenpeace members, as they did not react to repeated calls to leave the area.

The activists have put up passive resistance, so the military police loaded three of them in their car, the other two they had to lift from trees using a special military ramp.

The Military knew, that to use force against the peace activists would only nourish the national disgust with the radar matter. They didn’t use force, but they found a way, how to get their revenge on the party, which camped on their property – fining them.

Protest camping? Violation of the forest regime. Cooking foods on fire? Dangerous in hot weather. Digging and building of a latrine? Illegal construction. Now it is very clear there will be some trial, the activists against the military, when the military will demand incredible amounts of money as a revenge.

The government have finished their talks with the US, the main treaty waits to be signed, in July at the latest, and it is clear the radar will be build, protests or not.


Concert of Soulfly in Prague Roxy 2008

The Metal group Soulfly will perform in Prague Roxy Again. The world-wide known hordcore-metal attraction comes back to Czech club scene. Exclusive concert in Prague Roxy promises a real hardcore party.

With their third album, Soulfly is totally on track in terms of unleashing an essential spate of songs. The album ‘3’ is an essential album in the Soulfly career, states Max. “It’s the album where we reach the level of maturity that we were looking for with the last two records. But we also wanted to continue surprising people with different elements. So on the one hand it’s the chemistry of Soulfly that we’ve found over the years of the band being together, but on the other hand we’ve also been developing experimental stuff so we don’t become repetitious and boring.”

While Soulfly 3 sees the band branching out into more experimental sonic terrain, especially in terms of composition, it also sees the band returning to their roots. Case in point, the return of original Soulfly rhythm keeper, Roy Mayorga. Max: “I think he was never meant to leave, but you know, you can’t control that. He was going through a weird phase in his life, which ended up leading to that. But we welcomed him back with open arms. His drumming is really amazing and I think he really adds a lot to this album. We just think this is the best line-up Soulfly ever had.”

Within propagation tour of the last album ‘3’ Soulfly arrives 24th August 2008 to Prague, to bomb the club Roxy in Dlouha street. Tickets – Ticketpro, Ticketstream.

Dominik Hasek: Goodbye. Seriously.

One of the best goalkeepers of the history Hasek leaves the Hockey League again. Last time he ‘left’ the scene was six years ago, when he won Stanley Cup. Another Stanley Cup victory took place three days ago with the Detroit Red Wings.

Known as ‘the Dominator’, Hasek won 389 games from the total 735 plays, gaining 2,2 goals per average, his 92.2 save percentage is the NHL’s top all-time mark.

This time it is probably definitive retirement, as his son finished school, so they can move back to the Czech Republic as a family. “I am very happy at the moment, I have had great moments during my sixteen years in Buffalo and Detroit, and I found many great friends. Presently, I don’t think I would find enough motivation for another training.”