Compact archive August 18, 2008

Slayer + Mastodon + Trivium + Amon Amarth concert in Prague

Slayer (usa) Trivium (usa) Mastodon (usa) Amon Amarth (swe) in one big concert in the Sport hall in Prague. Do not spend the public holiday otherwise, than by making the day the Metal holiday! The king, Slayer, which has became the synonymous for thrash metal in its pure form, arrives. The group, which by releasing Show no Mercy in 1983 moved the borders of ordinary perception of ‘extreme’ in metal music.

The Prague concert takes place within the ‘Unholy alliance Tour, Chapter III’ which rolls through Europe at the beginning of November, and it is the most eastern performance of the group, so high participation of fans from Slovakia and Poland are expected. Meanwhile Slayer still prepare their new record and so you can expect mainly old hits, the tryo of support groups announced to play songs of their new albums.

Date : Mon 17th November 2008 public holiday, start: 17:00, Venue: Incheba Arena (Mala sportovní hala), Praha Holesovice
Tickets: Ticketportal


Neo-nazi March in Hradec Kralove of this Saturday

About 300 people came to participate on the Delnicka Strana meeting (Worker’s party) in Hradec Kralove. Even when the rally got prohibited eventually, despite heavy rain, they arrived to demonstrate the right-wing extremism is experiencing increase in popularity.

The right-wing extremists originally wanted to meet in a summer cinema to hear a concert of extreme bands such as Brutal Attacks, the town hall, however, withdrew from the lease contract on Friday. The members of the motion decided to simply gather in the city.

In its programme, the DS proposes the abolition of all support to immigrants and a ban on homosexual marriages. It also wants to introduce the determination of the nationality of inhabitants and its confirmation in the birth certificate and ID. It demands that the Czech Republic withdraw from NATO and the EU.

In the end, they only got ridiculous 5 000 czk fine for unlawful assembly, and free publicity. It is clear we need some new law controlling radicals, because in the context when you can get up to 30 000 czk fine for spitting out a chewing gum in Prague is a five thousand fine for an uncharted neo-nazi meeting a joke.


Prague Ruzyne Airport Grows Bigger

The new landing runway should help the overwhelmed Prague Ruzyne Airport to better manage increasing number of flights. During the rush hour, there is up to 44 machines touching down, in two years it is estimated at 48.

If an airplane misses its start, it often has to wait up to two hours, before it gets a possibility to take off. Ruzyne is among 30 the biggest airports in Europe. Every year brings increase in numbers of passengers, in 2007, more than 12 millions of passengers were checked out.

Apart from increasing the capacity, security should be increased as well, as the subsidiary track, heading to populated area should no longer be used. Also, thanks to faster dispatching, the planes aren’t going to wait long during the rush hours, so emissions will be lowered. If there will be no complications, the runway will be ready in 2014.

Czech Tourism on Slight Decrease

Server brought information about decrease in tourist traffic, even when it is a slight one, it is the probable direction, due to very high prizes of everything in the Czech Republic. The number of overnight stays reached 9.7 million, which is 3.6 percent less than one year ago. Only three- and four-star hotels had more customers, which only points to the already mentioned – the Czech Republic became a country for rich tourists.

These data were provided by the Czech Statistical Office. Of course, the part which attracts the most tourists is the capital city. Prague had 1.2 million guests is 2.4 percent more than in the same period of the last year. Tourists from the CR represent only 11,1 percent of the Prague hotel guests. The nation which comes the most often is the Germans, but compered to the previous year, their numbers were 10,7 percent lower.

Tram Closure in Prague

Belehradska Street connecting Vinohrady with Nusle does not allow tramways through starting today, the closure continues until 27th August. The reason is the railway bridge over Belehradska street repair. The Bridge connects Hlavni and Smichovske nadrazi. The tramways to which it refers to are the lines 4, 6, 11 and the night tram 56.

The second place, which will have to do solely with buses, is the track among the stations Jindrizska and Lazarska. On the weekend 23 – 24th August the tram traffic will be interrupted due to filming works. Among Jindrizska and Lazarska, the substitute bus line X-3 will go instead.