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Czech Prime Minister go to OG in China after all

The Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek changed his mind, when the sportsmen union asked him to go to Peking with them. He explains: “The sportsmen, who prepare five years for the Olympics deserve to have their prime mister’s support” Topolanek explained.

The readers remember, how he spoke about definitely not going to the OG in May. He said that the OG in China can go without him, as he disapproved crimes against Tibet. However, yesterday Topolanek announced at the Olympics press conference he goes to the Olympics after all, however he had a Tibet flag button on his jacket.

Topolanek however refused to attend the opening ceremony. His whole performance, as I see it, goes: well I have to go there as a Prime minister, but personally I don’t agree with it.

Dropkick Murphys in Prague Roxy

Dropkick Murphys are a Celtic punk band formed in Quincy, Massachusetts, USA. They blended traditional Irish music, Oi!, and punk. Their influences include Stiff Little Fingers, The Pogues, The Clash, Thin Lizzy, The Dubliners, and the Swingin’ Utters.

The band has made a name for itself and built a following as a result of their non stop touring all over the world and their famous St. Patrick’s Day weekend shows, which are held in Boston. Dropkick Murphys also support unions and some of their songs reflect this.

Dropkick Murphys come out swinging with their 6th studio album “The Meanest Of Times” a collection of tales about family, loyalty and remembering where you came from. “The Meanest Of Times” contains all the best elements of the DKM sound: a complex distillation of classic punk rock, Celtic folk and American rock’n‘roll, this album puts the band’s diversity, intensity and sincerity on full display.

“We always wanted to be that band that didn’t forget where it came from and we keep it in the forefront of our minds that we’re all in it together, audience and band members, as one, no one better than the other. That’s the M.O. of a lot of punk bands, but I think sometimes it gets lost the minute a band has any kind of success. We never want to let it go to our heads. We know how lucky we are to be doing this. It’s because of the people that listen to the band’s music we have this opportunity to see the world. I don’t care if we’re playing to 10 people or 10,000 people, those kids that are up front singing our songs are the reason we’re doing this.

And you can come to suport them to Prague Roxy on 12.08.2008, tickets for 150 czk.


Summer Of Love 2008 will be ‘Closer To Your Heart’

Saturday 16th of August is the day when Pardubice Racecourse means a big day in for all mid Europe clubbers. Yes, this day and this place hosts 12th year of popular open air electronic music festival called Summer Of Love 2008.

First announced informations include headliners like Stereo Mcs in live concert, touch of trance from Blank & Jones, DJ Rush in sunrise dj set, M.A.N.D.Y. in 3 hours dj set, Teebee & Calyx in back2back dj set, great talent of Apparat live, French hero Scan X live and today’s Best German Producer – Gregor Tresher.

Do you like drum and bass? Then there are 3 big names for you: Ed Rush & MC Ryme Tyme, DJ Marky & MC Stamina and Noisia. Plus there are new names like Lynx & MC Kemo or Break.

Techno fans are going to appreciate Felix Kröcher & Eric Sneo in Connected show, Space Djz or Renato Cohen. Trance progressive fans get what they want with Richard Durand, Menno de Jong or Matthew Dekay.

To read about Summer Of Love general information go here

Line up:
Stereo MCs live (Graffitti Recordings, UK)
Blank & Jones (Soundcolours, DE)
DJ Marky & MC Stamina (Innerground Rec., BRA)
DJ Rush (Kne’Deep, USA)
M.A.N.D.Y. (Get Physical, DE)
Ed Rush & MC Ryme Tyme (Virus, UK)
Felix Kröcher & Eric Sneo (Connected tour, DE)
Scan X live (F-Communication, FR)
Richard Durand (Integrity AM, NL)
Matthew Dekay (DK Recordings, NL)
Teebee vs Calyx back2back set (Subtitles/Momentum, NOR/UK)
Menno de Jong (Intuition, NL)
Noisia (Vision, NL)
Apparat (Shitkatapult, DE)
Gregor Tresher (Familly Affairs, DE)
Renato Cohen (Sino, BRA)
Ben Long & Jamie Bissmire aka Space Djz (Potential, 50 Hz, UK)
Lynx & MC Kemo (Soul:R, UK)
Break (DNAudio, UK)

16.08.2008 The Pardubice Racecourse, Czech Republic
tickets: TICKETPRO – – – SUMMER OF LOVE 2008 ‘Closer To Your Heart’ – Open air electronic music festival. To download the anthem of 2008 click here


McCain forgets time to time that Czechoslovakia isn’t a country….

john mccain doesnt know During a press availability, Sen. John McCain said that he’s been concerned by “a couple of steps that the Russian government took in the last several day,” including “reducing the energy supplies to Czechoslovakia.”

Russia of course can’t “reduce energy supplies to Czechoslovakia.” Czechoslovakia, of course, doesn’t exist. It split into two countries more than 15 years ago. McCain has actually been to the Czech Republic and Slovakia since they became independent countries, and he has also met with their leaders (!).

This isn’t the first time McCain has made this mistake. At a debate in Oct. 2007, McCain said that America needs to “have a missile defense system in place in Czechoslovakia and Poland.”

What is the striking part of the news, John McCain’s entire presidential campaign is the notion that he’s an expert on foreign policy, thanks to his decades of experience as a Washington insider. When the foreign policy expert keeps referencing a non-existent country, it’s not unreasonable to mention that maybe his expertise isn’t quite as impressive as his campaign and the political media establishment would like us to believe.


There are sales in Prague now...

To shop clothes and shoes in Prague is now even more pleasurable, as summer sales are now on. Probably almost anybody likes to get, at least from time to time, some new and lovely piece of clothing or a pair of shoes. And if you can save some money while buying that, the pleasure is usually even higher. Now you can get pieces of collections from spring/summer season 2008 with discounts which range from 50% to 70%.

Luxorious shops, like Gucci in Prague, also see the beauty of summer sales, so it is possible to get a piece of clothing that would normally be too expensive. In the most shops, sales just started recently, so they now have “just“ 50% discount, well… but to get the desired item for half price sounds good. And you still have quite wide range of choices. Or you can wait for bigger discounts, which usually enable you to get items with a 70% discount, but then the range is usually already quite limited. Continue Reading