Compact archive July 17, 2008

Three day festival of street theatre Started

The three day festival with masks, jugglers, dancers, musicians, allegorical stuff and many more, mostly theatre and circus nuevo. They go every day from 10:00 to 21:00. Fiveteen companies from the Czech Republic, Germany, USA, South Africa, Island, Austria and Australia. All the performances are done for free. This is the only street performance festival in the Czech Republic, so if you like this kind of things, don’t miss it.

For Example from Germany arrived jugglers in musketeers costumes, dancing robots Metroccolis and a cabinet of twisted mirrors Fatalia. Claun Conc from South Africa is said to have the power of making all the audiences laugh.

For the seventh year, Teatrotoc will bring street theater to Prague. This year, the festival will take place from 16.7. to 18.7. 2008 in the center of Prague on Kampa Island.


Serious Shop of Photography Equipment in Prague

There is a big photographic shop called Centrum FotoSkoda. They sell various cameras, both digital and classic and both, brand new ones, bit older ones as well as used one (both classical and digital), and there is really wide range of items and staff is quite able to give you useful advices if you are looking for something.

It is possible to buy even an old famous Practica. They obviously do not sell only cameras but also camera equipments, bags for cameras, films, different camera filters, paper for those who like to make their photos on their own and many other things like this, and they also have here books and magazines about photography, as well as postcards with photos of big photographers any many many other things related to photography you can thing of.

Centrum FotoSkoda is not only a shop, it is also a minilab – a place when you can let your pictures to be printed. And they can make them in a really wide range of formats, small, big, huge, panoramas… Both from classical films as well as digital photos. And if you need or just want to have your pictures fast, you can ask for an express services and have them in one hour, and it is not that much more expensive. Continue Reading


The Crüxshadows is an independent music group from Florida. Their sound is made up of a combination of moody male vocals, electric violin, guitar, and synth. They have enjoyed a great deal of success within the New Wave, goth, and Dark Wave music scenes. Centered around vocalist & songwriter Rogue, the Crüxshadows blends 1980s inspired synth-pop and modern rock with poetic and introspective lyrics.

The band has enjoyed global popularity, releasing CDs worldwide and touring extensively throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. Often referred to with the acronym CXS, their motto is Live Love Be Believe.

They return to stages again with their new single Immoral within their „Immortal World Tour 2008“. During the tour, they are visiting Rock Café, where they are going to play on Wednesday 30th July 2008. There is going to be the group core and also the new members.


Noise Map of Prague

click for enlargement MF Dnes brought an interesting insight to our attention; which place is the noisiest? Of course, it is around train stations and expressways, but that is not the whole truth.

The Prague city hall have published a noise map of the capital. The most outcrying is e.g. Smetanovo Nabrezi, Zitna Ulice or Evropska. Simply said, the new centre and wide streets. The main source is automobile traffic.

Together with the map, the city hall has published _The Action Plan of Noise Reducing _ that comprehends tens of streets. The plan deals with anti-noise moves like speed reduction, replacing the present surface of the streets with super smooth and so silent one.


Biedermeier Arts and Culture Exhibition now with concerts

The Biedermeier Arts and Culture in the Bohemian Lands exhibition is the first ever to present the wealth of art made in the Bohemian Lands in the first half of the nineteenth century.

Supporting concerts to the Biedermeier exhibition take place in the Riding Schoool of the Prague Castle.

Concerts are going to be focused on two musical attitudes or trends of the Biedermeier period. The summer ‘ambulacrum’ or ‘mall’ concert of selections of Wienna Waltz will continue into the phenomena of cultural lounges of nineteenth century.

17th July 2008 at 18:00 ‘Gingham promenade’ at the Jízdárna Pražského hradu (Riding School of Prague Castle)

21st September 2008 at 18:00 ‘Intimate lounge’ Smetana Tryo at the Jízdárna Pražského hradu (Riding School of Prague Castle)

Tickets to the concets can be purchased in the Infocentre SPH on the second coutryard of the Prague Castle