Compact archive July 8, 2008

Love, Erotica, Passion Exhibiton in Prague

Various forms of relations between men and women is the topic of the new exhibition at Laska – touha – vasen at the Clam Gallas Pallace in Husova Street. The subtitle of the exhibition is Erotic Themes in 15th to 19th Century Art.

The exhibition takes place in exhibition spaces of the Clam Gallas Pallace in Husova Street and was prepared by Prague City Archives and National Gallery in Prague in cooperation with the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague.

Love, desire and passions fascinate humans since the beginning of ages, some ways how those themes were depicted in European western culture from 15th to 19th centuries can be seen on the exhibition. The exhibition does not really try for some “higher intellectual aims” – as to come with new discoveries in the field of Art history. The main aim is to make an attractive event for visitors, who can enjoy beautiful pieces of Art, sometimes even quite provocative ones. Although, there are some pieces, which are exhibited on the public for the very first time, because of their provocative topic.

There are to be seen for example works of British Artist Aubrey Beardsley, who made very erotic illustrations to antique comedy Lysistrata (written by famous Aristophanes, the story is about women who decide to stop pleasing their men unlit they stop their fights). It is said that Beardsley did not want this illustrations to be preserved after his death, but they were and now you can enjoy watching them. Among other famous Artists whose works are exhibited on Love – Desire – Passion exhibition can be named Albrecht Durer, Fransisco Jose Goya de Lucientes or Joos van Cleve. And there is also a separate section which shows works done by Czech Artists of 19th century as Josef Manes, Vaclav Brozik, Vaclav Hynais and so on.

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Taxi drivers plan rise, km ->31 czk

Prague cabs are going to increase their prices after this holidays already. From the current 28/km to 31/km, a minute of waiting from 6 to 7 czk and the starting fee will go from 40 to 45 czk.

The new prices have a logical reason – rising prices of fuels reflect rising prices of services. The taxi drivers even demonstrated by blocking the expressway to the airport.

Of course, the taxi rivers would increase the prices much radically if they got a chance. But with consideration of those stories one hears, about the taxi drivers being the dark stain of Prague, it is no wonder severe regulations are in place.

We are going to inform you about the mater development.

Czech Government welcomes Condoleezza Rice

The Czech Government is going to confirm the contract of building the American radar of anti-rocket defense. Today afternoon, the foreign minister Karel Schwarzenberg is going to sign the treaty with the leader of American diplomacy Condoleezza Rice.

At the same time, the opposition CSSD is going to make an opposite event – they have invited a Russian general, who is traditionally going to speak about how Russia doesn’t like their ex-colonies making pacts with some other countries, when they did so much to us and we should be grateful and invite them over again anyways. I exaggerate of course, but basically the Russian military is the greatest critique of the planned radar base.

The interesting part of the story is Rice wrote a book about the Czechoslovakia security – The Soviet Union and the Czechoslovak Army, 1948-1983: Uncertain Allegiance. In 1985 the Czechoslovak ‘book reviewer’ criticized it very much, obedient to the will of the USSR. Anyway Rice knows about the situation here in Eastern Europe and she is the right person to subscribe the radar treaty, maybe better than George W.


Avril Lavige 2nite in Prague

Twenty three years old Canadian brings energetic punkrock to Prague. The cheeky and self-confident songwriter and singer is to perform energetic show for her last album The Best Damn Thing.

The concert is going to be probably a big one, as the organizing agency announced the O2 Arena, where it takes place was almost sold out yesterday.

Avril moves to Prague from Budapest, where she sung yesterday, and she probably arrives to Prague during the day. Her show arrives in six trucks and two buses. Her equipment includes huge projecting screen and a few dancers.

“I can’t wait to be on tour again. The biggest adventure for me is making a concert in front of fans, when I feel, the energy flows from both sides.” Avril says. She has gone on tour in May, and she returns to the Czech Republic after three years.

The ticket prices vary from 550czk to 790 czk and the venue is O2 Arena.


Bathory - the most expensive Czech film

Director Juraj Jakubisko directed the most expensive film of Czech cinematography. His drama and historical movie is called Bathory and tells the story of Elizabeth Bathory (Ersebet Bathory), a Hungarian countess who lived in today´s Slovakia in 16th/17th century.

Bathory is very infamous for murdering and torturing her vassals. She is also said to kill many innocent young girls to get their virgin blood, which she believed should help her to preserve her beauty. But now, for almost hundred years later, historicians´ opinions about her and her life are not that uniform. Some say that she got extremely rich and independent, and thus become a target of jealousy and then evil machinations of her enemies. So who really was she?

The film with budget of 10 000 000 Euros, which makes it the most expansive film in the history of not only Czech, but as well Slovak cinematography, was made in international coproduction of companies from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and United Kingdom with additional funding provided by European Union´s Eurimages, the State Czech funding for cinematography (Statni fond CR pro podporu a rozvoj ceske kinematografie) and the Ministry of Culture of the Slovak Republic. If you want to know more, read on