Compact archive June 12, 2008

To spit out a chewing gum in Prague is now illegal

It was ruled out, Prague joins other world metropolises, having laws against polluting public spaces. The new public notice was published on Thursday by Prague representatives. And any violator can pay quite a lot – up to 30 000 czk, which is 1200€.

According to the public notice, a police officer can fine a polluter up to 1000 czk at the place, for CIGRETTE-END, CHEWING GUM, or DOG DEJECTA. If it goes to administrative procedure, the sanction can be up to 30t.

The public notice is official since 1st July 2008, ever since the police will check whether it is adhered. The polluter will get a fine, plus he will have to clean it after him. The typically controlled places will be the Prague centre, everyday more crowded, and other frequently visited places like Prague Exhibition ground.


More People in Here or Czech Baby Boom Continues

During the first quarter of the 2008, 28 500 babies were born, which is 1500 more than in the same period of the last year. Prague Maternity Hospitals have gone through a crisis, when there was not enough beds for all the mothers, and they are increasing their capacities.

Czech population grew of 22 thousands people in the first quarter of this year. Numbers of born were of 2000 higher than numbers of those who died in the time span. Those 22 000 are migrants, and the total number of people living in the Czech Republic went over 10,4 million.

We can also read in the statistics, most of the foreigners come to live in the CR from Ukraine – 5500, followed by Vietnamese 440, and Slovaks 2200

Russian Submarine Heading to Prague

A group of sea captains and army historians are trying to find the solution for the problem – how to get a 1954 submarine from Albania to the Czech Republic, where it should become a unique museum. Specialists plan, they would have the 1000-ton colossus transported on a special ramp on Mediterranean sea, through Gibraltar to Hamburg and from there on Elbe river to Prague.

“It is technically possible, however we have not yet gained money for the transport and a place, where we could anchor the ship safely or a place in a dry dock.” The director of Historic Military Office Ales Knizek said. The vessel would than serve as the Museum of Cold War, and sure there would be hardly any better building that could host such an exhibition than this one, which was a part of it. Source: MF

Prague Bank Robbed with Plasticine

Plasticine cat The Robber was probably 20-25 yo, with a wig on his head. He entered an affiliate of Ceska Sporitelna in Vrsovice with a bag and a pistol (later, the employees discuss whether the pistol was from pvc or if it was a gas-gun) and forced a cashier to give him money. When he got 20 000 czk, he left the bag there and escaped.

The Police have evacuated the employees and clients of the Vrsovice affiliate, knowing the bag contains some strange plastic material. The pyrotechnic have however found only Plasticine and some gas-gun projectiles. During the incident, nobody was hurt, and the plasticine violator is looked for by police.


Prague Bans Public Drinking ... Soon ... ?

The council of the capital city of Prague have agreed on a bill, banning drinking of alcohol on chosen public spaces. The deputy of the Prague Mayor Rudolf Blazek stated the locals complain about being annoyed or offended by drunks, that seek some typical places on everyday basis. When he talked to deputies of Prague parts, he reportedly even needed to calm their efforts to ban it almost everywhere.

When reading the list of ‘no drinking’ zones, I could nor resist the feeling the law is mainly intended as a tool to repellent homeless and other individuals from places of their hang-out. Typical is the Narodni Trida square just behind Tesco, also the Wenceslas Square would need to get rid of some drunks. The space in front of the Main Train Station is notorious. What surprises is the Kampa park, which was somehow the park where even ‘mainstream’ locals go to have their drink in, because the location is so pro-tourist and expensive one has to travel a few tram stations before he/she can afford a beer.

If the bill will be passed, it will definitely bring changes, significant changes to the face of the streets. Hopefully, it won’t turn into a tool for police bullying, but sustains its original purpose – to bring the locals revelation from the mess.