Compact archive August 28, 2008

Czech Etymologists have to disprove their alleged confession

Court proceedings with two Czech etymologists accused of collecting protected beetles in India continue. Now their lawyers plead especially for proving Petr Svacha and Emil Kucera have never signed confession, they entered protected area with the intention of collecting endangered species for commercial reasons.

They claim that during the time they were arrested they were given about twenty blank papers which they were told to sign. They believed the papers are going to be filled with the list of their possessions. However, the blank lists were filled with their confessions, their advocates state.

Czech ambassador in India Hynek Kmonicek infirms especially the keepers of Singalia park. He for example stated for local newspaper to collect beetles in the Czech Republic is prohibited, which is of course a nonsense, but he backs it he was told it by the Czech Embassy, but Hynek Kmonicek stated they never contacted them.


Legalization of Prostitution in Prague Soon?

The prostitutes would become the entrepreneurs. They would pay taxes, carry a special id, and go for a medical check-up every three months. These are the main points of the public notice the Prague Council agreed on yesterday. Now, the Pavel Bem’s representative Rudof Blazek’s lobby focuses on ministries and regions. The proposal probably goes to the parliament on November.

The capital expects of the law above all reducing numbers of brothels and setting of clear rules for their operation. Blazek explains: “There are about ten fancy houses on Wenceslas Square and its surrounding streets only. The law, however, doesn’t know the term prostitution, so there is hardly any possibility to control or regulate the business.”

There is over sixty brothels and erotic clubs in the capital. Most of them are approved as bars, hotels or massage saloons. Whether or not they will be able to put ‘brothel’ in their name proudly we find this November.