Compact archive July 3, 2008

Do Czechs speak English? Hot video with models included

Doing some research, I found that the official European Union numbers regarding whether a person speaks English or not:

18 and under ~ 80%
19 to 35 ~ 50%
55 and older ~ 5%

But this is slanted. People in Prague tend to speak more English than the rest of the Czech Republic and they make up 10% of the population. In Prague it is easy to find someone who speaks English on the Street. In Brno, 1/2 the population of Prague it drops off substantially on the street. If you are doing professional business, working with the Universities, Government, etc you will find English speaking in Bohemia everywhere. But not on the street.

However I found also something else during the research – how does the rest struggle with the total basis of English. So I decided to include also something else – a video done by LSG Models, including some hot Czech girls struggle with pre-school English level. Enjoy!


In the end the Sausages from Wenceslas square have to go

Not even a petition, where loyal customers subscribe they really do want to keep the kiosks there, won’t prevent the Prague Town Council from closing them. The kiosks should have been gone on 1st July, at the present moment they are still there, but that is not going to last long. From the present 26 there should be only a few left, only now it is not clear when.

There is also a lot of people, who welcome the proposal of closing the kiosks with a relieve. They say the kiosks attracted, together with tourists, a weird sort of people who were getting drunk there. The owner still keeps protesting, he doesn’t like the idea he should take the kiosks away, when he recently bought new ones.


An Extraordinary Storm This Evening

Massive storms accompanied by strong wind are heading to the Czech Republic today from the west. It should strike Prague as well this evening. The meteorologists recommend to prepare well, especially if you reside close to Lipensky or Orlicky lake, in a camp or an auto camp.

Stefan Hadzak from Czech hydro-meteorological institute warns it will be no fun from evening to morning in Central and Southern Bohemia. Tomorrow, temperatures are about to drop 10 Celsius, which means the tropical 30°C will go down to more enjoyable 20°C.

If you are looking for up-to-date weather in Prague, take a look here.


The Street Art Festival of Prague

From 16 to 18 July in the street Na Kampe by the Famous Charles Bridge is possible to something you would expect in Paris or Barcelona – a street art festival. Performers are traditionally street actors, puppet actors, puppeteers, mimes, jugglers and stilt walkers, who turn the area of Kampa into big theatre stage.

This year it will be the VII year of Teatrotoc festival, bringing 70 performances from 15 Czech and international groups from the Czech Republic, Germany, USA, South Africa, Island and Austria. No need to say All the performances are free entry. Prague citizens and visitors have the unique chance to get entertained by the very old traditional way, which we tend to forgot about in our uber-urbanized society.

Event: Teatrotoc festival
Date: 16 – 18 July
Place: Na kampe street and Wenceslas square


The police really checks if the new law is adhered

a clean one The first polluters were surprised, when a police officer told them to lift that cigarette bud according to the new law, otherwise they would have to pay the fine. Most of them cooperated and lifted it from the ground, but still the self-confidence of 13 polluters didn’t allow them to bow before the police officers, so they rather paid the fine of 500 czk.

As a matter of fact, this may be a real change. I was skeptical to the proposal at first, because often some new laws that pass won’t get through to the people, like laws about prostitutes, drugs etc. But it seems Prague will get cleaner hopefully. But what I still miss in Prague, is a good old-fashioned car with a tank and a hose, which would clean the streets with Vltava water every evening. If that will be another step, I am happy.