Compact archive June 24, 2008

Where to Eat in Prague - 4 restaurant reviews by Julian Overall

Yummy yummy! When I was searching the web for a place, where I could invite my foreign friends for a quality meal, I found this webpage, and I can’t do otherwise than really recommend.

The web offers not just reviews of Prague restaurant, but various information served lightly with the precision of the BBC, yet in the relaxed Internet way.

The Prague restaurants he visits:

Lehka Hlava, Borsov 2

Radost FX, Belehradska 120

Kampa Park, Na Kampe 8b

Maly Buddha, Uvoz 46

Sure, there are also other web pages providing information about Prague Restaurants. For example gives an overview on the way of eating and drinking in the Czech Republic in general, and also recommends some good spots.

The Foreign Policy Chart: Vaclav Havel among the 100 top intellectuals

The prestigious American Internet portal have listed the ex-president of the Czech Republic among the most important intellectuals of the world.

In the Foreign Policy chart are philosophers, historians, writers, journalists, economists and religious persons, including the present pope, but also representatives of modern finance, politicians, defenders of human rights and peace activists. Those, who have influenced the course of the world.

Havel is listed as “Statesman and Dermatician” and was put into the company of such names as the American critic Noam Chomsky, peace activist from Israel Daniel Barenboim or South-Africa writer J.M. Coetzee.

What does this tells us about? What we already know, Vaclav Havel is apprehended more positively abroad than in the Czech Republic. He gained many prizes from other countries, he was also Nobel Prize nominee a few times.

Dozens of international companies head to Czech Republic

Burger King or Polish labels prepare for Czech customers. Also the big players are talking about our country, including Aldi and Media Markt. How could some new shopping mall look like? Hamburgers from Burger King, Aldi discount groceries, cheap electronics from MediaMarkt plus man more new, western or eastern marks, shops and restaurants.

After Gucci opened in Prague this May and Burberry, Prada or Tod’s opened last year already, the Czech Republic is no longer a country where one could enjoy shopping for cheap eastern goods like twenty years ago. Traditional foods? Sure! But a Starbucks coffee and a burger from Burger King as well.

The biggest unionist strike in a long time

The biggest unionist strike since 1989 started today at 6:00 by doctors, the main, one-hour strike will be at 13:00. The warning strike, aimed at reforms of Mirek Topolanek. It should, according to organizers, join together thousands of Prague employees.

The most visible it will be in city tramways and buses, which just might not go as usual. At one o’clock, the tramways are going to stop at stations – it is possible there will be three-four of them at the same station.

According to information of the Union of Health and Social Care, all the teaching hospitals in the country are on strike. Physically there is as much employees as on a weekend.