Compact archive August 4, 2008

Iron Maiden in Prague

Iron Maiden have confirmed the summer term of their concert, taking place on the football stadium Slavia Praha in Prague Eden. The legendary group introduces themselves at the massive open-air concert.

They come within their ‘Somewhere back in time – World tour 08’. During their concerts, Iron Maiden let us look into music history, focusing on the 80’s, by the stage design which ties together their famous Egypt production from 1984-85, with the „Powerslave tour“ from 1986-87, so it should be really something.

Steve Harris says:”We have friends in Prague and we come here as often as possible. This visit will be a little different, though, we are going to play on a football stadium, where will be a different atmosphere. I remember our last show in Prague in 2005 – reactions of the fans were incredible.”

Tickets: 1.495 – 695,- czk at Ticketpro
Venue: Eden – Slavia Stadium
When: Fr 8th August 2008 19:00


Czech EU Chairmanship comes nearer

The Congress centre in Prague is to become a sturdy fortress for half a year. The top European politics are going to sit there, as the Czech Republic is the EU Chairman of 2009.

The way around Palac Kultury/Congress centre will be partially limited; there will be a distinguished security line for VIPs close to the Congress Centre, and there will be special police units simply everywhere.

Limousines of the politicians are going to be parked under the building, so probably there will be some limitations of the parking places for the others as well.

There were bigger events, like IMF meeting, however this one is undoubtedly the longest one. Total length of Czech EU Chairmanship with preparations of about 8 months will definitely be the longest one and certainly a very expensive event, but the managers of the Congress centre claim it is worth it for them – at least people will know about the building.


Another Prague Ferry Finally Put on Vltava

ferry in prague Another ferries start to go to and fro Vltava river in Prague. After long waiting and planning, two new routes were finally put into service. They are called Privoz P4 and Privoz P5 and they should make travelling in Prague faster. Those who simply want to get from one bank to another don’t have to change trains, ferry going from Jiraskovo namesti to Cisarska louka makes it in 15 minutes the second one goes from Smetanovo nabrezi to Detsky ostrov, and it takes no more than 5 minutes.

These two new lines open now, and are opened until 31st October. Capacity at the first ship is about 50 people, on the second one it is 20, as it goes more often.

The other ferries go from Sedlce to Zamky, together with the one from Podbaba to Podhori go on historically proven routes from the past centuries, the other goes to the sport and relax center Zlute Lazne from Lihovar.


Prices of Everything in CR getting Higher than the Western World Average

Do you remember the times, when tourists came to Prague, spending only half of their budget, laughing; “Everything is soo cheap in Prague!” well, that times are gone. Now, it would be “You pay how much for that?! Well, that IS expensive.” Pricing of everything with combination of weakening dollar and Czech crown strengthening makes shopping more expensive for foreigners, at the same time, very low average salaries and pricing makes shopping expensive for Czechs as well.

When we found out, Skoda cars that are made in the Czech Republic are more expensive inland than abroad, it was clear there is something rotten. But it is not the only case – even the famous Czech beer is cheaper in Germany than in the Czech Republic, the biggest difference is in the area of foods. Things as butter are more expensive here than the rest of Europe by far. The famous Big Mac index demonstrates that meanwhile the burger is slightly more expensive here, an average USA worker at Mac Donald’s gets three time more money in salaries.


Spitted-out chews have cost 200.000 czk already

Since the 1st July, when the new public notice came into function, people can be fined for feeding the pigeons, peeing on the public or throwing away litters on the streets. The police officers have been trying to settle 1331 breaching of the regulation. The police have collected 193.700 czk so far.

Over 80 cases haven’t been solved yet, so there will be some court finishing, where they can get up to 30 000 czk fine. However, the effectivity of this law have been criticized: Frantiska Hodana from Prague Services have said for LN: “The anti-mess law have not brought any visible change… what have proved to be effective is the no-public-drinking law, which have forced the homeless out from some places, and so stopped its polluting.”