Compact archive August 12, 2008

Blob dispute continues

The institution of the Czech National Library needs a new building. Now the library is placed in the old historical building of Klementinum, but this space is not suitable anymore. There is not enough room for all the books. To solve this problem, they held a competition, searching for the best design of the new library building, which should be placed in Letna area, in Prague 7. As the winner was announced an architect Jan Kaplicky with his Future Systems studio. Kaplicky, a Czech, who lives and works in London, won with his extravagant and for someones quite shocking project – a building of organic shape, in combination of green and purple colours, which became known as “Blob“. Some people really liked it, other ones did not, some ones liked the idea of the extravagant building but did not want it to be placed on such beautiful and important place in Letna, which may partly destroy a beautiful panorama of old Prague… so the never ending story about the National Library building started. Continue Reading


Prague Underground 'Metro' Celebrates 30th Birthday

Hradcanska, 1978. Photo DP archive The first Metro train took in passengers exactly 30 years ago, from Dejvicka station to the centre. At that time, it was the deepest road that went under Vltava River. The tunnel among Staromestska and Malostranstranska stations is 87,2 metres deep, at the line there is also the deepest located station of Prague Metro – Namesti Miru, 52 metres. Even when we have all the new stations nowadays, this ‘Green line A’ is still in function and nowadays Prague wouldn’t do without it.

During the construction was used Soviet technique. It was one of the real Czechoslovak-Soviet constructions of friendship, because teams of both countries worked together.

When tunnels were blazed, constructors found many archaeological surprises. The station Mustek, located on Wenceslas Square, means ‘bridge’ in English, and indeed, hidden underground there was hundreds years old stone bridge, bringing the proof there was an important medieval route.


Czech Porn King Rosenberg was Released on Probation

rosenberg The ubermale, who supports mainly the Czech Republic and the United States with fresh material, got into problems with the law last year, when their cleaning girl made a complaint she was forced into porn against her will. Anyone who hears this and knows, how many movies Rosenberg has made must see that it is a nonsense – when he is the biggest producer, he probably didn’t get to it by forcing some unknown girls into action, but by paying professional actresses. But, as the world goes round, the folks are always divided into two groups – the one who watch porn and openly approve, the second who watch porn and openly disapprove. The latter was very glad to finally ‘get the pervert’.

Luckily for Rosenberg, his wife Zaneta and their little son, the family was found guilty only from cocaine possession and distribution – Rosenberg got one year probation. Again, cocaine may be illegal, but if it wasn’t for it, I can’t imagine any good movie, porn or else, to be put together. Cocaine and film industry belong together. Next time, you will see a film with some great Czech girls, you may be watching Rosenberg’s production; the one he had to fight for a year to keep.


This Saturday is day of Czech Neo-Nazis, German Neo-nazis on increase again

If we look back to May of this year, I bet some remember the civic disorder in Hamburg, where about six thousand people went to the streets to protest against the proceeding march of about 1500 neo-nazis form NPD. About sixty people were injured, together with twenty policemen.

There may be the possibility that there is something similar going to take place this Saturday. Lidove Noviny informed that Czech Neo-nazis plan ‘the biggest event in Czech history’ on 16th August 2008. The event, called by the right-wing radicals ‘Freedom day’ should be bigger than first-may communist celebrations. The meeting place is not yet known, however it should be somewhere in eastern Bohemia.

The Neo-nazis were quite overpowered at their last march, however thanks to it they gained publicity they dreamed of and quite possibly a lot of new followers. this weekend is very probably going to be a violent one.


Prague prepares for its first festival of graffiti and street art

Graffiti is a form of street art, it appeared 30 years ago; later, stickers and stencils came to carry on the legacy, still – graffiti is the most wide-spread street art form.

Names Fest focuses on legality, graffiti is going to be presented as a form of creative art, not from the side of an adrenaline sport. A few legally rented walls are waiting to introduce Czech and foreign authors and their art.

There are going to be presentations of famous international art pieces and cult movies. The artists, who left an imprint on walls of many cities are welcomed to introduce themselves.

Names Fest takes place since 26th August to 6th September in Trafacka gallery and around the famous movie theatre Aero. The festival culminates by the contest of the best artpiece, and continues by an exhibition in Trafacka until the end of October.

A bonus of this exhibition is an auction of graffiti created on canvas.