Compact archive August 2008

Spectacular Irish Tap Dance in Prague

The mysterious beauty of traditional Celtic music, the grace and energy of Irish dance, and a powerful story of love gone wrong combine to create a new and exciting entertainment event. Gaelforce Dance tells the tale of Lorcan and Aisling, a man and woman who have fallen desperately in love. However, Aisling is already married to Cuan, making the situation all the more difficult, Cuan happens to be Lorcan’s brother, and as the passion grows between Lorcan and Aisling, they fall deeper into a well of betrayal, leaving no one unscathed. Gaelforce Dance features a score by Colm O’Foghlu and choreography by Richard Griffin.

Gaelforce Dance takes the audience right to the edge with its perfect mix of traditional and Contemporary Irish dance music. It fuses a classic love tale in a spectacle of star studded quality that is Irish dancing at its raw and energetic best.

4th November 2008, Tickets at Ticketstream CZK 550 – 1450, event in KCPKongresove centrum Praha, Prague Congress Centre


Czech Etymologists have to disprove their alleged confession

Court proceedings with two Czech etymologists accused of collecting protected beetles in India continue. Now their lawyers plead especially for proving Petr Svacha and Emil Kucera have never signed confession, they entered protected area with the intention of collecting endangered species for commercial reasons.

They claim that during the time they were arrested they were given about twenty blank papers which they were told to sign. They believed the papers are going to be filled with the list of their possessions. However, the blank lists were filled with their confessions, their advocates state.

Czech ambassador in India Hynek Kmonicek infirms especially the keepers of Singalia park. He for example stated for local newspaper to collect beetles in the Czech Republic is prohibited, which is of course a nonsense, but he backs it he was told it by the Czech Embassy, but Hynek Kmonicek stated they never contacted them.


Legalization of Prostitution in Prague Soon?

The prostitutes would become the entrepreneurs. They would pay taxes, carry a special id, and go for a medical check-up every three months. These are the main points of the public notice the Prague Council agreed on yesterday. Now, the Pavel Bem’s representative Rudof Blazek’s lobby focuses on ministries and regions. The proposal probably goes to the parliament on November.

The capital expects of the law above all reducing numbers of brothels and setting of clear rules for their operation. Blazek explains: “There are about ten fancy houses on Wenceslas Square and its surrounding streets only. The law, however, doesn’t know the term prostitution, so there is hardly any possibility to control or regulate the business.”

There is over sixty brothels and erotic clubs in the capital. Most of them are approved as bars, hotels or massage saloons. Whether or not they will be able to put ‘brothel’ in their name proudly we find this November.

Vaclav Klaus and Georgia

Vaclav Klaus’ opinions about Georgia are well-known, a clear mutual understatement took place among him and Czech communists, he was also complimented by Raúl Castro. Wait a moment. Klaus has the same opinions as the communist party? There is something weird. The situation can be explained in three ways:

1. Klaus have reached the age where the difference between right and wrong stir, and senility took over his actions.

2. Klaus likes authoritative leaders and likes to imagine himself as one of them. Also, regular democratic leaders of free countries do not take him seriously.

3. Klaus simply disagrees with general opinion, only to get publicity. If the government stood behind Russia, he would call for help for Georgia.

What goes on in Klaus’ mind is hard to tell. So you decide for yourself, what is the most probable option.

Of course, the reasons for the conflict are very complicated. Saakashvili clearly made fatal mistakes, but Russia militia crossed borders of other state, which equals occupation. Also, it is strange how well was Russia prepared for the invasion.


Zizkov Tower Babies going to Kampa

Giant babies crawling up the Zizkov Tower are going to appear in the centre of Prague as well. Three statues of crawling infants with a ventilation shaft instead of a face should decorate Kampa Park. The idea came from Museum Kampa, that stands close-by in Sovovy Mlyny.

The massive babies (every one of them is about 800kg!) first appeared on Zizkov television tower eight years ago. They became so popular that their creator David Cerny had to create permanent versions, which have been there since 2001.

Kampa park is going to host bronze versions, three of them, until 2009 spring, when it is to undergo reconstruction. The three bronze babies than move, where it is not clear yet.


DIE HAPPY in Prague concert

The one, only and exclusive concert of the popular German rock band for the Czech Republic where they present their new album “VI” takes place in Prague Rock Café.

Die Happy is a German-based rock/pop/alternative band from Ulm. The group was founded in 1993 by the Czech singer Marta Jandova and Thorsten Mewes. Even though the band is based in Germany, their songs are written and performed almost exclusively in English.

Die Happy is one of the most hard-working bands, since they made more than 850 concerts since 2001, they also made 5 studio albums, an unplugged CD and two DVDs. The songs „The Ordinary Song“ or „Wanna Be Your Girl“ were often played in Czech radio ether.

18th October 2008 in Prague, Rock Café at Narodni Trida. The only concert in the CR.


Tip for your day – Letni Letna Festival in Prague

You can find out that circus is not only about animals and clowns. The only thing you need to do is to arrive to Prague Letna festival Letni Letna, pay for a ticket varying from 60 (children performance) to 490 (the most expensive one for adults) and let yourself be amused. You won’t make a mistake by coming to one of the earlier performances with you children – the hours around lunch to early evening look like a meeting of kids of about 5 years old.

If we choose from the today’s programme, there is 11:00 Divadélko Romaneto – Pohádka z Krkonos (The Fairy-tale from Krkonose), 14:00 Václav Strasser – Duhové bubliny a jiné klauniády (Rainbow bubbles and other clowncraft), 15:30 Buchty a loutky – Zabak Valentyn (Frog Valentine), 19:00 Buchty a loutky – BARYK – Dog on the Road.

Evenings usually bring more artistic/serious/amazing/dangerous performances, today it is 21:00 Divadlo VOSTO5 – Špialová ruka (Dirple Hand). One of the most favorite group is Decalanges, a Czech-French team in the performance called Posedlost (Obsession) – a combination of theatre, dance and aerial acrobacy.

Programme: here


40 years ago, 7 people Demonstrated in Moscow Against Occupation

Those demonstrating in 1968 Prague against USSR occupation would never expect any of the Russians would join them, the least directly at the Red Square. Back in those days, they lifted banners like ‘Shame to Occupants’, ‘For Your and Our Freedom’ or ‘Hands off Czechoslovakia’ back then, the very well educated group was brutally attacked by the police and mob, and after that, years of severe punishments in prisons and psychiatric institutions awaited them. When they were released, they mostly emigrated.

The Magnificent Seven, that came into many minds after the demonstration. A clear risk of life in the middle of the camp of injustice, that came into minds of the others. Is something similar going to take place on the Red Square of today for support of Georgia, are there still people willing to throw away their lives in order to speak the truth and stand behind freedom and human rights in the country that has always defined its greatness in military terms?


Utah Jazz - Luxorious Liquid Funk in Prague

Luke Wilson AKA Utah Jazz, is one of the original liquid funksters. He started mixing Drum & Bass whilst still at school, inspired by LTJ Bukem & Alex Reece and his DJ career soon blossomed – randomly adopting the name ‘Utah Jazz’ from the US Basketball team to showcase his preference for the mid 90s ‘Jazz-Jungle’ sound.

In 2008, his debut album ‘It’s A Jazz Thing’ was released worldwide to both commercial and critical acclaim – cementing Utah Jazz’s position as one of the major cross-over D&B artists this side of the millennium.

Released through Bryan G’s seminal V Recordings camp (the first home of Roni Size & DJ Marky) with radio and club support from the likes of Trevor Nelson, Zane Lowe, Annie Mac, LTJ Bukem, Fabio, Andy C, Goldie and more – the global impact of ‘It’s A Jazz Thing’ has also now made Utah Jazz one of the most in demand selectors on the international D&B circuit.

September, 12 2008 at It’s A Jazz Thing @ Roxy, Prague. Tickets: until 23:00, 150czk, after 23:00 200czk.


Last Page of Czech Radar Treaty Soon Ready

The Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg announced on Sunday the SOFA contract will be ready soon. SOFA defines terms of American troops at the radar base. According to Schwarzenberg, his meeting with the defense minister Vlasta Parkanova and the Prime Minister Topolanek, which takes place on Thursday 28th August 08 should settle all the remaining points of the contract, so it will be ready to be signed with the USA.

The last points SOFA treaty needs to settle are mostly concerned with taxes. Both the CR and the USA had different conceptions.

The NATO radar is intended to locate incoming military missiles to the states of the EU and the radar in Poland is to destroy them. The Poles have signed their contracts rapidly, after Russia invaded Georgia. Schwarzenberg also expressed his concern for the conflict in Georgia is going to continue.


Soulfly – Concert in Prague this Sunday

Soulfly is a heavy metal band formed in 1997 in Arizona. Led by founder, frontman, songwriter and only constant member Brazilian Max Cavalera, who formed the band after he left influental Brazilian death/thrash band Sepultura in 1996. The band has released six studio albums, one tour EP, several singles, and one DVD video.

Soulfly incorporates thrash metal, groove metal, with Brazilian tribal music and world music. The band has had all six of their studio albums debut on the United States Billboard 200, with a peak position at number 32 with their second album Primitive, and the band’s debut album Soulfly, has been certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America.

Su 24th, August 2008, Prague Roxy


Russia officially freezes cooperation with NATO

Moscow announced the North Atlantic Treaty Organization they stop military cooperation. The information came from the speaker of the alliance Carmen Romero. The reason is obvious; present Russian-Georgia conflict.

“Russia informed us through military channels that the Russian Federation Defense Ministry decided to stop the military cooperation international events scheduled between Russia and the NATO states, until further instructions”, said Carmen Romero

The decision came after NATO found out this week that maintaining normal relations with Russia is no longer possible until their troops withdraw from Georgia. The reaction of Russia was predicable, as they never willingly leave once occupied territory.


Cerny Returned Pink Tank to Prague

The original David Cerny Pink Tank The Pink tank appeared again at Prague Smichov. It was made in 90’s by the sculpturer David Cerny, by painting the Russian occupation tank pink. This time, only a torso of the tank appeared. It is pink, and it also have the white occupation stripe. By the stripe, Cerny expresses his attitude to the present Russian behavior.

“With regard to what Russia does today, I saw this as a possibility, how to alert people about it.”

After peripheries with the original tank, which is now listed as a cultural heritage and protected, Cerny wanted to get permission for at least placing a torso of some other Russian pink tank, but that was rejected by the politicians as well. So he decided to make a little remake of what they did 17 years ago, found a sponsor for it, and placed the torso there illegally using rented hydraulic level-jack.

Among the greatest pieces of the Czech sculpturer – beside the pink tank – are the black babies, crawling up the Zizkov tower.


Masters of Alpe Adria Cup at Vltava River - Alpe Adria Cup

vaclav zacek - iceman Some extreme tricks on water scooters will be shown for visitors of Zlute Lazne in Prague on the weekend 13-14 September, as it hosts the finals of European cup Alpe Adria. The leading person of the serie is a Czech Vaclav Zacek, who recently celebrated 8th place on the world championship. It is going to be a freestyle and hydrocross event.

Czech Jetski Freestyle Champion 2006/2007 Vaclav Zacek aka Iceman is a Czech Jetski pioneer. Interestingly enough, Vasek see his biggest career achievement neither in high ranking in European Championship, nor in his first Czech back-flip, but in the fact that together with other members of the Czech Jet Ski Association, after negotiations with the Ministry of Transport and Shipping SPS, he was able to push through several public tracks on Czech inland waterways, where after several years of complete jet ski prohibition, they are able to operate jet skis again.

Czech Barbora Spotakova won the Olympic Games women's javelin gold

BarboraSpotakova Barbora Spotakova won the javelin gold by the fantastic last try with 71.42 metres , by which she beaten her Russian opponent Maria Abakumova with 70.78m, while Germany’s Christina Obergfoll took the bronze with a best of 66.13m.

The toss was even more great, that by it she has beaten the Russian athlete on 21th August: “It’s extra sweet this win because it is the 40th anniversary to the day of the Russian invasion in 1968.” Spotkova commented.

In one moment she was second, and not very few people believed that is going to change. Than the Czech javeliner went for her last try; “I was like in a trance. I don’t recall anything.” she says. The javelin she threw flew almost to the line showing the world record. The bird nest exploded. She improved the European record. “That was a miracle, like if I didn’t threw it at all” she told with tears in her eyes. That is the third gold medal Czechs gained at the Olympics.

Barack Obama Video About August 1968 Czechoslovakia and Present Georgia

Barack Obama made the video about Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic respectively, as a reaction to recent Russian actions in Georgia. “ Forty years ago, Soviet tanks invaded Czechoslovakia to crush a brief experiment in liberty.” Things that happened in 1968 Obama labelled as “Dark days of 20th century”. Similar situations must be stopped..: “Because what happened to Czechs and Slovaks must not repeat”

Obama pointed out the USA didn’t help the occupied Czechoslovakia. But forty years later, they helped the Easter European countries “…to build the principles of democracy, to stand on their feet and find security within NATO”

“Those dark days of Cold war must not return. Georgia and all the nations of Europe must have the right to live freely and securely within their borders. The right that was so severely denied to Czechs and Slovaks in 1968.”


Czech Government gave millions to Georgia, Disapproves with Russian Invasion

It was officially proclaimed yesterday, the Czech Government stands at the side of Georgia, which is still being occupied by Russian militia. They also agreed to give there 150 millions czk for renewing destroyed infrastructure. The Prime Minister Topolanek cited the declaration: “The Czech republic supports independendence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia including Southern Ossetia and Abchazia. The continuing Russian invasion to Georgia is unacceptable.”

The ongoing argument among the government and Vaclav Klaus, who declared Georgia is officially guilty from the conflict. Mirek Topolanek continues: “The official position of the Czech State is the the position of the Czech Government. It is true the president represents the country outside, but in this matter he doesn’t have support of the parliament.” Klaus still stands on the side of Russia and commented: “If the government would stay one-sided in this conflict, it would be sad and piteous.”


Russian Invasion of Czechoslovakia Happened Exactly 40 Years Ago

On August 21, 1968, the Soviet Union and all of its Warsaw Pact allies with the exception of Romania invaded the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, after failed negotiations, in order to prevent Alexander Dubček’s Prague Spring reforms from continuing. In the operation, codenamed “Danube”, the Soviets sent thousands of troops from several Warsaw pact countries; 72 Czechoslovaks were killed by Soviet tanks. The invasion was successful in stopping the partial democratization reforms and strengthening the authority of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia. The foreign policy of the Soviet Union during this era would be known as the Brezhnev Doctrine.

Dubček was appointed as leader of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (KSČ) after the resignation of Antonin Novotny. Dubček’s reforms consisted of his Action Programme which would guarantee additional rights to the citizens. The Soviets attempted to limit the changes made in Czechoslovakia by negotiating with them; this failed and the invasion was implemented. After the Bratislava Declaration, Soviet troops moved out of Prague and other cities, but remained along Czechoslovak borders.

Commentary on politics was disallowed again in mainstream media and political statements by anyone who was not considered to have “full political trust” were also banned. Czechoslovakia than struggled until 1989 under Russia to watch its economical, political and moral decay of severe impact.


iPhone in Prague Starts to Sell Tomorrow

The most wanted cell phone iPhone 3G is finally possible to get in the Czech Republic. O2 starts to sell it tomorrow. For how much? Telefonica 02 offers it for endowed price 1 czk, when you sign a contract for one year. Non-endowed price for the 8GB mobile is 12 000 czk (800 $). The 16 GB iPhone costs 14 000 czk (930 $). It costs quite a lot, let’s say about 600 $ more than in the US. This is due to overpricing in the CR that became a standard.

The most important upgrade of the iPhone 3G (3rd generation) is that its wi-fi achieves download speeds up to 3,6 MB/s. Czechs will still have to wait for iPhone Touch some time, and the only shop that sells iPhone is one at Narodni Trida, logically expecting crowds tomorrow. The other companies that plants to launch iPhone in CR are Vodafone and T-Mobile.

Pro-US Radar demonstration in Prague

A group of Czech US radar supporters made a sort of a camp at Jana Palacha square – so called sleep-in was called in on the 40th anniversary of Soviet invasion. The square changed into a bedroom with about 20 beds, the participants were dressed in pyjamas and night gowns during the afternoon.

Why a sleep event? The group, called Pro, believe that the Czech Republic need the US radar to sleep well. After protesters, from the lines of Greenpeace and others, organized anti-radar rallies, there has been a pro-radar rallies as well, the J.X.Dolezal hunger strike for example.

The truth is, more than two thirds of Czechs hadn’t wanted the radar here in the Czech Republic, but that was before Russia bombed Georgia. As the U.S. anti-missile shield in central Europe is fundamentally resented by Russia, we can expect the general public opinions to change nowadays.


The Best Circus in Prague Starts today

The Prague festival Letni Letna feels like a poor relation on the first glance, with its hard wooden benches in a circus tent. None the less, it promises performances of great value, it has one of the most interesting theatre programme from the whole summer. Letni Letna starts today in Letna park and continues until 2nd September.

The festival specializes to the Circo nuevo, i.e. the kind of circuss who put drilled animals off the stage and returned with brilliant shows of acrobats, theatre poetry and magic. Letni Letna have already brought some top artists of the genre, last year it was Johann Le Guillerm with his Ici Cirque. Acrobats are accompanied by performances for children and street-theatre performances.

Letni Letna – 20th August – 2nd September 2008 @ Prague Letna


Czech Government Supports Georgia Despite of Klaus

Klaus is not liable for the matter, we decide our foreign policy and we know Russia is guilty for the conflict, and that is the official stance. Such can be the explanation of Mirek Topolanek’s reaction on the words of Vaclav Klaus about South Ossetia and Abchasia.

Vaclav Klaus clearly stands at the Russian side of the conflict, since he wrote to MF Dnes: “responsibility for provoking the conflict lies on Georgia president, parliament and government is unexceptionable and fatal” That is where ‘his’ ODS headed by Topolanek disagree: “My opinion is, Saakasvili let himself be provoked by Russians by a prepared action.”

The Czech government is unified we need to help Georgia. The foreign minister Karel Schwarzenberg plans to propose we should set 150 millions czk apart for Georgia, e.g. for renewal of destroyed infrastructure. It is possible the Czech Republic will send some peace forces there.


Czech Butterfly Paradise? Prague. Really!

Grayling in Prague.. According to Czech Etymologists, most of the 141 species of day butterflies, who range in the Czech Republic, live in the capital or its close surroundings. And some species, like Eastern Baton Blue or Grayling even have their last hopeful populations.

The explanation of Entomologists is the capital city of Prague lies on a very diverse geological and geographical territory; “In Prague, a uniquely rich biotope concentrates, thus it is logical, that the world of insects comes in many varieties.”

High number of butterfly species on the area of Prague the Etymologist explain there are enclaves of almost untouched areas, like Divoka Sarka or Sance. The capital has another advantage – a low interest of farmers for cultivation. The soil is not than polluted by pesticides or other chemicals. Source: LN

Blue Mauritius coming to Prague

The most famous stamp among the general public comes to Prague to be the cherry on the cake of the exposition of British Queen’s collection on the world exhibition Praga 2008. Collections from 61 countries is protected by 1 billion czk policy.

Besides the Blue Mauritius, which price is, according to the organizers, incalculable, there will be other stamps from the ‘first league’ of the most valuable ones of the world. The other very valuable stamp from the Queen’s collection is the black one-penny stamp with the portrait of Queen Victoria. The piece was the first stick-on stamp in the world back n 1840.

The Exhibition also brings very special Czech stamps to our eyes – a block of Blue Merkur from the first half of the 19th century. The block leaves its safe-deposit only rarely. Merkur is the first newspaper stamp of the world – it served only for newspaper as a postal cover for delivery, it wasn’t possible to use for other postal services.

The exhibition takes place 12-14 September 2008 in the Industrial Palace of the Prague Exhibition ground. The exhibition is expected to take place with high interest of the public, as the last year volume was attended by 65 thousands.


Fairtrade Grows in the Czech Republic. Slowly.

The perception what is ‘normal’ changes slowly here, but one thing is obvious – ‘normal’ shopping includes much more bio food nowadays, and Czechs are finding their way to Fairtrade products as well. Fairtrade means products not only form Africa, but also Southern America and South-east Asia. Food producers can, thanks to it, get to markets of the advanced countries.

In 2006, Czechs spend about 10 millions czk on Fairtrade products, a year later in 2007 it was 25 millions already. Compared to Britain, where the complete sales reached 15,25 billions czk, it is nothing, but still it is an improvement. From the bigger chain shops only Marks & Spencer and DM drug-stores sell it here, Tesco CR prepare first fair-trade products to be sold this October.


The Stooges are an American rock band that was active from 1967 to 1974, then reformed in 2003. The Stooges are often regarded as hugely influential in alternative rock, heavy metal and, especially, punk rock. Singer Iggy Pop and his often-outrageous onstage performances were often the main focus of attention.

Iggy Pop is an American rock singer, songwriter, and occasional actor. Although he has had only limited commercial success, Iggy Pop is considered an innovator of punk rock, garage rock, and other related styles. He is sometimes referred to by the nicknames “the Godfather of Punk” and “the Rock Iguana”, and is widely acknowledged as one of the most dynamic stage performers.

Pop has had varying degrees of success in the course of his subsequent solo career. His best-known solo songs include “Lust for Life”, “I’m Bored”, “Real Wild Child”, the Top 40 hit “Candy” (with vocalist Kate Pierson of The B-52’s) and “The Passenger”.

Prague, AC Sparta Arena in Holesovice, 20th September 2007, Tickets at Ticketportal 700-1350 czk.


The Emmons Family offered their story to Hollywood

The incredible story with a sorrowful ending, which experienced Katerina and Matt Emmons on the Olympics is now possible to be bought and filmed. First, happiness after Katerina gained two medals, than a shock and deja vu feeling. Newspapers first wrote about their lovestory, than about their story of sadness. Two completely different approaches during a few days.

Four years ago, Emmons sit at the commentor’s post and witnessed Matt hitting the other target on he left in the last shoot of 3×40, which meant he lost certain gold. At that time, they probably fell in love. Four years later in Peking she sit again on the commentator’s post and watched Matt, this time her husband, in the moment he hit his target though, but completely out of the middle, to the 4,4 mark, by which he lost certain gold again.

Vaclav Klaus was Complimented by Russia for his Critique of Georgia

The reason why I didn’t inform you about Vaclav Klaus support for the invading Russia was I am really ashamed and I hoped I could forget his quotes as fast as possible. Unfortunately, we live the reality where Klaus uses anything that media writes about for his own promotion simply by always standing at the opposite side than reason would suggest. Global warming? Klaus says it’s a nonsense. Passive smoking? According to Klaus it doesn’t harm anyone. The Internationally celebrated design of Czech National Library? Klaus did whatever he could to prevent it from building. And now, when the whole Czech nation pities the Georgia people for being in the same situation as we were in 1968 when Russia invaded us, Klaus thinks the Russians did the right thing.

According to Klaus, “…the responsibility of Georgia is unexceptionable and fatal.” Simply, he ignored Russian share on the conflict. Russian diplomats are pleased, “According to our opinion Klaus assess the situation objectively, however we do not agree with the stance of the Czech government” said the speaker of Russian embassy Fedorov for MF Dnes. It is the Czech government, who chose the side the rest of the free world is at – e.g. our foreign minister said Russia is responsible together with Georgia for the conflict. The vice-prime minister for European matters Vondra commented that Russia attempts to destabilize situation in Georgia since the 90’s. The ex-Foreign Minister Svoboda said for MF Dnes “I don’t think Georgia president is guilty and that Georgian actions are not possible to be put at the same level as Russian actions.” Positive critiques to Klaus statement came from Cuba as well.


This Thursday is the USSR Occupation Anniversary

The notorious occupation, which pushed our development 20 years backwards and destroyed countless lives has its sad anniversary this Thursday 21st August. The day will be recommended within the 1968 Invasion Open-Air Exhibition at the Wenceslas Square – there is even an ancient USSR army tank prepared. What is it going to do? To drive to the Wenceslas Square, where it is to symbolically shoot at the building of the National Museum.

There is going to be a lot of other events, like the motion Auto*Mat bicycle ride through the city. They want to remind the courage of Prague citizens, who, 40 years ago, went to the streets to protest against the Warsaw pact forces (the picture by Koudelka above shows one demonstrator even riding on the tank). The path of the cyclo ride goes through places, “…where the Soviet occupants killed innocent civilians” said the organizer Michal Krivohlavek. They start from Jiriho z Podebrad at 6 pm.


Prepare for traffic collapse in Prague this weekend

This weekend better take a walk. The Lanový most (Rope Bridge) which is an essential part of the Jizni Spojka which forms a southern by-pass road will be closed in both directions on Thursday 21st August on 11 pm. The cars should not return at it until Sunday-Monday night of 25th August.

All the complications started from the moved console. A regular check of the bridge, which daily carries about 100 000 cars, discovered the bridge has moved of about 5 cm. The repairing company shuts the traffic at the bridge, it will go through Svehlova and Prumyslova street.

Jizni spojka is a part of Prague beltway, which has been build for more than 20 years now.

Slayer + Mastodon + Trivium + Amon Amarth concert in Prague

Slayer (usa) Trivium (usa) Mastodon (usa) Amon Amarth (swe) in one big concert in the Sport hall in Prague. Do not spend the public holiday otherwise, than by making the day the Metal holiday! The king, Slayer, which has became the synonymous for thrash metal in its pure form, arrives. The group, which by releasing Show no Mercy in 1983 moved the borders of ordinary perception of ‘extreme’ in metal music.

The Prague concert takes place within the ‘Unholy alliance Tour, Chapter III’ which rolls through Europe at the beginning of November, and it is the most eastern performance of the group, so high participation of fans from Slovakia and Poland are expected. Meanwhile Slayer still prepare their new record and so you can expect mainly old hits, the tryo of support groups announced to play songs of their new albums.

Date : Mon 17th November 2008 public holiday, start: 17:00, Venue: Incheba Arena (Mala sportovní hala), Praha Holesovice
Tickets: Ticketportal


Neo-nazi March in Hradec Kralove of this Saturday

About 300 people came to participate on the Delnicka Strana meeting (Worker’s party) in Hradec Kralove. Even when the rally got prohibited eventually, despite heavy rain, they arrived to demonstrate the right-wing extremism is experiencing increase in popularity.

The right-wing extremists originally wanted to meet in a summer cinema to hear a concert of extreme bands such as Brutal Attacks, the town hall, however, withdrew from the lease contract on Friday. The members of the motion decided to simply gather in the city.

In its programme, the DS proposes the abolition of all support to immigrants and a ban on homosexual marriages. It also wants to introduce the determination of the nationality of inhabitants and its confirmation in the birth certificate and ID. It demands that the Czech Republic withdraw from NATO and the EU.

In the end, they only got ridiculous 5 000 czk fine for unlawful assembly, and free publicity. It is clear we need some new law controlling radicals, because in the context when you can get up to 30 000 czk fine for spitting out a chewing gum in Prague is a five thousand fine for an uncharted neo-nazi meeting a joke.


Prague Ruzyne Airport Grows Bigger

The new landing runway should help the overwhelmed Prague Ruzyne Airport to better manage increasing number of flights. During the rush hour, there is up to 44 machines touching down, in two years it is estimated at 48.

If an airplane misses its start, it often has to wait up to two hours, before it gets a possibility to take off. Ruzyne is among 30 the biggest airports in Europe. Every year brings increase in numbers of passengers, in 2007, more than 12 millions of passengers were checked out.

Apart from increasing the capacity, security should be increased as well, as the subsidiary track, heading to populated area should no longer be used. Also, thanks to faster dispatching, the planes aren’t going to wait long during the rush hours, so emissions will be lowered. If there will be no complications, the runway will be ready in 2014.

Czech Tourism on Slight Decrease

Server brought information about decrease in tourist traffic, even when it is a slight one, it is the probable direction, due to very high prizes of everything in the Czech Republic. The number of overnight stays reached 9.7 million, which is 3.6 percent less than one year ago. Only three- and four-star hotels had more customers, which only points to the already mentioned – the Czech Republic became a country for rich tourists.

These data were provided by the Czech Statistical Office. Of course, the part which attracts the most tourists is the capital city. Prague had 1.2 million guests is 2.4 percent more than in the same period of the last year. Tourists from the CR represent only 11,1 percent of the Prague hotel guests. The nation which comes the most often is the Germans, but compered to the previous year, their numbers were 10,7 percent lower.

Tram Closure in Prague

Belehradska Street connecting Vinohrady with Nusle does not allow tramways through starting today, the closure continues until 27th August. The reason is the railway bridge over Belehradska street repair. The Bridge connects Hlavni and Smichovske nadrazi. The tramways to which it refers to are the lines 4, 6, 11 and the night tram 56.

The second place, which will have to do solely with buses, is the track among the stations Jindrizska and Lazarska. On the weekend 23 – 24th August the tram traffic will be interrupted due to filming works. Among Jindrizska and Lazarska, the substitute bus line X-3 will go instead.


Destination Unknown Prague, Czech Republic

I have now made my way to the Prague Castle. This is the most visited sight in the whole Prague and it is easy to see why. The Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world. Constructed in the 9th century the castle has transformed itself from an old fortress into an imposing sight that it is today.

Virtual walk is the most safe, cheap, and comfy way of travelling. If you want to have a look, how does it look like in Prague, just click the video below. In this journey, you are going to visit one of the most well-preserved historical cities.


Unique Documentary of August 68 Russian Invasion to Prague

Photographs of Josef Koudelka are exhibited at the Old Town Square City Hall until 13th September. Most of the yet not published photographs are possible to see at the exhibition Invaze 68 (68 Invasion) or in a book of the same name.

Arrival of Soviet army is depicted in his photographs from its very beginning. The pictures Koudelka made during the day weren’t immediately developed, he only look after new material to photo at. As he wasn’t employed as a journalist, he didn’t have to leave the place to hand in the photographs, which contributed to fascinating coherence of the whole evidence. Also, it probably saved them.

Kouldelka’s photographs appeared first time one year later in many foreign magazines. Koudelka couldn’t have been signed under them, otherwise he would have threatened him and his family.


R.E.M. This Sunday in Prague

The legendary American group with the frontman Michael Stip comes to present their album Accelerate. They sai it was created from the feeling of anger, the career of R.E.M. wastes away. The outcom is fourteenth album, which returns to punkrock roots of the group and its form of the 80’s. It has paid off – after the last commercially unsucessful tape Around The Sun it returned R.E.M back to the top places in wold charts.

The concert starts at 20:00 and continues until 22:00, so the performance of R.E.M. should take maximally 2 hours. The guittarist Petr Buck said: “The new song Supernaural Superserious is known by almost everybody, so it already belongs to our biggest hits.” but what the fans hope for are the very old hits, like Drive, Man On the Moon or Electrolite, which could have been heard also on the present tour.

R.E.M concert – 17th August 2008, Their last visit was three yers ago. They aim to the footbal stadium SK Slavia Praha Stadion Eden


Pankrac Skyscrapers are going to be there

Not even the recommendation of UNESCO is going to change the plans of the future highest building in Prague, MF Dnes informed. “In the case of both buildings, the verdict of Ministry of Culture from the last years speaks clearly- it supports the Prague Town Council, which licenses the building.”

Monuments preservation in Prague was on program of the recent UNESCO conference in Quebec, the result – it shouldn’t be build larger than 60-70 metres. The plans, however, counts with the higher twin having 104 metres.

The Arnika association, protesting against the planned post-modern dominant was quite ignored by Czech offices, so they have chosen to contact UNESCO. They decided in their favor, however the ECM company who builds it have the contract for the area, and also, they have already sold 150 flats in advance.

The situation reminds of the case of the Blob library, but this time, the protester is not the president, so the V twins are probably going to be build as planned.


Jean Michel Jarre concert in Prague

Legend, the French composer Jean Michel Jarre, the pioneer of electronic music, comes on 13rd November to the Czech Republic. He celebrates an important anniversary – it has been thirty years, since he published his legendary album Oxygene and its live show. The famous French comes accompanied by three musicians and 50 analog synthesizers.

The Albub oxygene was made in 1977 and inspired whole generations of musicians. Jarre is well-known by his concerts for hundreds of thousands, even a million. The celebration of Oxygene will be more chamber, so he can “…be close to to the music and the audience” Tickets could be bought from Wednesday, varying from 990-1590 czk. The 30th anniversary of Jean Michel Jarre in Prague O2 Arena.


Prague Town Council Supports Tibet

Anyone, who would walk the Jungmanova ulice street nowadays, would see the Tibetan flag, hanging from Skodova palac. It was hung there by the Prague Town Council, to express their support of Tibet occupied by China. The reason, why the flag appeared in this time, is naturally the Olympic Games in Peking.

MF Dnes asked the Prague Mayor Bem, who answered by his favorite means; the sms message: “It is no boycott of the Olympics, it is only confirmation of the long-term attitude of the Capital of the Czech Republic to the situation in Tibet and its genocide.”

It is not first time, when politic elites of the Czech Republic expressed their support of Tibet – last time the flag hung from a window of the Green Party.


Charles Bridge was harmed by salt, water and thoughtless repair

The famous Charles Bridge, that is being reconstructed right now, is the typical example bridges doesn’t have to be always damaged solely by traffic. The state of one of the most important historic monuments have been gradually worsening, especially because of natural causes and bad repairs.

The last, communist, one took place at the turn of the 60’s and the 70’s, during which was installed a system of anchors, a steel concrete panel was laid longwise (not very wise) and pillars were supposed to be protected by layers of isolation. The hydroisolation, however, didn’t work out well for Charles Bridge, as the pillars became permanently wet and their state gradually worsened.

That is the reason, why a lot of the sandstone blocks have to be replaced. The other ones have to go because of winter salting. Salt got inside the bridge and damaged it a lot, also because the salty snow used to be only pushed to one side of the bridge, where it was let to melt and further damage the bridge. Nowadays, the snow is carried away from it.


UNESCO: Prague shouldn't build skyscrapers taller 70m

The skyscrapers planned for Pankrac district in Prague have a problem; According to UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee the buildings must be lowered, otherwise they would damage one of Europe’s best preserved historical city panoramas.

UNESCO set the limit for the new buildings at 60 to 70 metres, but according to the current plans, the ‘V’ shaped twin building reaches 100metres, by which it would became the highest skyscraper in Prague.

The initiator who called in UNESCO was the Arnika association, who have been criticising the height of such tall buildings on Pankrac for many years, but neither the local Town Hall, nor the Culture Ministry reacted. Then, they turned to UNESCO. Its officials came to inspect the situation in Prague, with the result – if the buildings exceed 70 metres, UNESCO quite probably cuts Prague out of their list.


Another Olympic Gold for Czechs

Katerina Emmons have won another medal! The shooter who won gold in 10 metre air rifle competition have gained another trophy; in the women’s 50m rifle 3×20 shoots, which is her additional discipline.

The final ten shoots Emmons initiated by a great hit of 10,7 points, meanwhile the leading Chinese Tu Li spoiled her initiation; than, the home representative woke up and staid in lead.

The final round was quite thrilling – the American shooter didn’t make it and from second position fell down to fifth when hit only 8,7 points, third Cuban hitting only 9,5 points, which Emmons immediately disciplined and gained 10,2, winning the silver.


Summer of Love 2008 this weekend

The one-day open air electronic music festival Summer of Love goes to its twelfth year – 12th season of the most popular one-day dance festival. It promises 6 stages, over 80 performers, world stars and famous headliners, as well as new talented personalities.

The main stage offers a bright scale of various styles, always provided by world headliners, supported by other quality names. The first among the names walk Stereo MCs, followed by Fresh German sound M.A.N.D.Y. and morning sunrise with the sound of Ed Rush.

16.08.2008 The Pardubice Racecourse, Czech Republic
tickets: 999czk SUMMER OF LOVE 2008 ‘Closer To Your Heart’ – Open air electronic music festival.


Festival Machac 2008 – DJ Tiesto in Czech Republic

After his super-successful performance he made in Prague T-Mobile arena last year, the most-wanted star of dance scene and the world DJ superstar, Holland DJ and producer DJ Tiesto. He has become one of the world’s most famous people in the trance and electronic dance music scenes.

Tiesto Undoubtedly is the Headliner, but there is almost 30 other artists on 4 stages, that in combination with one of the best dams for swimming in the Czech Republic makes the combination that attracts enough people for Machac Festival continue year after year.

FR 22th August 2008, 18:00, Machovo Jezero, Doksy, Plaz Klucek. Tickets: 1.109,- czk at Ticketpro


Kaplicky Introduces New Environmental Building

Ceske Budejovice witnessed the architect Jan Kaplicky to reveal his new design. As usually, the concept returns to the nature and learns from its shapes; As Kaplicky says, “we are not made of boxes either”. The new concert hall is very organic in shape, the image of sea devil comes in mind, especially from the side view, with an entrance where an eye usually is. The construction should be black from the outside, the inside is designed in large scale of colours.

Why black? The orchestra is dressed in black as well, and the audience is also expected to come dressed up, so they will directly match, also it is the colour of dignity, which increases interactivity. Its surface is designed to be from glass, which lasts hundreds of years without change.

The building could add much prestige to Ceske Budejovice, located between Prague and Vienna. Now there are only two remaining factors – the EU Funds are needed to give an amount of about 42 millions €, and also the president Vaclav Klaus is needed to stay silent this time, not to boycott it as the Blob. Pictures of the Sea Devil are here.


Bothering Prague Street Advertisements

Almost everyone who walked the centre of Prague have met someone who offered him/her some ad leaflets for all kinds of stuff. In the recent past, the main points for leaflet distributors were Wenceslas square (at the place was typical the ‘erotic club’ kind of leaflets) for and Old Town Square (leaflets mostly for opera). Since 2005, when free street advertising was banned, the number of dealers dropped, but they definitely haven’t disappeared.

What most of tourists in Prague remember is the white limousine ‘Darling Cabaret’ which, with its red sign, informs about the luxurious night club. The city litigates with the owner, however it hasn’t been going very well for the past few years, so the limo is probably going to stay. Even when the owner can get a few thousands czk fine eventually, it is too little an amount for him.


Baby Cheetahs in Prague Zoo

Like the last year, the year 2008 means joy for Prague Zoo cheetah department. This time there is four cubs – 1male and 3 females. Last year, there was 5 of them, which meant first success after long ten years of waiting. This year’s cubs are the proof, that the cheetah couple is well matched, and so the concept work of Fejk’s team harvest the fruits of their endeavour.

Little cheetahs were born on 29th July. The mother Wazima, born in Holland Wassenaar in 2003 takes exemplary care of them, the father is Eddie, born in 2004 in JAR. The cubs are now hidden in their lair, waiting to grow up a little before they show up. Prague zoo is the 7th best zoo in the world, the animals feel very comfortable.


Spend the Haler Coins, While You Can

The smallest coin used in the Czech Republic is 50 haler. Until the end of August 2008. If you take a look into your wallet and find any of these, you can, and should spend them until September, as they are valid mean of payment for the last 18 days.

The Czech National Bank expects only 15-20% of the 50 halers coins to return. Most of the change people simply lost, some, they keep as a relic. Anyway, after 31st August, those coins are going to become about 410 tons of aluminium. That will officialy mean the end of haler in Czech currency. Logically, some 50 haler coins return later, they can be returned into any bank in the CR.

The paper 20 czk banknote also ends, but that is no news – there is so little number of them nowadays – I had the last one about three years ago.

Blob dispute continues

The institution of the Czech National Library needs a new building. Now the library is placed in the old historical building of Klementinum, but this space is not suitable anymore. There is not enough room for all the books. To solve this problem, they held a competition, searching for the best design of the new library building, which should be placed in Letna area, in Prague 7. As the winner was announced an architect Jan Kaplicky with his Future Systems studio. Kaplicky, a Czech, who lives and works in London, won with his extravagant and for someones quite shocking project – a building of organic shape, in combination of green and purple colours, which became known as “Blob“. Some people really liked it, other ones did not, some ones liked the idea of the extravagant building but did not want it to be placed on such beautiful and important place in Letna, which may partly destroy a beautiful panorama of old Prague… so the never ending story about the National Library building started. Continue Reading


Prague Underground 'Metro' Celebrates 30th Birthday

Hradcanska, 1978. Photo DP archive The first Metro train took in passengers exactly 30 years ago, from Dejvicka station to the centre. At that time, it was the deepest road that went under Vltava River. The tunnel among Staromestska and Malostranstranska stations is 87,2 metres deep, at the line there is also the deepest located station of Prague Metro – Namesti Miru, 52 metres. Even when we have all the new stations nowadays, this ‘Green line A’ is still in function and nowadays Prague wouldn’t do without it.

During the construction was used Soviet technique. It was one of the real Czechoslovak-Soviet constructions of friendship, because teams of both countries worked together.

When tunnels were blazed, constructors found many archaeological surprises. The station Mustek, located on Wenceslas Square, means ‘bridge’ in English, and indeed, hidden underground there was hundreds years old stone bridge, bringing the proof there was an important medieval route.


Czech Porn King Rosenberg was Released on Probation

rosenberg The ubermale, who supports mainly the Czech Republic and the United States with fresh material, got into problems with the law last year, when their cleaning girl made a complaint she was forced into porn against her will. Anyone who hears this and knows, how many movies Rosenberg has made must see that it is a nonsense – when he is the biggest producer, he probably didn’t get to it by forcing some unknown girls into action, but by paying professional actresses. But, as the world goes round, the folks are always divided into two groups – the one who watch porn and openly approve, the second who watch porn and openly disapprove. The latter was very glad to finally ‘get the pervert’.

Luckily for Rosenberg, his wife Zaneta and their little son, the family was found guilty only from cocaine possession and distribution – Rosenberg got one year probation. Again, cocaine may be illegal, but if it wasn’t for it, I can’t imagine any good movie, porn or else, to be put together. Cocaine and film industry belong together. Next time, you will see a film with some great Czech girls, you may be watching Rosenberg’s production; the one he had to fight for a year to keep.


This Saturday is day of Czech Neo-Nazis, German Neo-nazis on increase again

If we look back to May of this year, I bet some remember the civic disorder in Hamburg, where about six thousand people went to the streets to protest against the proceeding march of about 1500 neo-nazis form NPD. About sixty people were injured, together with twenty policemen.

There may be the possibility that there is something similar going to take place this Saturday. Lidove Noviny informed that Czech Neo-nazis plan ‘the biggest event in Czech history’ on 16th August 2008. The event, called by the right-wing radicals ‘Freedom day’ should be bigger than first-may communist celebrations. The meeting place is not yet known, however it should be somewhere in eastern Bohemia.

The Neo-nazis were quite overpowered at their last march, however thanks to it they gained publicity they dreamed of and quite possibly a lot of new followers. this weekend is very probably going to be a violent one.


Prague prepares for its first festival of graffiti and street art

Graffiti is a form of street art, it appeared 30 years ago; later, stickers and stencils came to carry on the legacy, still – graffiti is the most wide-spread street art form.

Names Fest focuses on legality, graffiti is going to be presented as a form of creative art, not from the side of an adrenaline sport. A few legally rented walls are waiting to introduce Czech and foreign authors and their art.

There are going to be presentations of famous international art pieces and cult movies. The artists, who left an imprint on walls of many cities are welcomed to introduce themselves.

Names Fest takes place since 26th August to 6th September in Trafacka gallery and around the famous movie theatre Aero. The festival culminates by the contest of the best artpiece, and continues by an exhibition in Trafacka until the end of October.

A bonus of this exhibition is an auction of graffiti created on canvas.


Peking Olympic Games – Czechs have 2 medals already

Czechs – a nation of sharpshooters. Such can be the impression that Czech sportsmen have left after first two days at the Peking Olympics. On Saturday, the gold went to Katerina Emmons, for air-gun shooting, yesterday it was David Kostelecky in trap shooting.

The gold story of Katerina Emmons, the ex-model whose American husband is a shooter himself, became an internationally-known story. She also won the first medal of the whole OG. Immediately after, she started to cry, and stayed very moved through whole evening, when she got the gold.

Sport shooting is traditionally a successful sport for Czech sportsmen, but gets highlighted only once in four years at the Olympics. Anyway, the Olympics have just started, and Czechs already have more golden medals that the country gained during the last OG in Athens.


Letna – dancing, trapeze-flying

If the idea of circo nuevo or new circus speaks to you, there is nothing to worry, you can just come. No caged animals, no tigers jumping through fire, just people making the most unbelievable tricks look easy-peasy.

All those who like modern acrobacy, theatre or juggling are welcome to come at the Letni Letna festival (Summer Letna festival) The main theme of this year season is ‘being in the air’. To participate have promised over 30 theatres with 90 performances.

The star of the first week is the French company Cie Moglice – Von Verx with their I look up, I look down. Two graduates of the French circus school are going to show acrobacy and dance on a four-metre tall iron blockstone, on one of its sloping sides, respectively.

Last year attracted about 16 thousands visitors to this Letna park festival, expectations for this years are similar. For those who come there is a bar and café prepared, there are painting and juggling workshops for kids.

Letni Letna: 21st August till 3rd September


Prague Tourist PDA Proposal

Prague information service came with a new project; Prague could be inter-connected by an information system, unique in the world. What is it about? All the services for tourists should be packed into one small computer. A tourist, who arrives to Ruzyne airport should have the chance to rent this device, which will accompany him on his way in Prague – plan his routs, reserve theatre tickets, guide him through the sights, and help him to find an adequate restaurant.

If the city accredits the project, it could start working the next tourist season already. If it will be useful, it could be tailored up to a Prague citizen’s need and distributed for them as well. The PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) start at 250€/apiece.

Swimming in Prague Vltava River? At one's own risk.

To jump into Vltava river during those hot summer days is something that comes into a lot of minds. The water doesn’t look that bad, but the instinct of self-preservation warns it doesn’t have to be completely safe. Or is it?

The Prague newspaper Denik investigated, whether is it safe, Zdena Staskova from the Hygiene station of Prague said: ”According to our measuring, the water in Vltava is not suitable for swimming. But- it is probable that 90 out of 100 wouldn’t have any problems from it.”

Clearly, those who should avoid swimming in Vltava are those sensitive to allergies and with sensitive mucosa. If anyone swallows some Vltava water in Prague, there may be some tummy sickness. At least one should take a shower afterwards.

There is enough of those, who don’t care about water quality and go to swim anyways. A lot of them group at Smichov Beach, even more at Zlute lazne, which have showers, bars, newly also a nudist beach.

Hip Hop Kemp Festival

Hip Hop Kemp is an international hip hop festival held every August in eastern Bohemia, Czech Republic. It is one of the biggest hip-hop festivals in Europe, with an audience of almost 20,000 hip hop lovers. The latest festival has been confirmed to take place from the 22nd to the 24th of August in Festival Park, Hradec Králové.

The team at Hip Hop Kemp are dedicated to providing with an aesthetically pleasing festival.. With that in mind this years warm-up party became a free affair. So if you come down on Thursday evening to see the best Czech DJ’s spinning quality tracks for free.

For the hygiene side, the organizers promise there will be a team of TOI TOI supervisors to make sure the toilets are clean and good to go, they have also acquired 48 special showers with regulated water for Hip Hop Kemp 2008. These showers are capable of washing 500 people in an hour.

There is also a special beach located next to the festival site. There will be a beach bar and sand for you sun worshipers out there! Also, they have sorted lamps for the night time in the festival park and campsite, so you won’t have to deal with total darkness.

Line up

ARMY OF THE PHARAOHS (Outerspace, Reef The Lost Cauze, King Syze & King Magnetic /USA/
Turntable Jazz Live (DJ Rafik, DJ Adlib, Ben* + FRANK NITTY of F’N‘D, GUILTY SIMPSON & ILLA JAY) /USA/D/
U.N.I.T.Y. B-GIRL STAGE (Bahamadia, Roxanne Shante, Apani B, Eternia, Stacy Epps, Invincible, Mauikai, La Mala, …)
eMC (Masta Ace, Wordsworth, Punchline, Strick) /USA/
LEEROY (ex-Saïan Supa Crew) /FR/
MAJORS (DJ Static, Nat Ill, DJ Noize, J-Spliff, Negash Ali) /D/
O.S.T.R. /PL/
TPWC (Sokol & Pono) /PL/
SIDE 9000 /CZ/

Hip Hop Kemp, Festival, 22-24 August 2008, 21st August warm-up with Djs for free. Location: Festival Park Hradec Kralove. Tickets:
Until the 20th of August (including): 44 EURO. At place: 48 EURO At: Ticketpro


Klaus Celebrates – European Commission against new National Library

After a long year, when the right-wing politicians led by Vaclav Klaus looked for a slight chance to definitely kill the winning design of the new Czech National Library, they can finally celebrate – the new ‘Blob’ library was found ajar the law by the European Commission. That impugns the international contest, and gives the ODS a tool to finally get rid of the post-modern architect Kaplicky.

The battle of Blob have never been, and will never be, a battle for better Prague, it was a political battle from the very beginning. The Blob library is a modern project which won world contest, and Klaus as a skeptic chosen this building as a means for drawing medial attention to himself. The following merry-go-round turns until now, the opposition leader Jiri Paroubek made Kaplicky his cultural advisor, just to make it clear the thing is political matter indeed.

What is going to be the output of the matter? There are three possible scenarios. 1St – the ODS wins elections – Blob will be build in Brno. 2Nd – the CSSD wins the elections – the Blob will be build as it won the international contest. 3rd Kaplicky gets frustrated and builds it somewhere they want is, e.g. in Edinburgh.


Czech National Bank lowers interest rates – CZK finally weakens

Czech National Bank (CNB) used a whole arsenal against the strong currency. As the first came the announcement CNB decided to, first time in three years, lower the interest by a 0,25% to 3,5%. Immediately, the rate of exchange jumped up to 24,10 czk from 23,90czk/€.

Another punch to the Czech crown was delivered yesterday, when CNB announced there many be another lowering of interest until the end of the year, bringing further currency weakening.

The reason is exporters wouldn’t be able to export anything, if the crown continued strengthening. When the CZK got in July even under 23 czk/€, with the perspective of slowed state economics this was a logical solution.

Academician Writes about Franz Kafka's Porn Collection

Franz Kafka is for many the symbol of an anxious Centre-European genius and also an evergreen means of advertising, which portraits him like an out-of-this-world persona. There have been many studies written on him, however the one called Excavating Kafka is not going to disappear easily.

The scholar and an author of comedies James Hawes (1960) writes there about the extensive Kafka’s pornographic collection, hidden in the house of his parents. “Those are no beach postcards” Hawes states for British Times. “It as regular pornography, some shoots are hard, even not very nice” The German list Spiegel talks about lesbians and animals.

The author, who teaches creative writing on Oxford underlines, his book is not supposed to dishonour Franz Kafka, the author of Process or Metamorphosis, he just wants to present a more humane picture of him, without the imaginative aura of a saint, which has been created after his death.


Controversial Olympic Games Start

The Olympic Games in Peking start today. The games are controversial especially because human rights abuse in communist China.

It is not merely a question of Tibet or do not allowing freedom of speech. Peking has problems with living environment, the sportsmen are afraid of smog, suffocating the city. The organizers of course claim there won’t be any serious flaw.

Some claimed the OG could change China, now it seems it will be the opposite. China wants to demonstrate its power to the world, using the OG. The ceremony is going to be a massive event by itself – the famous China director Yimou Zhang (Hero) spend by preparations of the ceremony three years, 15 thousand participants should appear on the stage.

There is going to be the traditional defile of all the groups, the Czech one is going to be the 162th in line. The Czech Republic sends 73 sportsmen as Representatives, the flag is carried by the kayakist Stepanka Hilgertova. The ceremony is sold out, it is going to be watched by audience of 90 thousands. CT2 broadcasts the ceremony live at 14:00, from the record in 21:00.

Prague introduces more night buses

For Prague citizens or visitors of the city, who are often going home after midnight, there is a good news from Prague Public Transport company – since 31st August 2008 there is planned a notable increase in the frequency of buses.

Also those who live in more distant parts of Prague and don’t nave any night buses at all, should get their night stations, and so the possibility of travelling without taxi.

To forget about necessity of night walks or paying for over-prized taxis will be newly possible in those city parts: Strahov, Nove Vysocany, Hrdlorezy, Zahradni Mesto, Skalka and Kosik. There is also new 50 stations, where the night buses are going to stop.


Amnesty International to Topolanek: Talk about human rights in China

Mirek Topolanek, the Czech PM is going to fly to China on Wednesday. He has’t commented on it yet, as he is on vacation, but he probably will – Amnesty International Organization have appealed to him to talk about human rights conditions and freedom of speech in China. The AI has also delivered him the petition, signed by more than 9000, demanding freedom of speech in China.

Topolanek is supposed to fly to Peking on next Wednesday, as he doesn’t want to participate on the ceremonial opening. He is going to stay for about three days. That he changed his mind and goes to the Olympics was announced in the half of July, he decided to go after all on behalf of the Czech Olympic committee, he refused the China invitation.

China embassy already hates him, because he had a little Tibetan flag on his suit when announcing his visit to Peking. The AI deputy Dasa van der Horst commented: “We have watched Topolanek criticizing May China intervention in Tibet with delight. But in order his words would matter, they must be pronounced in China, out loud.”


Prague Celtic History remains Route

At the South periphery of Prague is a territory, which could have been, instead of the Prague Castle, the centre of our capital city, and so, of the Czech country. At both the banks of Breznansky potok there once was an extensive Celtic oppidum, which is introduced to you by the educational footpath.

The fortified Celtic settlements, known as oppidums, were extensive centres of business, territory management and spiritual sphere, something like capital city of the whole tribal territory. Oppidum among Tocna and Dolejsi Breznany originates in sixth century BC. And it was placed on who hills above the Vrezanske udoli. The southern part, located outside the capital city border is called Zaviost, the northern one, the one in Prague, is called Sance. Both parts were connected by a continuous line of fortifications long cca nine kilometres and the total area of the oppidum is 170 hectares. Continue reading

1968 Invasion Open-Air Exhibition

Josef Koudelka's famous image of Prague's Wenceslas Square, nearly empty at noon on August 21, 1968, during the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia. On 21st August, it is going to be 40 years, since the military forces of the Warsaw pact army invaded Czechoslovakia, and so violently ending the Prague Spring 68. The occupants have killed 106 people, 276 were seriously injured, 422 lightly injured. But there are no figures stating what the invasion did to the nation’s spirit and mind.

Because we should remember, how valuable freedom is, how important is to be able to talk about whatever one wants, how priceless is freedom, we can travel, study, do a job that fulfills us, we are going to bring back the memory of those hard august days exactly forty years ago.

On the Wenceslas Square and its surroundings, there is going to be an authentic impression of the past wars. With assistance of National Museum, a kind of open-air exhibition is going to take place, changing the places of hardest battles into their appearance of 1968.

Maybe, this whole event contribute to not forgetting our history, possibly leading to not repeating it.


Sigur Rós in Prague

Sigur Rós, with Björk the most renown island musicians, are going to perform in Prague HC Sparta stadium on 19th August. It is their second concert in the country, and at definitely larger venue than the last one.

Melancholic music of this very specific group avoid traditional rock arranges and find inspiration in traditional sorrowful ballads of Island, and also by seductive magic of sorrowful north moods.

Music of Sigur Rós speaks about passing nature of the life on Island, of its countryside. They are able to get mighty as a storm, to sound uncannily but also to heal, like fresh snow put on wounds.

During their 15 years of existence, they haven’t considered playing other than ‘weird’ music, so ungraspable, far from commerce.

Tickets 690 – 990 czk, Ticketpro, Ticketportal. Venue: HC Sparta Prague


Dvorakova Praha - Classical Music Festival

Pleasure to (not only!) classical music lovers brings the Dvorakova Praha festlival. The theme of the festival which begins on 16th August is to bring back the memory of the most played czech composer, Antonin Dvorak. The second theme behind the idea is to bring to Prague world artists, who bring to play Dvorak’s pieces.

The international display Dvorakova Praha starts in Prague Rudolfinum 16th August and continues until 4th September. Festival intendant is Vladimir Darjanin. In three weeks the organizers want to make 15 concerts, from that nine orchestral ones, three chamber and three recitals – lyric, violin and piano.

The programme offers pieces of Antonin Dvorak in wider scale, but also favorite pieces of e.g. Felix Mendelssohn-Bartoldy, Dimirtij Sostakovicz, Petr Iljic Cajkovski, Leos Janacek and also W.A. Mozart. The opening concert will be taken care of by Czech Philharmonic, which will, under the baton of Austria-Romanian conductor Ion Martin, play Dvoraks’ From the New World.


Summer of Love Dance Music festival

Famous open air electronic music festival Summer of Love draws nearer. What is it like? The twelfth year of the most popular one-day dance festival promises 6 stages, over 80 performers, world stars and famous headliners, as well as new talented personalities.

The main stage offers a wide variety of styles, at least three world headliners, supported by a number of many other quality names. The first public name from the main stage is the legendary tryo Stereo MCs, fresh Berlin sound M.A.N.D.Y. or Apparata or the morning set with a sunrise and DJ Ed Rush.

After a great success of the trance stage, the focus of organizers lies heavily on it; the progressive-trance stage is called United Music DJ stage and it is managed together with United Music. The stage is specially equipped with visuals and lights.

Inseparable, Drum’n‘bass stage is be present under the name Take Control stage, with strong sound and various other improvements. Again, it was designed with help of Sukim and IM Cyber, two of the top Czech DnB scene. The headliners aare Teebee & Calyx in back2back set.

Techno stage introduces many actual techno names, the organizers stick o the tradition and so there is still the favoured hardstyle as well.

16.08.2008 The Pardubice Racecourse, Czech Republic
tickets: TICKETPRO – – – SUMMER OF LOVE 2008 ‘Closer To Your Heart’ – Open air electronic music festival.


Masarykovo nadrazi – 19th century railway station in Prague planned changes

Prague doesn’t consider Masarykovo nadrazi as a railway station anymore, instead, the representatives would like to see a new residential city centre there. They have agreed on a new ground plan, which counts with the track removal and replacement with residential quarters. The final word is going to come in September.

The representative Langmajer prefers flats prior to dead zones with administrative zones. Of course, the old 19th century industrial complex of Masarykovo nadrazi station will remain on its place, it is not only a beautiful, but also protected building.

Masarykovo nadrazi is not going to serve for trains anymore. All the trains are, according to Langmajer, going co continue to the Main train station Hlavni nadrazi, which is being renewed right now. The main reason is, Masarykovo nadrazi is a spur track, the locomotives have to swap before leaving the station. The building will probably become an Industrial Revolution museum.


The Museum which Smells of Coffee

A short look into the world of coffee, people around it and coffee loungers brings an exhibition in Prague City Museum Na Porici. One of its wards have changed into a First Republic café. Tables, chairs and a piano, correspondingly dressed-up waiters and a glass of water on a silver tray. Everything as it should be.

This exhibition so offers a bonus – the customers not only see the exhibits, they can also touch, feel, and drink the exhibits, which sound far more enjoyable. The second part of the exhibition, the ‘traditional one’ consist of reminder of disappeared Prague cafés of the First Republic.

Yet there is a third part – it documents the way of coffee from plantations to its consumer. The exhibition has been quite successful, gaining positive critiques, so you shouldn’t miss it. It last until the end of August 2008.


Czech Republic Currency – Goodbye Haler

When I was 7 years old in 1989, the price of one roll was 20 halers. Times have changed, we don’t even use 20 haler coins anymore, only 50 halers, and one roll costs 2 czk and 50 halers. At the time when petty Euro cents are doubted if necessary, Czech representatives see it clearly – halers do not undertake the function of a payment means anymore, and so, they are going to the history.

The end of halers is going to be a historical event – halers have been with us for 116 years, as the first one was stamped in 1892, during the region of Franz Josef. How are we gong to do without? The prices are still going to be stated with halers, but the final payment will be half adjusted. For some time. Surely, in the near future, the prices will be increased once again, so prices rising could continue freely.

The day when halers move into history is 1st September 2008.

The card of Prague citizen makes another step

The Universal card of a Prague citizen called Opencard finds more users every day. Up to now, the card could have been used as a library card in 33 Prague City libraries, and as a pay card for parking in Prague. The Card of Prague citizen expands its functions; since now, it works as a prepaid coupon for Prague Public Transport, too.

The card is gained for free – it is only necessary to come for it the Adria palace in Jungman street. When someone wants to buy a year coupon for public transport, using the Prague citizen’s card makes it 475 czk cheaper.

This august, the Prague citizen card can be used as a public transport pass, it is possible to use it as a payment device for parking machines, in the next year, maybe as a mean of paying. The idea is that one day, it should work as a regular credit card, but there is still a long way to go.


Neo-nazis prepare the biggest action in Czech history

Judging from what we have seen in the Czech Republic so far, we have a lot of Neo-nazi here, with increasing budgets and improved organization. They managed to turn a peaceful gay-pride parade into a street fight, they also got their behinds kicked when they tried to celebrate the Crystal night pogrom in Prague, and they still want more.

an idiot Lidove Noviny informed that Czech Neo-nazis plan ‘the biggest event in Czech history’ on 16th August 2008. The event, called by the right-wing radicals ‘Freedom day’ should be bigger than first-may communist celebrations. The meeting place is not yet known, however it should be somewhere in eastern Bohemia.

The organizers state, there are going to be neo-nazi music groups Before War and Syndicate, women nationalist organization Resistance Women Unity and other connected to the extreme right.

Growing Interest in Industrial Sights – Prague builds modern Industrial Museums

Masarykovo Nadrazi in Prague is being repaired, and the train depo from 19th century is being turned into a Railway museum. It is another confirmation of the new trend: interest in historic industrial, factories, railway stations, manufactures and service stations. The raw remains of human work since the industrial revolution up to recent past are in focus of the conservationists, who try to open it up to as many people as possible. In Prague itself, there are two famous industrial buildings – Vodarenske museum (The Water-House Museum) in Podoli or Cistirna vod (Water Cleaning facility) in Bubenec.

There are going to be for example valuable steam locomotives, the oldest diesel and electrical locomotives or so called saloon-caches. One of these was used by e.g. Edvard Benes or Franz Ferdinand. “We want an interactive project, where the visitors could test out the individual trains in business.” The museum director explains. The Masarykovo nadrazi museum is to be opened in 2014.


Addition at Prague Zoo - Malayan Tiger

On Friday 1st August, the new addition to the family of animals at Prague Zoo arrived. It is a two years old male Malayan Tiger from Borneo. His name is Kawi, coming from zoo Lok Kawi; he was chosen by Prague Zoo experts in person. Kawi arrived to Frankfurt by Singapore Airlines, there he was received by Prague Zoo employees.

The Zoo, which Forbes Magazine evaluated as the 7th best in the world improves all the time. The last famous additions are Gavials, for whom they opened a new pavilion. Out of India, only ten zoos in four countries have them. The Prague group of three males and four females is one of the biggest.

And now, you can enjoy a really sweet video of a tiger in Prague Zoo. They are typical cats – just chilling out lazing around!


Petr Cech – Goalkeeper Gains Royal Salary of 90 000 £ Weekly

The Czech Goalkeeper Petr Cech came to London Chelsea in the summer of 2004 from French Rennes. If he sticks to the present contract, he is going to play for Chelsea for nine years.

Czech stated on his webpage that prolonging of his contract is a great honour and also an appreciation of his work for Chelsea so far. He continues that Chelsea was close to his heart from the beginning, because of “my team-mates, people, who work in the club, and of course great fans” Czech explains, why he didn’t hesitate with signing the contract.

Great pleasure from prolonging the contract was on the side of Chelsea trainer as well. He also stated for BBC that Petr Cech is the best goalkeeper in the world. 90 000 £ weekly for the Czech football representative with the contract until 2010 seals he is going to stay at Chelsea.


Alfons Mucha and Art Nouveau Exhibition

Pictures, paintings, theatre or advertisement leaflets of Czech Art Nouveau artists are now being shown to all those who love this light and airy art in the Bethlehem Chapel Gallery in the centre of our metropolis.

The exhibition called Ceska Secese is opened daily from 10 to 18, until 19th September 2008.

Beside the art-pieces of Czech artists, such as Frantisek Kupka, Ludvik Kuba or Max Svabinsky, who were granted the most space of the exhibition, the biggest space traditionally belongs to the Art Nouveau master Alfons Mucha.


Iron Maiden in Prague

Iron Maiden have confirmed the summer term of their concert, taking place on the football stadium Slavia Praha in Prague Eden. The legendary group introduces themselves at the massive open-air concert.

They come within their ‘Somewhere back in time – World tour 08’. During their concerts, Iron Maiden let us look into music history, focusing on the 80’s, by the stage design which ties together their famous Egypt production from 1984-85, with the „Powerslave tour“ from 1986-87, so it should be really something.

Steve Harris says:”We have friends in Prague and we come here as often as possible. This visit will be a little different, though, we are going to play on a football stadium, where will be a different atmosphere. I remember our last show in Prague in 2005 – reactions of the fans were incredible.”

Tickets: 1.495 – 695,- czk at Ticketpro
Venue: Eden – Slavia Stadium
When: Fr 8th August 2008 19:00


Czech EU Chairmanship comes nearer

The Congress centre in Prague is to become a sturdy fortress for half a year. The top European politics are going to sit there, as the Czech Republic is the EU Chairman of 2009.

The way around Palac Kultury/Congress centre will be partially limited; there will be a distinguished security line for VIPs close to the Congress Centre, and there will be special police units simply everywhere.

Limousines of the politicians are going to be parked under the building, so probably there will be some limitations of the parking places for the others as well.

There were bigger events, like IMF meeting, however this one is undoubtedly the longest one. Total length of Czech EU Chairmanship with preparations of about 8 months will definitely be the longest one and certainly a very expensive event, but the managers of the Congress centre claim it is worth it for them – at least people will know about the building.


Another Prague Ferry Finally Put on Vltava

ferry in prague Another ferries start to go to and fro Vltava river in Prague. After long waiting and planning, two new routes were finally put into service. They are called Privoz P4 and Privoz P5 and they should make travelling in Prague faster. Those who simply want to get from one bank to another don’t have to change trains, ferry going from Jiraskovo namesti to Cisarska louka makes it in 15 minutes the second one goes from Smetanovo nabrezi to Detsky ostrov, and it takes no more than 5 minutes.

These two new lines open now, and are opened until 31st October. Capacity at the first ship is about 50 people, on the second one it is 20, as it goes more often.

The other ferries go from Sedlce to Zamky, together with the one from Podbaba to Podhori go on historically proven routes from the past centuries, the other goes to the sport and relax center Zlute Lazne from Lihovar.


Prices of Everything in CR getting Higher than the Western World Average

Do you remember the times, when tourists came to Prague, spending only half of their budget, laughing; “Everything is soo cheap in Prague!” well, that times are gone. Now, it would be “You pay how much for that?! Well, that IS expensive.” Pricing of everything with combination of weakening dollar and Czech crown strengthening makes shopping more expensive for foreigners, at the same time, very low average salaries and pricing makes shopping expensive for Czechs as well.

When we found out, Skoda cars that are made in the Czech Republic are more expensive inland than abroad, it was clear there is something rotten. But it is not the only case – even the famous Czech beer is cheaper in Germany than in the Czech Republic, the biggest difference is in the area of foods. Things as butter are more expensive here than the rest of Europe by far. The famous Big Mac index demonstrates that meanwhile the burger is slightly more expensive here, an average USA worker at Mac Donald’s gets three time more money in salaries.


Spitted-out chews have cost 200.000 czk already

Since the 1st July, when the new public notice came into function, people can be fined for feeding the pigeons, peeing on the public or throwing away litters on the streets. The police officers have been trying to settle 1331 breaching of the regulation. The police have collected 193.700 czk so far.

Over 80 cases haven’t been solved yet, so there will be some court finishing, where they can get up to 30 000 czk fine. However, the effectivity of this law have been criticized: Frantiska Hodana from Prague Services have said for LN: “The anti-mess law have not brought any visible change… what have proved to be effective is the no-public-drinking law, which have forced the homeless out from some places, and so stopped its polluting.”


The Skatalites at O2 Sazava Fest

Another group making their appearance on Sazava Fest is The Skatalites. The music group from Jamaica, that defined the original sound of ska and accompanied all the important Jamaican artists including Bob Marley, returns to the Czech Republic gain. Even when there are in the present formation only two original members present, they can still create unique atmosphere.

Consisting of some of the best musicians in Jamaica, they played together initially between 1963 and 1965 but recorded many of their best known songs in the period including “Guns of Navarone” as well as playing on records by Prince Buster and many other Jamaican artists who recorded during the period. They reformed in 1986 and have played together ever since.

Place: Sazava Fest
When: Saturady 2nd August 2008
Festival Tickets: 550.- czk for one day


Gas Lamps to return to Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is now undergoing a long-term reconstruction, which helps it from the damage that was made by the communist reconstruction. Such an important bridge must have everything special, the sand-stone bricks are being delivered from a special quarry opened only because of Charles Bridge needs.

The same way as the Royal Route is being partially illuminated by gas lamps, the Charles Bridge will get his original historic lights again, after more than 100 years. The first phase of reconstruction is supposed to end in 2010, right now, the light is electric at the time the bridge should be illuminated by the white gas light, making it more romantic, historic, and enjoyable.

Use of gas lamps is logical, as the Royal Route goes from the Old Town Square to the Prague Castle, of course passing of Charles Bridge is a part of it.


Roni Size & Mc Dynamite at Sazava Fest on Saturday

Roni Size This famous DJ with his Mc, with whom they are undoubtedly going to perform the smashing hit Brown Paper Bag arrives to the Czech Republic again.

Roni Size is a British music producer and DJ who came to prominence in 1997 as the founder and leader of Reprazent, a drum and bass collective. That year they won the Mercury Prize for their album New Forms.

Dynamite MC is an MC from Gloucester, England. He originally gained prominence in jungle/drum and bass, working with Roni Size and Reprazent, but has also released hip hop material.

Much of the acclaim centred around Size’s melding of the new with the old – the propulsive jungle beats accompanied by live drums and double bass. The band – Williams (compositions/programming), DJ Krust, Onallee (vocals), Dynamite MC and rapper Bahamadia (a former protégé of Gang Starr) – came together on Bristol’s highly fertile and disparate club scene. As a result, Reprazent drum ‘n’ bass is equally informed by hip-hop, funk, soul and house.

Sazava fest, this weekend in Kacov, their concert takes place on Saturday evening. For Information about Sazava Fest continue here


Prague Famous Nudist Beaches

There are thousands of Prague citizens, who prefer nature style of tanning. During such a nice weather season, you can find about four hundreds of them at Hostivar, another five or six hundred are in Lhota u Stare Boleslavi and also at the Koupaliste Dzban there is about two hundred.

The nudist centre, connected to Naturism motion in the Czech Republic, is at Hostivar. There, the visitors have two kiosks with refreshments, a boat house, bowl, bathroom and showers. Sometimes, they organize nudist parties.

Also, if you just want to sunbathe without the upper part of your bikini, you can still go there, they tolerate if you want to leave something on you. Naturists are people regardful of the nature, so the beaches are always cleaner than those where people bathe in swimsuits.

Summer celebration of old music - Alla Polacca

At the beginning of August the Summer Refectory of the Strahov Monastery, including ceiling frescoes where all the nations roister at a heavenly feast, begin to dance alla Polacca. The Wrocławska Orkiestra Barokowa with conductor Jarosław Thiel will arrive there to perform baroque compositions, in which the Polish soul slumbers: Telemann’s Concertos, arias from Hasse’s opera Zenobia and Vivaldi’s Concert for a Prince of Poland.

Letni slavnosti stare hudby – Alla Polacca
Polish folklore in the instrumental works of G. Ph. Telemann
Wrocławska Orkiestra Barokowa (Poland)
Jarosław Thiel – artistic director
Friday, August 8, 2008 at 8.00 p.m.
Summer Refectory of the Strahov Monastery, Strahovské nádvori 1, Prague 1