Compact archive July 29, 2008

Test: Klaus is politician with best public speaking

Westminster company tested, with help of language experts, the language abilities of Czech politicians. They evaluated their public speech dignity, quality, and coherence. Who is the winner? The president Vaclav Klaus gained very nice marks, his average is 2,08. What he only got criticized for is his famous repetition, his overall speech abilities are aristocratic.

The Prague Mayor Pavel Bem wasn’t bad, he gained the mark of 2,64. The person that ended up last was Jiri Cunek, the leader of KDU-CSL, who was evaluated as hopeless. For example, when he was explaining to news reporters, why he had two same id cards, the whole room was laughing. And not with him.

The prime minister Topolanek didn’t get good score either – 4,08 is the mark for a government leader, who sometimes falls into a loop and cannot find a way out.


Edinburgh festival Fringe featuring Czech theatres

Every summer, the capital of Scotland Edinburgh becomes an epicentre of cultural events, hosting one of the biggest and most famous theatre events of this kind, the theatre parade Fringe.

Every at least a little usable space changes into a theatre stage – from cafés through blow-up tents to churches. Fringe offers up to two thousand performances, that usually attracts about a million and a half visitors every year.

Czechs were able to successfully get to the line-ups of the festival, some even got prizes, like Teatr Novogo Fronta and Farma v Jeskyni.

This year should bring about eight Czech groups, so lets see if they win something. Success on Fringe Festival is decided by numerous factors, including those non-artistic, like to clean up the stage as fast as possible, because the groups have sometimes less than 20 minutes to exchange.


We didn't collect endangered beetles in India, claim Czech arrested scientists

Two Czech entomologists Petr Svacha and Emil Kuchera, who were on Friday placed on probation from the jail in Dargeling, India, object to charges of India court. It was the court, that pressed charges against them for illegal collection of beetles in the National Park Singalia, the scientists claim they never done such a thing.

According to a statement of Svacha, they never even entered the park, they moved with other tourists on the marked road. The luggage they were carrying with them even didn’t contain any endangered beatles, what they collected were only casual species for science purposes.

The scholars, who can get up to seven years in prison, are on probation in Dargeling, they have to report to the police twice times a week and they can’t leave the city.


Brothels in Prague are Camouflaged. They have to be.

the typical picture - is it a pension, a restaurant, or a brothel? you can guess... As the Czech state acts like the fancyhouses do not exist, they exist as bars or clubs. Even when it is completely obvious from the external signs the enterprises server primarily for sex, according to construction administration those are bars, wellness centres or massage salons.

It is the way it works in the Czech Republic – if there is forbidden something clearly natural, people find their own way to it. A lot of prostitutes moved away from the streets, but they haven’t vanished. Brothels in Prague have their way of survival, the appearance can be regular, but their papers state they are some other business premises.

The building office can approve of a restaurant, fitness centre or bar, but there are no hygiene regulations for an erotic saloon, nobody simply defined them. The main reason the places have to be masked as ‘Massage Salon Red Light’ or something similar is they simply need a permit for the place. The proposals of legalization can be hear quite often nowadays.


Czech Football Coach Bruckner trains Austria

It was six weeks ago, when the football coach of the Czech Representation only frowned on everyone. Yesterday, he made an appearance with a happy face; he came forward the news-reporters as the new coach of Austria representation.

“I went over to Austria, because I don’t feel old yet, I still feel strong and now I am full of verve again.” Said the sixty-eight old coach.

According to his other words, his family was surprised that he wants to get back again, but when they thought about it, they told him to go for it. During those six weeks that passed since the Czech team lost the Euro, Karel Bruckner rested, and now, he returns back to work. He always said he is not a person for vacations.