Compact archive July 2, 2008

Angels sleeping - Gottfried Helnwein in the Rudolfinum Gallery

Works by Austrian artist Gottfried Helnwein are now to be seen in the Rudolfinum Gallery on the exhibition entitled Angels sleeping. He is a phenomenon in the field of hyperrealistic painting.

Working in a technique of oil and acrylic painting, he makes extremely precise canvases of a big measure, based on photographs. Their topics are taken from history as well as from pop-culture and he also often deals with theme of a child in extreme situations.

The realistic look of painting is startling; he is very precise and technically extremely skilful. But the paintings look bit too strange… well, but I let you to make your opinion on your own, after the visit of the exhibition.

The exhibition lasts until 31st of August 2008. More informaion on Angels sleeping is here


Mars Volta Concert moves to Roxy from Mala Sportovni Hala

The concert will go as planned on 26th July, only the venue changes. The appearance in Roxy will offer almost intimate meeting with this, for many people, legendary formation. Mars Volta is going to introduce their latest, and quite mystic, album „The Bedlam In Goliath“. The core of the group plays music that resembles pure madness, but concerts prove that behind that crazy composing is hidden excellent musicianship. Crushing energetic power of the sound with professional jazz solos, hardcore, punk or salsa and especially no will for compromise.

26th of July 2008, 20:00. The duration of the concert is usually 2,5 – 3 hours. The original tickets stay valid, new are possible to buy for 750 czk at Ticketpro. The Venue change to Roxy in Dlouha street.


George Lucas will shoot in Prague

New Hollywood action movie will be screened in Prague again. In 2009, George Lucas with his staff is going to shoot a WWII movie in Prague. Barrandov Studios matches the requirements for a Lucas’ spectacle; they are very large in size, the level of equipment and staff take wold ranks, and all that for reasonable prices. Many internationally renown films like Narnia were shoot in Barrandov.

George Lucas has been preparing this movie for a few years – it is a story of black men at the military air-forces. The project called Red Tails speaks about problems, which the Afro-Americans had to overcome at the time when racism at the army was not unusual. Those 14 black pilots from Tuskegee show that a black man not only can fly, but can belong to the top pilots.

Condoleezza Rice is going to Prague

She is going to spend one night in a hotel, probably in a luxurious one, like Hilton, where George Bush was accommodated last year. Mandarin Oriental or Four Seasons are the other most v.i.p. Prague hotels. She will most probably have increased safety measures, like bodyguards.

The minister comes to sign another Radar treaty with the Czech side, which means she must prepare not only for politicians supporting the radar but also the opposes – the Ne Zakladnam (No to Bases) motion prepares a demonstration at the Wenceslas Square. At 18:00.

The American special with Rice on the board arrives on Tuesday the next week, on Wednesday, she is to leave early to Poland, for the matter of Polish-American base.


Fines for chewing gums and pigeons feeding in Prague

there you go...that will be 500 czk The Holidays have started, and with them, the new fines started to be given awy. Perhaps, a cigarette bud thrown away can be the reason. Or a chewing gum spitted on a pavement. Or even throwing some bread to pigeons. If there appears to be an oily pool under a vehicle, the owner can find a fine behind his windscreen wiper. All this due to the new public notice for clean Prague.

The police officers can fine a caught litterer up to thousand czk at the place. If the person refuses to pay it, the offense is dealt with at the town council, the officers can lift it up to 30 000 czk. Anyway Prague municipal council proclaims the public notice is not intended for persecuting decent folks. The idea is the police should have a tool for people who litterbug usually one spot on everyday basis.