Compact archive June 13, 2008

ALIVE Animal photos Exhibition in the centre of Prague

On Tuesday, at Namesti Republiky Square, the Prague Mayor Pavel Bem and the representative of Prague 1 Petr Hejma opened the world-wide known open-air animal photography exhibition ALIVE.

 ... everything the light touches is our kingdom .. The Mayor Bem stated for Denik: “The animals on the exhibition are photographic experience an impression, which offer open look into the nature, which we need to protect and respect. People are going to love stopping here, and it will inspire their relation to nature”

Some of you may remember the other exhibition Bertrand organized two years ago at Kampa park. The exhibition was called Earth: beautiful, unknown and at the time it was seen by more than 300 000 visitors. The exhibion will be there until 5th October 08. To have a look at them is for free.


Czech Girls are Amazingly Hot Video

“Yes, you are beautiful… like no other” When I come back from some longer trip, let’s say longer than three months, I am always surpised how beautiful girls live in here. When I came back from one leghty stay in Spain, I was just stunned. Compared to Spanish girs, the girls here are at least a head taller, much slimmer, and blonde. They can act so fragille! If you say princess, I say Czech. The ideal of romantic beauty? Czechs.

Czech beauties are not only the top-model Petra Nemcova, or ‘shake your booty’ Kerndlova. There are much more of them, looking just incredible. But you don’t have to believe me. The short movie here called The Models from Prague Paradise City documentary will not only present some hot beautiful Czech Chicks in underwear, but you can also hear a pro talk about why it is so.


Lenny Kravitz in Prague in 10 days

It seems almost incredible, but since the time Lenny Kravitz played for Czech audience for the first time, 18 years have passed, and during that time, many things have changed. Lenny Kravitz didn’t, as he still keeps his style and still has something to say.

The key to his success of his music is the mood of his songs – classical rock, soul, funk, 1960’s pop, however his songs always have modern sound and arranges. His new album It Is Time For A Love Revolution quite proves he didn’t lost his passion for the 60’s, also for which he is among the world’s top interprets.

Lenny Kravitz comes after four years to his third concert in Prague. (btw the commercial shoot in Prague doesn’t count) Every show he did in Prague became a little sensation. For his energy and spirit are something we must love and admire him for

Seats: 1 690 czk and 1 490 czk, standing tickets 1 190 czk and 990 czk. Parking: 250 czk. Venue: O2 Arena Prague, Date: 23rd June 2008


Czechs Refused Palach Statue

present palach memorial at wenceslas square The President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy prepared a big gift on the occasion of his visit on the next Monday – 3,5 metre tall statue of Jan Palach. Prague however refused it: the representatives think the statue made in France should stay in France. The problem only moves – they didn’t get get very excited the huge statue representing Jan Palach burning should stay in France either.

However, the French government took it easy and some information leaked that Sarkozy prepared a more modest gift for Mirek Topolanek, maybe a painting. Jan Palach already has a memorial, little, but skillfully crafted. Pavel Fisher, the ambassador of the CR in France commented we “… touch history of French politics. A lot of them have been in 1968 among Trockists and so were basically against Palach”

Where it could end up? Maybe in Dijon, as the Czech Republic keeps close relations with it since the First Republic. But it may happen, the burning statue would be put in depositionary, as it could distract any place it would be put in.


Camel Cub and Numerous visitors in Prague Zoo

The Prague Zoo has a new offspring to be proud of. A few days ago, the mother camel Rona gave birth a little male (he doesn’t have name yet, Prague Zoo knows how to enjoy baptism ceremony and do not rush) that now can be seen in the yard by those who want to pay him a visit.

At the moment, he is the only cub in the family of seven camels, who reside in Prague Zoo. They are not the ‘prominent family’ like the famous Gorillas, but still are quite visited animals. Camels are remarkable for their adaptation abilities, as they can survive in extreme conditions (of course not the case in the Zoo).

In addition to welcoming the young one, the Prague Zoo have welcomed the 500.000 visitor of this year. Last year was record-breaking in the number of visitors ; almost one million three hundreds thousand people came to the Zoo, forming a record of the whole animal park. Based on LN