Compact archive August 6, 2008

Summer of Love Dance Music festival

Famous open air electronic music festival Summer of Love draws nearer. What is it like? The twelfth year of the most popular one-day dance festival promises 6 stages, over 80 performers, world stars and famous headliners, as well as new talented personalities.

The main stage offers a wide variety of styles, at least three world headliners, supported by a number of many other quality names. The first public name from the main stage is the legendary tryo Stereo MCs, fresh Berlin sound M.A.N.D.Y. or Apparata or the morning set with a sunrise and DJ Ed Rush.

After a great success of the trance stage, the focus of organizers lies heavily on it; the progressive-trance stage is called United Music DJ stage and it is managed together with United Music. The stage is specially equipped with visuals and lights.

Inseparable, Drum’n‘bass stage is be present under the name Take Control stage, with strong sound and various other improvements. Again, it was designed with help of Sukim and IM Cyber, two of the top Czech DnB scene. The headliners aare Teebee & Calyx in back2back set.

Techno stage introduces many actual techno names, the organizers stick o the tradition and so there is still the favoured hardstyle as well.

16.08.2008 The Pardubice Racecourse, Czech Republic
tickets: TICKETPRO – – – SUMMER OF LOVE 2008 ‘Closer To Your Heart’ – Open air electronic music festival.


Masarykovo nadrazi – 19th century railway station in Prague planned changes

Prague doesn’t consider Masarykovo nadrazi as a railway station anymore, instead, the representatives would like to see a new residential city centre there. They have agreed on a new ground plan, which counts with the track removal and replacement with residential quarters. The final word is going to come in September.

The representative Langmajer prefers flats prior to dead zones with administrative zones. Of course, the old 19th century industrial complex of Masarykovo nadrazi station will remain on its place, it is not only a beautiful, but also protected building.

Masarykovo nadrazi is not going to serve for trains anymore. All the trains are, according to Langmajer, going co continue to the Main train station Hlavni nadrazi, which is being renewed right now. The main reason is, Masarykovo nadrazi is a spur track, the locomotives have to swap before leaving the station. The building will probably become an Industrial Revolution museum.


The Museum which Smells of Coffee

A short look into the world of coffee, people around it and coffee loungers brings an exhibition in Prague City Museum Na Porici. One of its wards have changed into a First Republic café. Tables, chairs and a piano, correspondingly dressed-up waiters and a glass of water on a silver tray. Everything as it should be.

This exhibition so offers a bonus – the customers not only see the exhibits, they can also touch, feel, and drink the exhibits, which sound far more enjoyable. The second part of the exhibition, the ‘traditional one’ consist of reminder of disappeared Prague cafés of the First Republic.

Yet there is a third part – it documents the way of coffee from plantations to its consumer. The exhibition has been quite successful, gaining positive critiques, so you shouldn’t miss it. It last until the end of August 2008.


Czech Republic Currency – Goodbye Haler

When I was 7 years old in 1989, the price of one roll was 20 halers. Times have changed, we don’t even use 20 haler coins anymore, only 50 halers, and one roll costs 2 czk and 50 halers. At the time when petty Euro cents are doubted if necessary, Czech representatives see it clearly – halers do not undertake the function of a payment means anymore, and so, they are going to the history.

The end of halers is going to be a historical event – halers have been with us for 116 years, as the first one was stamped in 1892, during the region of Franz Josef. How are we gong to do without? The prices are still going to be stated with halers, but the final payment will be half adjusted. For some time. Surely, in the near future, the prices will be increased once again, so prices rising could continue freely.

The day when halers move into history is 1st September 2008.

The card of Prague citizen makes another step

The Universal card of a Prague citizen called Opencard finds more users every day. Up to now, the card could have been used as a library card in 33 Prague City libraries, and as a pay card for parking in Prague. The Card of Prague citizen expands its functions; since now, it works as a prepaid coupon for Prague Public Transport, too.

The card is gained for free – it is only necessary to come for it the Adria palace in Jungman street. When someone wants to buy a year coupon for public transport, using the Prague citizen’s card makes it 475 czk cheaper.

This august, the Prague citizen card can be used as a public transport pass, it is possible to use it as a payment device for parking machines, in the next year, maybe as a mean of paying. The idea is that one day, it should work as a regular credit card, but there is still a long way to go.