Compact archive July 1, 2008

The jubilee 15th Year of Mystic Sk8 Cup in Prague

This years contest is, as usual, linked to the World Cup skateboarding 2008. Mystic Sk8 Cup traditionally belong to the most favorite holiday action in Prague.

Since Friday 4th to Sunday 6th July, the world best riders will compete in three disciplines – streetstyle, vert and bowl for the main prize of 50 000 $. The bowl discipline is new here, and very attractive, as the park was designed by legendary characters of Skateboarding Dave Duncan a Brian Patch.

Every year, about 10.000 will come to form the audience, the atmosphere is unique also because the audience knows what is going on the in the skate world. And also because the world comes to them – over 200 professional riders from 25 countries, including the world top from the USA Brazil, Australia a Europa.

There will be also workshops, music will be played by Vladimir 518, Sunshine, Apple Juice, Chilla Killers, Czeck Beatbox Allstars, DJs Loutka, Robot, Trafik, Kuba Soulcheck and others.

Event: Mystic Sk8 Cup in Prague
Venue: Stvanice Island
When: Friday 4th to Sunday 6th July
Tickets: 290/day, 590/3days at Ticketpro


Czechs do not need work permit for France anymore

France now widens the list of countries, which citizens do not need work permit for job in the country. This work liberation concerns especially countries of Middle and Eastern Europe. Czechs, who joined the EU in 2004, need the permit only in Germany, Austria and Belgium.

“Economic situation and employment in France was very different in 2004. Unemployment was reaching 10%, meanwhile now the situation is much better at 7,5% of unemployed. Modernization of farming, modernization of labour market and employment, France is now better prepared for workers of new member states” the business council of French embassy Bernard Boidin sates.

Free migration is one of four base freedoms of the united Europe.


New Laws in Prague - No Chewing gum spitting!

The first of July brought the changes into effect. Since today, to spit out a chewing gum on a street, to throw away a cigarette bud or just feeding pigeons equals a possible fine.

The new public notice of cleanness takes itself seriously, and so the police officers of Prague will be ready to check it from the first day.

The fines which are possible to get at the spot go up to 1000czk. This is a common practice in all good European metropolises. Prague police is hardening, and we can look forward to other limits, too – drinking alcohol at public places ban will be probably passed as well, soon.


Festival Rock For People this Weekend

One of the biggest Czech festivals and the owner of Music Event 2007 prize Rock For People moved from the capaciously insufficient place in Cesky Brod to comfort space of Festival Park, previously known as a military airport.

The volume of this year takes place 3th – 5th July. The international stars are 2 oldschool groups, Offspring and Massive Attack, and a contemporary one Kaiser Chiefs.

Other international groups are Enter Shikari, Black Mountain, Donots, Flogging Molly, H2O, Holy Fuck, Helmet, Madball, Locos and almost thirty others. Czech and Slovak music is supplied by Kabát, Aneta Langerová, Divokej Bill, David Koller, Kryštof, Wohnout, Xavier Baumaxa, Tři sestry, Horkýže slíže and many others.

Tickets: At the entrance for 1100 czk. More info about Rock For People festival here


Czech Golf Player Kordova didn't get her 43 000$ but still is a miracle

Because she is so young! Just Fifteen years old sportsgirl Jessica Kordova, the daughter of the ex-tennis-player player Petr Korda have chosen golf when she was eight. This Sunday, she was 19th in the US Open, the best position a Czech player got to. Her father, who once won the Australian Open, is surely proud of her, she now holds one of the best successes of the Czech golf.

On Sunday, she got those 18 holes in 69 shots. Ochoa than went to congratulate her, and she also said she hopes they meet again on the Tour in a few years. But there is one condition – Kordova would have to go professional, and that won’t be very soon as she still goes to school. Also – if she were a professional, she would earn 43 000$ for 19th place – as an amateur she didn’t get anything. What she says is more important she automatically proceeds to US Open of 2009, where she will be one year more experienced.