Compact archive June 30, 2008

Permanent exposition The Story of Prague Castle

The exhibition tells the tale of the main castle complex in the country and the people associated with it – from monarchs and presidents to nobility and courtiers, famous artists, builders, architects and scientists to craftsmen and servants. It is the story of a complex bearing the secret of the last resting place of the most important Czech princes and kings and patron saints of our country, of a place preserving the Czech crown jewels, St. Vitus’ Treasure, as well as a place representing a respectable residence of the head of the Czech Republic. The story begins in ancient history – in prehistory – and continues to the present time, recording more than 5,000 years, which mostly became fateful moments for Czech history and the history of all its inhabitants.

The main route leads through particular eras, to which are connected thematic branches – stories representing interesting items associated with Prague Castle, such as the Story of Coronation, Burial, Czech Patrons of the Church and Cathedrals. Part of the exposition is a special program for children, called Play Castle, and other interactive programs and projections.

Admission: Full 140 CZK : Reduced 70 CZK : Family 200 CZK

The Exhibition is open daily except 28.10 and 24.12, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. during the summer (1.4. – 31.10.) and from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the winter (1.11. – 31.3.).

The entrance can be reached through the Third Courtyard and the North Courtyard. There is also an entrance from St. George’s Square.


Flogging Molly change date of Concert

It is sometimes necessary to unexpectedly change a date of a concert, like this time, when the Flogging Molly moved their show from 13th June to 2nd July 2008. The reason is they are performing at USA music festival KROQ, an important one from the point of view of radio broadcast. So they gave to know: “We hope you will understand this our very important decision. We will compensate everything in July!”

The concert term was moved for Prague, Budapest and other European cities. Valid tickets can be still used. If the term does not suits you, you can hand your ticket back at the place of your purchase. The place – Prague Rock Café – stays the same, price of tickets, 410 czk as well.


First Gay Pride Parade in Czech Republic Surprisingly Pointed at Different Problem

It was supposed to be a gay party in the streets, such are common in liberal countries. But the gathering was violated by the neo-nazi organization Narodni Odpor (National Resistance) who couldn’t resist the temptation and went the violent way to publicity. They managed to get to the square before the parade started, and started to fire petards and throw eggs. Some participants of the gay parade got beaten, too, and the whole act was ended by one of the neo-nazi throwing a tear-gas grenade into the crowd.

First thing – we can be happy the one throwing the grenade wasn’t a police officer, we live in democratic country and such acts are forbidden. Second thing – those, who prematurely ended the parade by their violent behaviour should go to prison. The police have arrested 15 people, the others are searched for as they have been recorded on security cameras.

The Minister of the Interior Ivna Langer stated he watches the activities of Narodni Strana and considers establishing ban on them. The First Czech Gay Pride so pointed at different thing – we don’t have problem with increasing numbers of gay marriages, but increasing numbers of neo-nazi in our society.

Suzanne Vega in in Prague on Tuesday

American songstress Suzanne Vega with her new album of last summer Beauty and Crime is coming to Prague. She sings about New York, love and violence and she still changes from adulthood of her show to soft, girlish melancholy. The typical rock of 80’s still lives! We can probably can look forward to her songs Luka and Tom’s Diner.

Her new songs have a dimension of chansons and they are quite various, as it is inspired by New York. There are known spots at her new album – the story of Sinatra with Ava Gardnera, a memory of a porn star Bettie Page. Her music? She juxtaposes acoustic guitar-driven melodies with coolly synthesized beats; intensely personal lyrics with compelling, short story-like narratives.

Her concert is on 1st July 2008 in Prague, Congress Centre.


Prague wants to legalize Prostitution

MF Dnes brought news about Prague Town hall recent tendencies to decriminalize the business in the area of the capital city. According to MF Dnes, there is about three thousand prostitutes in Prague, in the present time moving to private flats from the streets. The representatives want to propose a motion for giving the prostitutes a licence.

This way of filing prostitutes the police get a tool for controlling them. The girls will also have to go to regular medical check-ups and pay taxes. The prostitutes in Prague are now usually covered from view, working in clubs labelled as “dance cabarets, strip bars or erotic discotheques”. There is about thirty of them around Wenceslas square only, in whole Prague much more.