Compact archive August 7, 2008

Amnesty International to Topolanek: Talk about human rights in China

Mirek Topolanek, the Czech PM is going to fly to China on Wednesday. He has’t commented on it yet, as he is on vacation, but he probably will – Amnesty International Organization have appealed to him to talk about human rights conditions and freedom of speech in China. The AI has also delivered him the petition, signed by more than 9000, demanding freedom of speech in China.

Topolanek is supposed to fly to Peking on next Wednesday, as he doesn’t want to participate on the ceremonial opening. He is going to stay for about three days. That he changed his mind and goes to the Olympics was announced in the half of July, he decided to go after all on behalf of the Czech Olympic committee, he refused the China invitation.

China embassy already hates him, because he had a little Tibetan flag on his suit when announcing his visit to Peking. The AI deputy Dasa van der Horst commented: “We have watched Topolanek criticizing May China intervention in Tibet with delight. But in order his words would matter, they must be pronounced in China, out loud.”


Prague Celtic History remains Route

At the South periphery of Prague is a territory, which could have been, instead of the Prague Castle, the centre of our capital city, and so, of the Czech country. At both the banks of Breznansky potok there once was an extensive Celtic oppidum, which is introduced to you by the educational footpath.

The fortified Celtic settlements, known as oppidums, were extensive centres of business, territory management and spiritual sphere, something like capital city of the whole tribal territory. Oppidum among Tocna and Dolejsi Breznany originates in sixth century BC. And it was placed on who hills above the Vrezanske udoli. The southern part, located outside the capital city border is called Zaviost, the northern one, the one in Prague, is called Sance. Both parts were connected by a continuous line of fortifications long cca nine kilometres and the total area of the oppidum is 170 hectares. Continue reading

1968 Invasion Open-Air Exhibition

Josef Koudelka's famous image of Prague's Wenceslas Square, nearly empty at noon on August 21, 1968, during the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia. On 21st August, it is going to be 40 years, since the military forces of the Warsaw pact army invaded Czechoslovakia, and so violently ending the Prague Spring 68. The occupants have killed 106 people, 276 were seriously injured, 422 lightly injured. But there are no figures stating what the invasion did to the nation’s spirit and mind.

Because we should remember, how valuable freedom is, how important is to be able to talk about whatever one wants, how priceless is freedom, we can travel, study, do a job that fulfills us, we are going to bring back the memory of those hard august days exactly forty years ago.

On the Wenceslas Square and its surroundings, there is going to be an authentic impression of the past wars. With assistance of National Museum, a kind of open-air exhibition is going to take place, changing the places of hardest battles into their appearance of 1968.

Maybe, this whole event contribute to not forgetting our history, possibly leading to not repeating it.


Sigur Rós in Prague

Sigur Rós, with Björk the most renown island musicians, are going to perform in Prague HC Sparta stadium on 19th August. It is their second concert in the country, and at definitely larger venue than the last one.

Melancholic music of this very specific group avoid traditional rock arranges and find inspiration in traditional sorrowful ballads of Island, and also by seductive magic of sorrowful north moods.

Music of Sigur Rós speaks about passing nature of the life on Island, of its countryside. They are able to get mighty as a storm, to sound uncannily but also to heal, like fresh snow put on wounds.

During their 15 years of existence, they haven’t considered playing other than ‘weird’ music, so ungraspable, far from commerce.

Tickets 690 – 990 czk, Ticketpro, Ticketportal. Venue: HC Sparta Prague


Dvorakova Praha - Classical Music Festival

Pleasure to (not only!) classical music lovers brings the Dvorakova Praha festlival. The theme of the festival which begins on 16th August is to bring back the memory of the most played czech composer, Antonin Dvorak. The second theme behind the idea is to bring to Prague world artists, who bring to play Dvorak’s pieces.

The international display Dvorakova Praha starts in Prague Rudolfinum 16th August and continues until 4th September. Festival intendant is Vladimir Darjanin. In three weeks the organizers want to make 15 concerts, from that nine orchestral ones, three chamber and three recitals – lyric, violin and piano.

The programme offers pieces of Antonin Dvorak in wider scale, but also favorite pieces of e.g. Felix Mendelssohn-Bartoldy, Dimirtij Sostakovicz, Petr Iljic Cajkovski, Leos Janacek and also W.A. Mozart. The opening concert will be taken care of by Czech Philharmonic, which will, under the baton of Austria-Romanian conductor Ion Martin, play Dvoraks’ From the New World.