Compact archive June 25, 2008

Celine Dion concert tomorrow

The pop megastar Celine Dion introduces herself to her music fans in the Czech Republic. Within the world tour Taking Chances she is going to sing in Prague.

The tour, on which she is going to visit more than hundred of cities in five continents was started in February 2008.

Celine Dion, often labelled as the best selling woman interpret of all times, have sold over 180 million copies and gained over 1000 significant trophies, including Grammy, Oscar, Golden Globe, World Music, Juno and Felix Awards.

Celine Dion concert in Prague is tomorrow 26th June in Prague Multipurpose arena O2.


Czech Green Party Leader – use a bike to get to work!

Bursik initiated the ministry employees to use bicycles for their way to the parliament. Does the image of parliamentarians in Prague, where to use a bike means to hazard with life, going to work on bike seems Utopical? Maybe, but Bursik launched a mission to show environmentally friendly behaviour.

He already achieved that the roof of the Environment ministry was equipped with solar panels, he very well knows that the change of the society starts with an individual. Cars of his cabinet are hybrid ones, and he also fights for half of the car pool of the parliament would be hybrids. It is his credit that the parliamentary buffet offers ‘bioproducts. But this time… he may ask for too much. But if he wants to point at the situation, he is doing it right.

Yesterday Prague Transport Employees Strike

Why to demonstrate? The deputies of union of Prague Public transport company don’t like the state-owned company doesn’t reflect increasing prices of goods and services on salaries. They decided to show their dissatisfaction by blocking Jecna street, which is a very centre-located expressway, where about 60 000 cars pass daily. They used packs of straw for stopping the traffic from 1 to 2 pm yesterday.

The strike of drivers included tramways stopping at the station, but the Prague Public transport company was prepared for it; they had back-up drivers prepared and just replaced those who didn’t wanted to continue, so in the end only seven tramways stopped, or they moved dead slow. The bus drivers were more successful, as about 200 buses stopped at stations.

Taxi drivers also joined the strike, but compared to the state transport company workers they caused not just dismay, but also disgust. They demanded cancellation of limits for charges, so they could go deeper into being an abomination. They blocked the road to the Airport and refused to take customers in. Hopefully, their demands won’t be listened to, prior to helping those who need it – the state employees who really have something to complain about.


New York Gallery sells Czechoslovakia Formica

an armchair In the Art district of New York Brooklyn with a fabulous view of Manhattan is possible to see an incredible thing – a prestigious vendor gallery selling Czech furniture from previous century. It may look like in the Husakovo 3+1, but you can only find the pearls of design.

a chandelier The subtle armchair with wooden hand rests, a kitchen chair from bent wood, a dish chandelier or the undefeated classic of 60’s Czechoslovak design – Formica kitchen table. The privately known objects return one into the grandparents house, even when one is one metro stop away form Manhattan.

The kingdom of Czech design belongs to Borton Quillen, and when he opened it he had no idea that one day the filmstar Rachel Weisz would come and buy a functionalist table worth 4200 dollars or that the French styler Christian Louboutin take a few accessories into his studio.

The design of the Czechoslovakia era became a hit at home again too, rising interest in Czechoslovakia design illustrates for example the Brussels dream exhibition.

Source: Andrea Koch, MF Dnes


A Huge Red Poodle at Kampa Park

The Italian art group Cracking Art introduces itself in the Prague museum Kampa in Sovovy Mlyny. The group from the North Italy city of Biela is joined of artists from various countries and installations for Prague called Re-evolution has such attractions like color dogs, crocodiles, rabbits and other super-sized animals.

The art objects were installed in the area of the gallery using a derrick and some can be quite well seen from the other side of Vltava river as well, such as the previously mentioned 3-metre tall red poodle. The exhibition takes place under the auspices of the Italian ambassador Pigliapoc and the Prague Mayor Pavel Bem. The location is Prague Kampa Park and it lasts until 12th October 2008.