Compact archive July 4, 2008

Yesterday storm flooded Mustek Metro in Prague

The expected rainstorm, which brought yesterday cloud burst, stroke the life in the metropolis. The metro vestibule at the lower part of Wenceslas square, at Mustek Station, traditionally wasn’t able to deal with so much water and got a decent amount of water inside.

Fire brigades had a lot of work to do when unwatering the station, but it wasn’t the only place where they had to go. A few houses in central Czech Republic needed to unwater as well, also a lighting set a shed close to Prague on fire. Luckily, no one got seriously injured.

Dry and hot weather of the last days increased the danger of fire. The record came on Wednesday, when fire brigades had to go to 148 fires.


World Cup Skateboarding stared

And don’t worry, the whole skatepark is roofed, so the storms won’t matter. At Prague Stvanice, the Mystic SK8 Cup, one of contest of he World Cup Skateboarding started. It is the 15th year of the event, with he 1st prize still of 50 000$ of which about 200 riders from various countries are going to compete in vert, street and bowl.

The rides of skaters from over 20 countries will be accompanied by concerts, djs, workshops and and a graffiti wall. The director of he race Tomas Rejman said for LN we can look forward for the best riders of the world, which means this could be one of the best years of the competition


Seal's concert in Prague

Londoner Seal, the Grammy-avarded singer , songwriter and composer sppeared at British house scene with his hit Killer, followed by Crazy, which hit top ten and Seal became famous with critics and public as well. His four suessful albums brought a typical fusion of soul, pop, rock and rnb.

He comes to prague armed with his new album System, published in 2007 in cooperation with Stuart Price, the co-author of Madonna’s Confessions on a Dancefloor and an author of remixes for No Doubt and Coldplay.

His music has undoubtable art value, so much lacked by most of the pop artists you hear every now and then from a radio. Seal is able to compose very complex melodies, often spiced with melodical pearls, hidden, waiting until you have listened it closely. Seal’s a little rusty baryton multiplies the dreamy atmosphere in new songs.

Tickets: 1.600 – 700,- czk
Venue: Arena HC Sparta Praha
When: Tuesday 8th July 2008, 21:00


Women in the Sun. Three Women Sculptors at Prague Castle

Alina Szapocznikow Three different stories, three different artistic expressions. Confronted with each other, they reveal common themes and motivations. Vera Janouskova, Eva Kmentova, Alina Szapocznikow present their exhibition. They all studied under Josef Wagner at Prague’s UMPRUM immediately after the war, and although their work each followed its own path, their art and their relationship to the world and the present day show clear parallels and correlations. Their distinctiveness, which grew out of the female experience, is expressed in three different ways of understanding the physical nature of this experience.

Informed by the cubist composition of forms, they in particular emulated the voluminous figures of Otto Gutfreund. Under the unmistakable influence of abstraction and informel, however, they moved away from statues and classic figures towards objects, only to return in a radical manner to the figure, now conceived as an object. They created assemblages, experimented with materials and invented new ways of using them.

In the 1960s, Szapocznikow became involved in the New Realism in Paris, while Janouskova and Kmentová helped to establish the New Figuration. They developed themes related to the figure, the body, imprints, traces, identity, birth and decline, ephemerality and permanence. Kmentová’s and Szapocznikow’s work in particular share a certain kinship, even though they are in some ways antithetical to each other. Both artists found a source of ideas and an important expressive tool in the human body, the parts of the body, the torso and imprints of the body, in particular their own bodies. The works of Szapocznikow and Janoušková, meanwhile, share a common use of found materials and mixed media, although Janoušková expresses her relationship to physicality with a greater level of abstraction.

Event: 31.07.2008 – 31.10.2008
Venue: Royal Summer Palace


Have you tried to buy an SMS Ticket?

If yes, you may be interested in the plain fact the Prague City Transport company keeps your number for 10 years. Apart from this curious fact, the SMS tickets became a serious business, which sells 22 000 a day. That, yearly, brings the Prague Transport Company profits of about 200 millions czk.

The SMS are kept for the case travellers would argue with controllers, that they bought the ticket. That doesn’t explain, why to keep the numbers for 10 years, but it makes sense. It is presented like a price for more comfortable buying.

The Office for personal data logically disapproves the doings – according to it piling up telephone numbers of people who didn’t give agreement to it is not kosher and started to investigate it already.