Compact archive June 11, 2008

United Islands of Prague 2008

United Islands of Prague 2008 Schedule
Thursday 19th June 2008 World Music Day, celebrated in clubs in the centre of Prague
Friday 20th June 2008 The official initiation of the festival by a premiere concert and a vernissage of the concert poster (in the international centre of contemporary art Meet Factory)
Saturday 21th June 2008 Open-air festival with rich accompanying programme

United Islands of Prague is the city festival, gaining popularity every year, becoming an important cultural event of the Metropolis. During those three days, you have the unique chance to enjoy the beginning of summer, celebrate the end of the schoolyear, and especially participy at the music feast in the historical centre of Prague.

To the line-up of 2008 – To participate have promised Spanish project La Shica with the singress and rapper Elsa Rovayo, the rising star of the world music. Jazz stage at Kampa will host No Jazz from France. Also, there will be the Hungarian Quimby, which sells out the biggest clubs with their alternative rock music. Of course, the Blues magicians J.J. Band cannot miss this event. Read the complete info on United Islands 2008 of Prague

Asian Art in Prague - Permanent Exhibition

Zbraslav chateau hosts a permanent exhibition of Asian art. The ground floor is mostly Japanese. Every room is supplied with a thorough, well- written commentary in Czech and English; each room is mostly devoted to a single theme, period or a major technique. The various influences are interesting, for example the similarities between 19th Century Japanese ceramics and the European art noveau decorations, or the very early hints of the comic- book style of drawing. There are some very old sheets with of a storyboard- like character, where a series of pictures tells the story of an ancient legend, the short comments written on a side.

The Chinese part is on the second floor. There you may see a quick walk through the country’s art from simple artifacts, buried with the deceased or later statues- guards of tombs to examples of Middle Ages and Modern Times painting and Buddhist sculptures. Buddhism naturally plays an important role in all parts of the exhibition. The supplied commentaries also provide a brief, but competent overview of Chinese history, as it is reflected in the creations of the eras. Continue reading on blog


Exhibition according to Philosopher Herakleit

Sculptures, statues and interior and exterior objects have filled Danube House and its surroundings at the Rohansky ostrov island. Exhibition of clause works have been opened by the students of sculpture at VSU (Prague Art University)

„Young artists have a chance to join the attractive surroundings of modern architecture with their art-pieces“ Said Marcela Stefcova from the organizing agency. The collection, named after the statement of Herakleit „You can’t cross the same river twice“ stays at Rohansky ostrov until the end of September.


Prague Zoo in search of young female elephant

A young female elephant is really a scarce commodity. The director of the Prague Zoo, Petr Fejk tries to get one, but – there are none.

“Prague Zoo makes a new elephant pavilion next year, designed for ten animals. But at the time, we only have one male and two females, who are now quite old and can’t have the young ones.” Fejk explains, why they are looking for those animals.

“We first looked for females in European Zoos, but they don’t have any free Indian elephants there.” Petr Fejk sighs. “During the last thirty years, the elephant population in Europe have grown old. Wee need to check Asian Zoos and elephant farms, but we don’t have enough contacts.”

If they would be successful, and breed a baby elephant, they would be the first zoological garden in the Czech Republic, that have achieved that. But that wouldn’t be too unusual – they are the first zoo in many respects. Source: MF


Personal License Plate soon available in CR

czech licence plate Originally, the idea was no one should have a different sign, so no one will envy the other. Ideas and reality vary, so in the end it only helped to nurture corruption of officers, responsible for the plate. The drivers should, in the future, gain the licence plate either the traditional way (computer roll) or to choose it by themselves.

american licence plate Drivers should get the possibility of setting the last five letters of the plate, the first two, which show the registration place and the code of the region, would stay the same. The Prague town council is serious about that matter, and if the proposal won’t pass through the Transport Department, they plan to submit it to the Parliament.