Compact archive September 2008

Czech Army: Spies watch planned Radar indeed

The second journalist source confirmed, foreign secret agents collect information about the planned US base in Brdy. “The military intelligence have, in 2007, noted among others concrete interest in information about the possible construction of the anti-rocket base” has written the Military in their annual report.

They didn’t specified, what is the ‘concrete interest’, but as we know from the annual report of BIS (Czech CIA) those are Russian agents. But, the report is not solely limited on the Radar, we can find out that: “The target of intelligences of various states are to gain secret information about NATO, armed forces of the Czech Republic, new weapon systems or new technologies used in Czech Army.”


Havel gained German prize Point-Alpha

The selected group of statesmen, who got the prize, gained merit in unity of Germany and Europe. It was given over at the German embassy in Prague by the Kuratorium Deutsche Einheit (KDE). According to it, Vaclav Havel has, in an exemplary way, helped peace, freedom, protection of human rights and dignity.

Havel so got another prestigious international prize for peace. Point-Alpha was before awarded e.g. the Russian ex-president Gorbachev, the German ex-chancellor Helmut Kohl and American ex-president Sr. George Bush. They all contributed to the end of the Cold war.

Havel, according to the organizers, belongs to charismatic models and the most convincing activists of the European motions for freedom of the 2nt half of the 20th century. The president of the Kuratorium Christine Lieberknecht stated Havel deserves the award for his “long-term brave and thanks god successful involvement in struggle for peace, freedom and human rights.”


Primal Scream Prague Concert in Roxy

The inscrutable Scots introduce their new album Beautiful Future. The Glasgow music group Primal Scream, known for their changing of rock traditionalism with electronic dance charges, is going to play on Friday since 19:00 at Prague club Roxy. This year’s album Beautiful Future brings some “shiny pop” in the best sense of the word, with strong melodies and sharp sound.

Primal Scream breaktrhrough took place in 1991, when they published their third album Screamadelica. It sounded like the young acid house fused with much older rock, and together they played the best rock riffs in new acid house lays. It appeared, that the antagonist world of rock and DJs can not only coexist, but even inspire each other and blend.

Primal Scream @ Prague Roxy, Dlouha 33, this friday 3rd October 2008. Tickets at Ticketpro.


Prague celebrations in Historical way – mead, lutes

Karel IV. Arrives to Vysehrad – the Kralovodvorske slavnosti (princely court celebrations) end the season of New Town foundation festivities. There will be of course jugglers, conjurors, freelance actors and knights. All these are going to Vysehrad this Saturday.

Since 10 am in the morning, the visitor can watch medieval dances, fencing or troubadour performations. There will even be a medieval ale-house with traditional snacks. The whole action ends by a fireshow in 18:30.

Kralovodvorske slavnosti is one of the events, where we look at our long past from its bright side, and simply have fun. Those are special in that respect few other events have all the age groups having fun together. Families with kids, youth, adults, old fellows. Come have fun to Vysehrad! On 4th October 2008, 10 am – 6:30 pm


Prague Hepatitis A Epidemic getting worse

Hepatitis type A Epidemic in Prague is still getting stronger, there is the most people got sick in nine years. “the situation is not calm, fortunately not critical either” the main health officer Vit calms us down. Numbers of infected should according to him grow until he beginning of November.

The situation is the worst in the lat nine years. Until now, 602 were diagnosed with Hepatitis A. Last week, the number was 374. Among the most infected districts are Prague and middle Bohemia.

In contrast to last years, most of the patients is not among children. The most affected demographic groups are adults among 20-45 years, by reason that the epidemic started among Prague drug addicts, more specifically Russian drug addicts.
Compared to last years, the hepatitis spread quite fast – Prague run out of vaccinations right now, there should be enough next week.


James Blunt in Prague Concert

The British singer and songster James Blunt comes to Prague after two years. The first time he completely sold out the space of Lumbeho Zahrada at Prague Castle, this time he comes for his second concert during his European tour, introducing his second album „All The Lost Souls“ which was published in 2007 and which contains songs such as „1973“, „I Really Want You“, „Same Mistake“ or „Annie“. According to Blunt’s web pages, he cannot wait for his concert here.

James Blunt belongs to the most successful and most popular world performers of the present. He made crowds of keen fans on his concerts, by his songs, charisma and seductive voice. Since his first album was published three years ago, he gained two MTV awards and two Brit Awards.

The singer and guitarist Teddy Thompson is performs before James Blunt on the show in Prague. Thompson’s music style is distinguished by strong melodies based on guitar and excellent singing, spiced by gentle black humor.

James Blunt in Prague @ Arena HC Sparta Praha (Letna), Prague, Czech Republic, tickets at Ticketpro for 1.500 – 740,- czk


Czech Freestyle Footballer goes to World Finals

Freestyle football is a sport combining football, breakdance and acrobacy. There weren’t any official tournaments in the Czech Republic, but that all changed last weekend in Prague Industrial palace. Contestants from the Czech and Slovak Republic have fought for an advance to World championship.

The finals are clear – two semi-finalist stand opposite each other in the circle, and the freestyle battle can start. The players have 20 seconds in turns to show what they can do.

The Czech contestants were mostly below 20 years of age, and the one who ruled the show this time was Jan Klepl. He is going to represent the Czech Republic in Brazilian Sao Paulo, among the top freestyle footballers from 47 countries of the World.

Vaclav Havel defends USA radar in CR

The Czech ex-president defended the project of the US Radar base in the Czech Republic. Reasons? An ally bond of the CR to its allies. Vaclav Havel expressed his stance to the anti-rocket defence during a forum in London. In the British Library, Havel discussed the topic over the English edition of his book Prosim, Strucne – Briefly, Please. The ex-president belongs to the long-term supporters of the base, he also says Czechs should be grateful to the USA.

“We owe to the USA for many things, for the very existence of our state, and when they want something small, once, something by which we cold repay them a little bit, we are reluctant. That is morally and psychologically very unsympathetic.” said Havel.

At the basis of opinion pools, the opposers of radar still outbalance those in favour. Moscow did its part by financing anti-radar motions. Even when the radar negotiations are on a good way, the time works against it – the elections will be soon and the main supporting political party will probably lose this time.


Prague Zoo celebrated by Japanese day

The Zoo in Prague celebrated its 77th birthday in Japanese style. At the same time, the giraffe male Vaclav had his first birthday going on as well. The garden have also introduced plans for more support for the “frogs sound a warning” programme, which should support help for the most endangered species of amphibian.

The celebrations were in Japanese style, initiated by Petr Fejk blowing Japanese flute shakuhachi. Those who came dressed as a a character from a manga movie, or in any other traditional Japanese dress, had free entry. The visitors could try calligraphy, learn origami of animals, or try Japanese tea.

A part of the day belonged to signing of new partner contract with Mercedes-Benz, and exposal of borrowed cars, with also one veteran car of the label.


Schwarzenberg criticized Russia

The Czech Foreign minister Karel Schwarzenberg has criticized Russian actions at Georgia – namely the military invasion. During his speech at the United Nations General Assembly in New York he compared practices of Moscow to manners of colonial powers. At the same time he called for sending an international mission to Georgia.

The world public have, according to Schwarzenberg, witnessed “systematic provocations and finally the military aggression of a powerful country, a member of the United Nations Security Council, towards its small neighbour.” With the aim to split it and to make its parts dependant on Moscow. “empires act this way” minister noted. Source:LN


QUEEN and Paul Rodgers concert comes nearer

The Event devoted fans of the Queen in Prague await with great expectations. The O2 Arena in Prague, Czech Republic, hosts the special music event.

The live concert of Queen takes place on 31th October 2008. If you wish to attend the concert, now is the time to buy the ticket, because QUEEN and Paul Rodgers often fill even bigger stadiums than the O2 Arena.

The Queen and Paul Rodgers collaboration began in late 2004 when Queen were inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame.

Paul Rodgers’ voice is one of rock’s platinum assets and as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter as front man of Free and Bad Company and as a solo artist he has written, produced and recorded some of radios biggest hits.


Czech chairmanship of EU – Circus of Totalitarianism

early communism expansion Circus of Totalitarism is a concept prepared for 10 European cities over the period of Czech EU chairmanship, informing about the past regime. The purpose basically is to inform, what dangers people encounter in totalitarian society, at the same time contrasting with beauty of living in free world.

As a whole, the concept is educational. It aims at showing the generation which couldn’t see working communism, how the life was like.

In addition to Prague the Circus of Totalitarism will also stop in Bratislava, Berlin, Budapest, Brussels, Warsaw, Tallinn, Bucharest, Riga and Stockholm. Circus of Totalitarism will stay in each city for about 14 days.

Circus of Totalitarism is made by several linked mobile constructions, where the visitors will walk through various arts, happenings, creative arts, multimedia spaces with music and film. The cherry on the cake of the whole project is the “Totality Simulator” which enables visitors to know and experience at first hand features of different stages in the life of someone growing up in the countries of the former Eastern block.

Also, in each of the visiting cities, the local artists will have a chance to participate in the project reflecting specific local experience and/or attitudes to totalitarian regimes.

Circus of Totalitarism – a touring conceptual areal – Date: April to October 2009 more info here


Beer of the Year: KOZEL

Vyzkumny ustav pivovarsky a sladarsky – The Research institute of Brewery and Maletry organized the annual competition, where the experts try to find the best Czech bear. In 2008 it was the Kozel Medium, the 11° lager from Velke Popovice Brewery. It won closely ahead of Kozel Premium. The third was Litovel Premium from Hana.

Other beers which succeeded among lagers were Zubr, Holba and Patriot. From dark beers it was Rebel and Janecek. The second time in the history of the competition, also the best non-alcoholic beer was decided, again, the best Czech non-alcoholic beer became Radegast Birell.

The journalists choice of 2008 was Pilsner Urquell, followed by Bernard and Gambrinus. In total, 64 labels competed.


Strings of Autumn – Music festival in Prague comes nearer

Music festival bringing various top musicians of different genres is going to appear this autumn again. This year is going to be the 13th volume.

The festival tearing down the walls between genres, connecting seemingly unconnectable musical worlds, this year comes with a new project called Spotlight, aimed to new stars in the music world. As the first from the hopeful talents to 25 years will be introduced the multi percussionist from Austria Martin Grubinger.

The whole festival, which unites the world of jazz, world music, classical and the so called old music, is going to be opened by the significant Russian sopranist Irina Lungu, who in 2003 debuted on the stages of La Scala. Strings of Autumn Information here.

Concerts selection
9/28 – Irina Lungu
10/11 – Chava Alberstein and guests
10/19 – Julia Fischer
10/21,22 – Lenak Dusilova
11/1 – Les Arts Florissants
11/19 Joel Frederiksen
11/8,10 – Martin Grubinger


The Greens compelled Chinese delegates

The Chinese delegation watched Czech parliament discussions for only a few minutes. The protest against reckless disregard of human rights in Tibet took place directly in front of them. Two important representatives of the Greens walked to them and displayed Tibetan flag. The Chinese have immediately lift and left the parliament. The Chinese ambassador Huo Yuzhen said to had been surprised and disgusted.

The Greens see it different – the parliament agreed on their declaration where they agree to appeal to China to release political and religious prisoners and stopping their persecution. “We have agreed that while in contact with China representatives we are going to allude preservation of human rights and Tibet problematics. We kept up the promise.” the vice-chairman of the Greens Katerina Jacques stated. She held one side of the flag – the opposite side held the education minister Pavel Liska. Quite probably it was the same flag which the Chinese saw last time and they weren’t happy either.


Vanessa Mae plays again for Prague

The popular violinist performs on a charitable concert at O2 arena tonight. The admired but also rejected violinist has concerted a few times in the Czech Republic, but this time it will be the first time she performs on an action, which profits goes to charity.

Tickets for this concert weren’t on sale freely. The organizers Central Group have offered them in exchange for a donation into an endowment fund for children health. Its purpose is to support science in the area of gynaecology and midwifery.

Mae comes from Asia, but grown up in London. “Hard to tell where my home is. I spend a lot of time in London, but I can’t tell I have a home there. I consider myself a musician, who is still on the road.”

Vanessa Mae, Prague Concert in O2 Arena, Tonight from 20:00.


BIS: Russian secret agents led campaign against the US radar

The Czech agency BIS (Czech FBI) found out Russian secret agents aimed to manipulate Czech Politicians and media in order to increase aversion against the US Radar base in the Czech Republic. BIS informed Russian communities have been trying to contact media and politicians in their long-term campaign aiming to destabilise the integrity of the European Union and NATO.

Russian intelligences tried to secretly gain influence in state and political structures, they also tried to get into civil associations. Russian secret agencies have also, according to the BIS 2007 report, actively tried to make an impression, Europe under NATO lead started to rehabilitate Nazism, denying Soviet role in WWII.

On the Czech territory the intelligences also focused on collecting economical information and supporting of Russian financial interests. Source: HN


STB Interrogation Presentation to the EU Chairmanship

How are going the Czechs advertise their chairmanship of the EU? By a controversial art project and bizarre trip to the recent communist past.

The project of various artists, with Cerny in their lines which is going to embellish the main debating building in Brussels. The top-secret project leaks a little, so we know what the setting is; “What is the future of the Earth”. It is said that in their visions, the Netherlands are under the sea, from which, only the tops of mosques peer.

The artist group Spolecnost Opona prepares a project the Circus of Totality, with which the participants are going to go through the whole totalitarian Europe. A part of the drive simulator is going to be Trenazer Toatality (The Totalitarian Simulator), which is a space devoted to totalitarian procedures and tactics.


Czech Journalist have gained prestigious Emmy award

etzler transmitting from mount everest For a journalist, the Emmy award is of a similar significance as Oscar for actors. Now, a first Czech can show off; the TV reporter Tomas Etzler. The co-worker of the CNN and the Czech TV have gained award for contribution of modern technology development.

Etzker is the only Czech who worked for the CNN and as the first person in the world he used a special satellite modem, which enables transmitting from any place on the Earth. And that is also the reason why he got appreciated.

What used to be a fully equipped news van, is now, in Etzler’s case, only one suitcase. He comments the changes: “In a similar way, in which video used to change films in television, today the digital units change video.”

He first used this system in China. For that, he got the appreciation for “contributing to developing new technologies”.


Czech Railways – Tickets in grocery shop

The project is now being tested in Ricany close to Prague. The ticket office is closed, tickets are possible to buy in the local Pont shop. They have the machine Ticket Pont Centrum.

The idea is simple: Are you in a hurry, need to buy a ticket, something to eat and read, and have time to stand in only one queue? The point is that it is good for business, and good for the Czech Railways (CD), because they don’t have to pay a ticket seller.

The CD have found inspiration for the project in Switzerland and Scandinavia. If the Ticket Pont Centrum function will be satisfactory, it may spread and be seen all around the republic, so prepare for it.


Germany going to lend the originals of Munich Agreement

From signing of Munich Agreement in 1938 The idea of the The National Museum in Prague, to bring all the original four papers of Munich agreement to Prague is going to be taken through.

At the basis of the document, which was sign in 1938 by Germany, Italy, France and Great Britain, Czechoslovakia had to resign and give over the area of Sudety.

Czechoslovak representatives weren’t present at the discussion. They were only recommended to accept it. Winston Churchill commented it by saying: “Mr. Chamberlain had a choice between war and dishonor. He chose dishonor. He will get war.” Czechoslovakia lost its political potential and Hitler gained area of border fortresses without fight.

According to information of Cesky Rozhlas the German side agreed to lend the original papers after long negotiations. Andres Peschke, the speaker of the ministry said: “The fact that we decided to borrow the documents to Prague demonstrates, how well the Czech Republic and Germany goes along with each other now.”


Alicia Keys concert in Prague

Alicia Keys – one of the most beautiful and talented women of contemporary music world, the owner of many platine records and 9 Grammy award holder will sing in the Czech Republic for the first time.

Alicia Keys on the tour As I Am introduces her new album of the same name, which was published last year November and a few millions of it have sold worldwide. Of course she keeps the megahits from earlier records, like Fallin´, A Woman´s Worth, Karma and others.

Her concert is undoubtely going to be some experience, as a chance to see such a sexy and talented performer does not come everyday.

Alicia is very acive at charity non-profit organizations, she is among the top persons in show-business, among those who actively seek help for others.

Even in the Czech Republic, Alicia helps osmenoe; by buying a ticket at 14th October in Arena HC Sparta/Tesla Arena Prague way can contribute by 50 czk to Avon help to fight breast cancer account. Tickets: Ticketpro


Topolanek asked to be less offensive by ODS

Hospodarske noviny informed about wild Monday discussion of the ODS, where the party asked their boss Mirek Topolanek to stop in ‘offensive and non-proved attacks’ on the Prague unit.

The group points to Topolanek’s quote, when he claimed Bem is the one who in long-term intricates against him.

Topolanek also said for HN that connection of business with politics is the most notable in the Prague ODS unit. Which is under Bem’s lead.

Disputes among Topolanek and Prague Mayor Bem have gone harder when the Morava-Tlusty case came out. A month before the elections the main government side still struggles with it; the leaders of ODS try to get Tlusty out of the ODS, but ‘his’ regional ODS stood by him.

Prague Zoo Human-Gorilla Diet Bet

The keeper of Gorillas in Prague Zoo Marek Zdarsky made a bet with his colleagues, he is going to drop weight faster than his ward, the female gorilla Shinda. They both have 105 kilos and aim to get to 90 kilos as fast as possible.

When Zdarsky is going to win the bet, he is going to get a five-litre bottle of champagne. If Shinda drops weight faster, she will get two litres of nature orange juice.

Shinda started to grow slim two weeks ago and Zdarsky made a too tough regime for her. “I was under pressure of my colleagues from Prague Zoo, who were pitting her.” Zdarsky explained why he went for diet.

The gorilla’s diet consist of six kilos of vegetable and twigs for nibbling. Shinda is not by far happy from looking at her fellow gorillas eating kiwis or apples. What diet her keeper uses for himself he didn’t revealed.


Prague afraid of Hepatitis A Epidemic, gives 3 millions czk for Prevention

Prague decided to invest into prevention of Hepatitis type A. The City Hall have bought vaccines, disinfection and hygienic equipment worth 3,4 millions czk, the Prague councilman Pesak said. Hepatitis A has been spreading quite fast recently, since there have been 350 people indicated with it since 1st of September.

Hepatitis type A appeared after the holidays’ end, in Prague drug addict community, soon it spread to the homeless. The Prague City Hall has decided to vaccinate both groups for free. The disease ceased to spread among them, however it got already transmitted to the general public. There were even infection at schools.


Martha Rosler in Prague Gallery Langhans

Langhans Gallery Prague presents the photographic art of Martha Rosler. The well-known American painter, photographer, activist, essayist and teacher, is known and considered to be one of the most influential persons of political and feminist-oriented art in America and Europe.

The exhibition in Langhans Gallery contributes to the debate about the role of art in society. Rosler redefines context of the social space, and traditionally puts in question of social, gender and power inequality.

Rosner is not concerned solely with photography, as she works with all available media ; among her favorites are film and video, slide projection, installation, performance, and political events. She is also known as an author of critical essays focusing on role of females and culture in everyday life.

The picture on the left is called Hothouse or Harem. Martha Rosler in Prague Gallery Langhans until 9th November 2008.


New Prague Tourist Map: Sightseeing routes by Tramway

There is a new map prepared for tourists coming to Prague. It introduces the main tramway lines and over a hundred destinations, where one can get by it. As the tourist chosen destinations are around the stations, it makes an excellent handbook for everyone interested in Prague sightseeing, entertainment, culture as a whole.

The new map was produced by the Prague City Hall in amount of 180 thousand pieces. They are distributed in the information centres of the Prague City Hall, for example there is one right next to Charles Bridge. It is in Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian.

The map also brings information about funicular to Petrin and about Prague Ferries.


Movie about US military base

A more than a year the authors of Cesky Sen (Czech dream) Vit Klusak and Filip Remunda have been shooting a document Cesky mir (Czech peace). The film depicts ‘Czech radar struggle’ and will be screened this spring.

The duo focus on specific Czech stupidity. If you haven’t seen the movie Cesky sen, it is simply about amount, at which consuming replaced religion in Czechs. They made a fictive hypermarket Cesky sen, with advertisements, with billboards, TV campaign. Thousands of people have gathered at the ceremonial opening, only to find out it was a hoax. Some wanted to kill them.

Another movie about Czech stupidity comes – because 75% of Czech population is against the American base. The USA saved us during the WWI, didn’t want anything. The USA saved us during the WWII, didn’t want anything. The USA saved us from the hell of communism under Russia, didn’t want anything. Now they want to prevent we get occupied again. FOR FREE. Czechs are stupid enough to be against it. Will the documentary mirror help the republic from retardation? No. But it is a great idea.

The authors are known for their sense of humor, so it will be a comedy. I am looking forward to it…


Inner Circle in Prague

Do you know the living legend Inner Circle? When you recall the megahits „Sweat (A La La La La Long)”, or “Bad Boys” and there you go. The quintet from Jamaica/USA are authors of many hits and owners of Grammy for a reggae record ’93, but especially they are precise and original band with deep roots in Jamaican culture and history.

The group was founded in 1968. In 78, when Jacob Miller sung with them yet, they played on the legendary Peace Concert with Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. Since then, they travelled literary all around the world from Brazil to Sri Lanka, but they are going to perform in the Czehc Republic for the first time this September.

Even today, they are still one of the most progressive bands, who own one of the most opened up studios in Miami, making new hits with Damien Marley, Beenie Man or Luciano. Simply – caribbean energy comes to Prague this Sunday!

28th September 2008 in Prague Lucerna Music bar. Tickets at Ticketstream, 500 czk.


Narodni Trida Station is going to be Closed

The last blank spot at Narodni Trida is to disappear. The Town hall have taken the pre-steps already; first, the kiosks were moved, followed by the benches. The place has always been swarming with homeless, so they just sit on the ground. Than, the new public notice banning public drinking at chosen areas came out. Now, the surroundings of the station Narodni Trida are clean, and the developer is ready.

The metro station will be closed, as on the top of it is the new centre Copa Centra going to appear. It will be accessible from Spalena, Purkynova, Vladislavova, Charvatova streets, from the Tesco market, and from Metro B station Narodni trida. The business-administrative-residential centre is financed by Sebastian Pawlowski and the price will be approximately 160 000 000 €, the developer also invest into the metro station.

That the station will be closed for possibly 16 months have already aroused displeasure of Prague citizens and a few thousands of them have signed a petition against the metro station closure. The Prague Public Transport company defends the station needs reconstruction anyway.


Michael Bolton in Prague

The most romantic voice in the USA first time in the Czech Republic! Michael Bolton is a successful artist, who sold more than 50 million copies worldwide. He is a proud owner of two Grammies for the best singer and six Music Awards.

The owner of strong, slightly coarse voice is known to the public as a singer and composer presenting himself by slow ballads in slightly rock arranges.

You may remember his older songs he made with his first group Blackjack. He lately moved on to solo, with musical direction moving from harder rock to soul and ballads. A the first successful album was Soul Provider in 1989.

During his career, he had a chance to sing with Luciano Pavarotti, Ray Charles or B.B. King. Andy you can hear him in Prague Lucerna, Stepanska 61, Prague 1, on Saturday 15th November 2008. Tickets at Ticketpro: 1485 – 995,- czk


Topolanek: Bem goes against me

The crisis of ODS continues. The Tlusty scandalous case wasn’t probably enough – Topolanek sharply attacked the Prague Mayor Bem yesterday. Bem is, according to Topolanek, the one who in long-term intricates against him. “Those people are united in the idea of coalition with socialists, they basically hate the three-coalition project” Topolanek stated. Bem sharply refuses it. According to him ODS is in bad condition and similar quarrels are not healthy.

Mirek Topolanek also stated during live transmission Bem has been negating everything he has been trying to get through. Than he added, Bem with Tlusty would probably like to make a coalition with the CSSD. Even when they became reconciled at the end of the debate, one question is still in the air: if Topolanek will be shoot down, will Bem replace him? And if not, will Bem eventually go against him to became the prime minister? That is what Topolanek probably fears.

AutoMat in Streets of Prague Again

Thousands of people headed to the happening event, aimed for leaving the frequented streets to pedestrians and cyclists. The European week of mobility so culminated to its end.

Those who came to the space between The Café Slavia and Rudolfinum could see a unique view: the street looked lie a hundred years ago; no cars.

As the Auto*Mat initiative organizes those protest rides annually, they can balance, and so they made a report for Prague. The councilman Radovan Steiner who is responsible for traffic in Prague put some changes through, but according to Auto*Mat not enough.

Auto*mat representatives stated that there is not present the necessary political will for solution of the problems – “The traffic solutions which are put through were common in Europe thirty years ago.” said Krivohlavek. It lowers the quality of life, as to go anywhere by bicycle is dangerous, and so Prague is often jammed.


Vaclav Havel gained Seifert's Prize

Thirty years after Vaclav Havel has started to correspond with the founder of Charta 77 Frantisek Janouch, he gets a prize from this institution, of which he later became the leading personality. The prize of Jaroslav Seifert is probably the most significant literary prize, which the Czech Republic has.

Ten members of the committee, led by the literary historian Jiri Brabec decided Havel should get the price and 300t czk, at the beginning of October in the st Anna’s Church in Prague (which reconstruction Havel put through).

“This year’s choice made me happy. I was always a fan of Havel’s pieces, and Havel is my friend who helped me to establish this competition more than twenty years ago.” the leader of foundation Frantisek Janouch stated.

Vaclav Havel gained the prestigious evaluation for eight part of Spisy, containing of his speeches and essays from 1999-2007, and also for his newest screenplay Odchazeni, in the Czech Republic staged by David Radok, nowadays having premiere in London. Odchazeni was accepted very positively by the public as well.


Capek and Filla changed Owners Again

To their new owners moved the classic pieces of Czech art avant-garde, which appeared in auction in Prague in short time again. The painting by Josef Capek, Koupel nohou or “The Foot Bath” sold for 7,9 millions czk. The starting price was five millions. It is a lot, but still, in 2006 the same picture was sold for 9,3 million crowns and made a record for the most expensive Czech artpiece sold in auction in 2006.

Because it was listed by the National Gallery as a piece of Czech cultural heritage, its new owner – the American collector Peter Schwartz – was not allowed to take it outside the country. The most expensive artpiece of yesterday’s auction became the painting of Josef Sima ‘Leda s labuti’, which sold for 14,6 millions czk. The starting price was 2,8 millions.

Charles Bridge myth is soon going to be Busted ... or proven True.

Do you know the old Prague legend? Charles IV. ordered to add egg yolks to enrich the mortar used to bind the stone blocks to make it harder. Now, when the 15th century dominant of Prague is being reconstructed, we will soon find out the truth.

Charles Bridge Museum manager Stepan Rusak promises: “The most modern analysis of lime mortar will, first time in history, reveal the truth of this famous legend.” The new exposition of Charles Bridge opens in a month, 15th October. And… as you can guess, we will have to go the exhibition first to know the truth. But we will tell you, don’t worry.

The exposition is, above all, going to remind the complete history of the bridge, with all the repairs, and historic events connected to it. The midpoint of the exhibition is a newly made model of the bridge in 14th century, depicting its building, material transport, building machines and even 350 workmen.


Russia Threatens Czech Republic Again

Russian gain of confidence brings another verbal assaults. Meanwhile the ‘Threatening General’ Jurij Balujevskij was removed from position for his famous quote that Russia will target missiles at the CR, the second one to say the same, Putin, of course stayed where he is. The third to threaten was Dmitry Rogozin, Russia’s emissary to NATO.

“The Czech Government have sold safety of their people for a new toy – the anti-air defense … there is no difference between defence and offence systems. Russia of course has to react to this new unfriendly reality.” (source: CTK)

The Czech Foreign ministry speaker Zuzana Opletalova stated they are not going to react, because: “it is still the same virtual game.”

Russia now watches us, as the final part of our agreement about the USA soldiers stay at the Czech ground, SOFA, is to be signed. Meanwhile Czech authorities do not wish to provoke Russia, Condoleezza Rice commented upon their behaviour: using oil and gas as a weapon, threatening with nuclear attack, selling weapons to countries like Iran, persecution of the dissident and press. She summarized the overall Russian attitude as “increasingly authoritarian within and aggressive abroad.”


Masarykovo Nadrazi in Prague Confirmed to End

Prague Representatives have approved those 43 changes in the territorial plan, which mean actual end of Masarykovo Nadrazi as a railway station. The areas which are taken by the track will be changed into locations of parks and houses. The new ground plan also counts with prolonging the metro A to the Airoport Ruzyne and revitalization of brownfields.

Masarykovo Nadrazi is intended to change slowly in order not to harm its historical value, the whole process is take about ten years. The debates about future use of the protected buildings are still going on, as the most probable seems the museum of industrial revolution. The trains will move to Nadrazi Holesovice and Hlavni Nadrazi.

The infamous railway station Nadrazi Zizkov is being turned into something more respectable already, the station Smichovske Nadrazi is being slightly modified, but the original purpose is still kept.

Bem Drove new Prague Tramway

Pavel Bem went to Plzen yesterday, to not only see and baptize the new low-floor Prague tramway, but also to drive it. The metropolis should get about 250 of these trains; Skoda 15T ForCity. “Bem commented Prague deserves new trampark for a long time (the most common tramways in Prague were made in 1960’s)

The Prague Mayor have appreciated especially its black-red-silver design and comfort, which it offers to its drivers and passengers. The first trains of the 15T ForCity tramways should appear in Prague at the end of 2009.

The new tramway unit costs 66 millions czk. “The almost 20 billions order is paid solely from Prague budget itself” Bem said. He also added they only want to keep the ratio, where still the public transport beats the personal transport.


Skoda Manufacture in Russia

This year in February, the assembly of Skoda and Volkswagen cars in Russia was launched, in the newly build line by the city Kaluga, about 100km SW from Moscow.

Skoda cars sold in Russia are completed in Russia. The process looks like this: components are imported in containers from the original factory in Mlada Boleslav to Russian Kaluga. They are already made into units, interiors with decking, machines, wheel frames.

The sides have agreed that 30 months since the assembly has started the industries will either grow to complete fabric, constructing everything from the first screw, or they will have to pay very hig duty.


Caterham Race Academy arrives to the Czech Republic

Those who are interested in car racing, especially in the field of circuit racing, do not have much to choose from in the Czech Republic. The situation will change – Caterham Race Academy starts its first Czech season in 2009.

What is it about? The sport spreads Europe from Britain with the idea to provide semi-professional racers with the possibility to buy an affordable car, licence, charges for the circuit and needed education in one package. The final price is 845 thousand czk for a complete race season.

The vehicle itself – Caterham 7 Roadsport – is conceived so the driver could make the whole championship on one set of tyres and brakes. The driving properties are adjusted to drivers – beginners. Only after absolving the first year the pilots are offered upgrades like wider tyres, better engines and others.


The Punk - Iggy Pop - this Saturday in Prague

The 61-yo singer Pop brings The Stooges with him, planning to roll in Prague like in other cities since 2003, when he reunited his group. The living American unguided missile, who introduced crowd diving, always performing topless, eventually with buttered chest.

Iggy Pop became the main inspiration for British punks, beginning with Sex Pistols, Clash and The Strangers, to the New Wave represents Joy Division or Siouxsie & the Banshees. He cooperated among others with David Bowie, he introduced Madonna into rock hall of fame.

The Weirdness is his new record which he gave himself to his 60th birthday last year, but he do not let you down and play his best hits as well. You just have to come to Prague, AC Sparta Arena in Holesovice, on 20th September 2007. Tickets at Ticketportal 700-1350 czk.


Hepatitis type A Epidemic in Prague

Everyday, the number of patients diagnosed with Jaundice increases by 13 every day in Prague only. The ill run out of beds at infection wards all around Prague Hospitals. New rooms are being prepared and ambulances transport citizens with hepatitis to other regions as well.

Hepatitis type A started to spread among drug addicts, especially from those of Russian origin. From them the homeless got infected, than it spreads on, for example by the means of public transport. One just grabs a tram pole, don’t wash one’s hands, eats something, and is ready for hospital. Beware.

Until today, 374 people has gotten sick, the numbers are expected to grow. If the rate increase, there will be health acquisitions established.


Prague New Tramway Revealed

The 100% low-floor vehicle SKODA 15T ForCity brought its face out.

The tramways were made by the Plzen Skoda Transport. The design is different from the Prague Porshe tram type the Tram Skoda 15T comprises three very similar low-floor carriages, offering a compact interior with improved access for the disabled or baby carriages.

Plzen Skoda Transport plans to deliver total of 250 of these machines until 2017. The train capacity is 61 seats and up to 239 places for standing. The maximal speed is again limited electronically to 60 km/h. Passenger comfort will be enhanced by means of a new system of ventilation in the passenger area.


Havel's play Odchazeni in London

Havel’s play Odchazeni awaits its first foreign premiere tomorrow. The inscenation of the director Sam Walters takes place in the Orange Tree theatre in the Richmond Quarters. It is screened until 13th December.

The producer and art director of the theatre Sam Walters have said about the play for the Independent: “I am happy, we got permission to produce the play. According to my opinion, Odchazeni is one of the best Havel’s plays, it is theatre-rewarding and very funny. The play is the peak of cooperation which has begun in 1977.

“My political enemies waited for my return to theatre with hope, the play will be a flop and I am going to get it.” Vaclav Havel says with comment theatre brings him more pleasure than the politics now.


Black Box Revelation in Prague

In their music, there is an echo of Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones or The Stoogers and even when in the golden times of garage rock even their parents weren’t alive, their records are devoted to the style and sharp. They are similar to The White Stripes in the respect they manage solely with the guitar and drums.

Their cheeky and casual style of the singer resembles a blend of Mike Jagger and Iggy Pop, but they are too young to be blamed they are simply retro. Rock’n‘roll in their presentment is not burdened with usual genre cliches, their music is young and fresh rebel music.

Their album with the song I Think I Like You became respected by radio stations, so if they keep up, they will be soon among the well known groups of our time. You can hear them this Friday 19th September in Palac Akropolis in Prague.


Prague Airport shortly a Gallery

Prague airport in Ruzyne have changed into an art gallery. The owners of the airport let the project Aeronale 2008 in the halls of Prague Airport. The first year of the project introduces an exhibition of contemporary art created by the young generation. The main ones are Richard Koci with his piece Love, sex and money and Humanoids by Michal Trpak. The art exhibits are placed directly in the airport hall.

The exhibition inclusive of artpieces of twenty six artists lasts until 31st December. The alias of the exhibition is ‘travelling objects’. By the exhibition, the Airport management wants to humanize the environment at the airport and also provide the travelling public with a sight at contemporary art.


Georgia presented Proof Russia started the War

The phone call, recorded by the telecommunication provider, proves Georgia didn’t start the conflict. Russia was very well prepared, that is known. They moved whole regiments of tanks at border with Georgia, and started to move them in by an underground tunnel. This is also the reason, why their advancement wasn’t seen on radars.

The conversation took place on 7th August at 3:525 Georgia time. The New York Times have released the transcription, saying: “The armor and people,” the guard replied. Asked if they had gone through, he said, “Yes, 20 minutes ago; when I called you, they had already arrived.”

The Russians have an answer – their units allegedly needed supplies. Georgia have strongly refused that to be true. Russia could move their units in Georgia only during the day and report about it a month in advance.


First snow in Czech Republic in September

The temperatures have broken from pleasant summer into chilly winter. Last week on Wednesday people were wearing shorts – this Wednesday winter jackets and hats. Even in Prague, which is usually much warmer then the rest of the country.

In Jeseniky, there is more than five centimetres of snow. And according to weather forecast, on the mountains it will be snowing until the end of the week. The Czech Hydrometeorological Prediction Center promises the weather will improve during the weekend, however:

I you are going to the Czech Republic, take your winter jacket and hat, and some good shoes with you, unless you want to risk getting sick. This morning in Prague the temperatures were about 5 °C, the daily temperatures are around 8 °C. In the rest of the country it is 2°C – 6 °C.


Tlusty doesn't have to leave the ODS

The plan of the ODS bosses, who want to get rid of the provoking parliamentary Tlusty have been pulled back. The regional committee of the ODS debated the matter yesterday, and they gave support to Tusty.

Tlusty hasn’t won yet, one more committee has to debate his presence in the government. The problem is, that by this act the ODS have clearly expressed they do not care about the public. And the public will soon pay back; preferences of the ODS have fallen even more.

The government of Mirek Topolanek originated last year in January. Since then, they started to lose their supporters. Those 32,2 they got two years ago became history. The opposite CSSD have improved by 11% . How the elections would fall out according to STEM agency:

CSSD: 32,6%
ODS: 22,3%
KSCM: 11,8%
SZ (The Greens): 8,4%
KDU-CSL: 5,9%

Paul van Dyk at O2 Arena Prague this Sunday

Dance, dance, dance! If that is your idea of a good evening, don’t miss this Sunday party in O2 Arena, which provides quite a fantastic music event. The mecca of house and dance music, Paul van Dyk grooves hours after hours on the best tunes and beats.

The concert is within the Prague Sessions 2008, Paul van Dyk on his ‘sessions’ brings a concept of four-hour appearance, part of which is a concert, where Paul Van Dyk is accompanied by quite a number of top musicians and singers. Of course there will be the biggest hits of his extensive production, including his last album In Between.

You can obtain your Paul van Dyk tickets online at Start: 21.00. Price: 1. 9.-19. 9. 880 CZK and at the day of the show 990 CZK. Venue: O2 Arena Prague, Prague, Czech Republic


Tlusty promised footballer Baros 10 millions czk, never gave them

Another scandal drifted out in the Morava – Tlusty – ODS case. The truth came out from one hidden camera scene. Tlusty, who tried to make a trap for his colleagues at the ODS has been too relaxed with the tv Nova reporters and said how it was with the billboards.

Vlastimil Tlusty admitted, he promised the footballer Martin Baros for his support of the ODS a donation of 10 millions czk for a youth football academy in Vigantice. From the state budget of course.

Baros have never seen the promised amount. Tlusty as the finance minister didn’t give him a penny, and when he for fired from the minister’s post, Topolanek gave him nothing too. Baros called him a half a year after, only to found out Tlusty basically tricked him.

Baros didn’t care for the source of money, but at least he didn’t plan to keep the money, but to transfer it to the boy’s football club. The one who used his popularity and didn’t pay was Tlusty.


Autumn Mighty Sounds in Prague

Ska – Reggae – Punk-Rock explosion in Lucerna Music Bar.

Bring the black horse of this years’ Mighty Sounds, who by his sound totally had all the present, add a star of world calibre, and accompany them by the best Czech ska groups

The group which songs are the hot aspirants for ska anthems come to Prague – The Aggrolites from the USA come to show their best, their performance is something the fans of the genre mustn’t miss.

The Aggrolites have debuted with the record Dirty Reggae. The explosive mix of reggae, funky and soul with the power of trinitrotoluene clearly expressed there is something big coming.

This year’s season of Mighty Sounds open air introduced Kitchenettes, an unknown group somewhere from Switzerland. But in the moment the three ladies appeared on the stage, looking like a combo from the 60’s, all the present fell into dance come, evoked by their northern soul.

Autumn Mighty Sounds: The Aggrolites (USA), Basement Bros. feat the Kitchenettes (SUI), Prague Ska Conspiracy (CZ), Afrodisiak (CZ). Venue: Lucerna Music Bar, Vodickova 36. Tickets: CZK 289.00 at Ticketstream


Topolanek criticizes Klaus

Klaus’ strange opinions brought anther dispute towards his home party, the ODS. After the prime minister Topolanek disavowed Klaus’ defence of Russian invasion to Georgia, the new problem of ODS at Czech political scene labeled as a heritage of Klaus’ fault.

Klaus started by stating that the Morava – Tlusty blackmail case is a proof of emptying of the politics. Topolanek objected for Hospodarske noviny: “It is not true that present politics lacks themes and idea, that characterized times of ‘opposition treaty‘” which was in 1998 a product of heads of ODS and CSSD, Milos Zeman and Vaclav Klaus.

“At that time, uncontrollable connection of politics, big business and organized crime begun” Topolanek very strongly objected to Klaus’ politics.

Barbora Spotakova holds the World Record!

Barbora Spotakova is the world champion of javelin. The new world record is 72,28 metres. She managed to achieve that at the World Finals in Stuttgart, by the first throw. The record of Cuban Osleidys Mendez was beaten by half a metre.

“It is a wonderful feeling. I can’t compare it with the Olympic win though. That was even better.” Spotakova rejoiced. The Czech Republic so holds, thanks to her and Jan Zelezny, the world record in both categories of javelin.

Spotakova gained a sweet bonus of 100t dollar, another 30t for her victory. “we want to build a house with my boyfriend, with this bonus it will be much easier” she stated.


Video: Tourist trip to Prague – fun, happy

This video was made by, and it depicts the trip all the way from the USA to Prague, shown in pictures and video, it is an amateur movie, however it is edited very nicely and it is fun to watch. And they show also some things that are not known to Prague people – tourist accommodation, in this case the interior of luxurious hotel and spa Alchemist.

They do some traditional sightseeing, among which is the Old Town Square, and of course the Gothic jewel of Prague, the Prague Castle. But why I put the video here – they got me with the sight I like the most, the Charles Bridge in the morning. As I say, the best sight in Prague is the Charles Bridge when the sun rises. As the vacant says: it is all mine :D it is beautiful indeed. Enjoy!


Strings of Autumn Prague

The Festival of Jazz and Classical Music, Tradition and Experiment combined returns again. Since the very beginning, the aim of the festival was to inspire and initiate original projects. The organizers try hard for number of premieres increase every year – to provide unique concert programmes which cannot be seen anywhere else.

The festival is special in the choice of venues as well, as it takes place in many significant buildings in Prague. At concert halls, theatres and churches.

The fist guest of the series is in the Holesovice La Fabrica the Austrian multipercussionist and a fresh holder of Leonard Bernstein Award – Martin Grubinger. He plays at Rudolfinum.

The tickets info and shop is here. This year’s season brings concert of Chava Alberstein with Czech Guests, the project of Lenka Dusilova Clarinet Factory and Beata Hlavenkova or joint concert of Joel Frederiksen and Jiri Pavlica with their ensembles. Concerts: 28th September – 9th November 2008

Read on for information about Strings of Autumn Festival in Prague


Parcel for the Blob Library – fact or fiction?

The Blob matter still continues, it will soon be two years since the international contest was announced. The National Library has a new leader now and a new piece of land to build on. A private company has allegedly offered it to Jezek.

The management of the Library keeps secret, which location is should be, and which is the company that made the offer. What Jezek admitted, was “It is on the territory of the capital city, somewhere at Prague 1-10 ” Kaplicky didn’t want to comment either.

The original parcel was promised by the capital, but than they backed out of the contract, allegedly because the National Library didn’t meet the requirements, which it pledged itself to.


Luggage Weight Limits of CSA

Czech Airlines have changed the weight limit of luggage a traveller can take with him/her without extra charge. CSA wants the passengers to have lighter luggage by 3 kilos – from 23kg to 20 kg. The resolution will be valid from 26th October 2008.

The new limit does not relate to passengers in business class, owners of loyalty cards and flights to USA and Canada. The Czech Airlines expect the action will lead to reducing weight of transported luggage, and so to reducing fuel consumption. The reason is also most of the airlines have the limit set to 20 kg, and travelers had problems at consequential flights.

Payments for excess luggage differ according to destinations. For example the flight from Prague to Roma means every +kg 355 czk.


Blue Mauritius is in Prague, You can see it. Only This Weekend

The most famous postal stamp in the World have arrived to Prague yesterday. According to tv Nova, the Blue Mauritius and his brother Red Mauritius in the metropolis from Friday to Sunday. They will be displayed on the world philatelist exhibition at Prague Exhibition Ground. Philatelist jewels were brought by the governor of the Queen’s Elizabeth II collection, Michael Sefi himself.

Their arrival was accompanied by the most strict security proceedings. Both the Mairitiuses are to be under bullet proof glass. The way to them leads through metal detectors and a security frame. Not speaking about security guards all around. The stamp worth many millions in world’s hardest currencies attracts.


New National Library Leader Supports Kaplicky's Blob

The leader of the National Library was recalled from political reasons from his post. He was replaced by his former deputy Pavel Hazuka. Hazuka immediately surprised by continuing in the road which cost Jezek his post; Hazuka looks for a piece of land to build the Blob on.

Hazuka sees the design of Blob as unique. So the story of Blob is not over by far, as the opposers hoped. They didn’t help anything by recalling Jezek, his successor belongs to the group witch respects the international contest more than the old men on the Castle.

Hazuka have also seen the first private location, which was offered to be the ‘Blob territory’. The place is in Prague, however its location is kept secret, and so is the new strategy, which the National Library team plans. The problem is, the Prague ODS have already achieved the international contest was (on the second shot) pronounced illegal.


The biggest experiment in the history of mankind

The new era of science have started; the biggest machine ever made will simulate big bang, hopefully reveling some of the secrets of universe creation. European Organization for Nuclear Research have spend over 6 billions € on the construction. The whole device is placed close to Geneva, underground at Switzerland-French border.

Shortly after 11 am the first protons were successfully send through the whole 27 kilometres of The Large Hadron Collider by the speed of 99,99% speed of light.

Europe have succeeded in the project, which the USA abandoned fifteen years ago after two billions dollars spend. The USA team was however present and helped with the whole project.

The Czech contribution came from scientists of the Academy of Sciences, Charles University and CVUT. The main Czech aim was cooperating on development of the ATLAS detector, which is at the present moment the biggest measuring instrument of the world.


Milos Forman and Vaclav Havel Make movie together!

The Czech Movie Director Milos Forman prepares for his new movie, which script he is going to write with the former president of Czechoslovakia Vaclav Havel. They have chosen some real topic; the Munchen Agreement, dictate, betrayal of 1938, which infamous 70 anniversary we commemorate this month.

Information about the picture have been kept secret for long, only yesterday got the MF Dnes the info confirmed by the Havel’s office. The base of the film is a ‘true story’ of French journalist and writer Georges-Marc Benamou The Ghost of Munich which made quite a sensation on French scene. The author is a well-known personality of Politics as well – he was an advisor off Nicolas Sarkozy.

Havel wrote the preface to the book translation: “The Munich agreement was an incident which stigmatized or influenced the atmosphere in our country and its history for long tens of years”

Save your money, sleep in hostels in Prague

Price for accommodation in Prague is still rising up, although number of tourists are getting down this year. So this expense will be probably the main item on your travel budget. The wise choosing of your resting place in Prague can save loads of money which you can spend on more supreme Prague attractions.

So, how can you save money in Prague? Sleep in a hostel!
Stay at a hostel instead of luxury hotel make a sense if you plan to use it just for overnight and you will spend there just a few hours mainly in night time. It is wise to choose one of the hostels in Prague instead of room at an expensive hotel with unneeded services that you will never use.

What is the main difference between Prague hostels and hotels? Do you think that hostels offer only an accommodation in more bedded rooms with common bathrooms and toilets? The answer is No. There is a lot of hostels in Prague where you can get a double or a triple room even with private bathroom and toilet. Of course, they are little bit more costly then rooms with common bathroom but it is still great value of money. The rooms in hostels are sometimes smaller than hotel rooms, mostly with just basic furniture. Most of their services are economical.

The price for accommodation also depends on the location of the hostel. Downtown hostels are far more expensive than hostels around the city centre of Prague. So thanks to a very cheap and comfortable public transport in Prague is the best choice a cheap hostel with private facilities not directly in Prague downtown. The price for double room with private bathroom starts at 35 EUR in this location.


The first Czech paralympic gold went to Athletic latebloomer

The first of Czech handicapped sportsmen to gain gold in Peking Paralympics became the athletic latebloomer Eva Kacanu. She won the competition at the age of 43. What’s more, she also set the new world record by throwing 6,73 m.

Her first toss was 6,59 m, by which she got to the top of the chart. But that wasn’t enough for her; by the sixth try she made it over the world record.

Her last miracle throw brought back the memory of the golden medal success of Barbora Spotakova in javelin, at the same stadium during the Olympic Games.

Eva Kacanu has a title of the world champion from 2006, at the last Paralympics in Athens she gained the silver.


The court in India: Only one Etymologist can go Home yet

The court in Darjeeling have released one of the two Czechs off charges. They were charged with illegal collecting of endangered beetles for commercial purposes. The Czech etymologist Petr Svacha was released after bailment. The second etymologist Emil Kucera was found guilty and sentenced him to three years unconditionally.

Kucera have immediately appealed to higher instance. When the case started, Svacha and Kucera were in danger of getting up seven years, if all the charges will be proved. This is an exemplary case, of how the developing countries punish individuals for ‘ecologic crimes’, but don’t see how kilometres of forests are plundered by large companies every day.


Blob Library: The Leading Advocate Frozen Out

The minister of culture have recalled the leader of the National Library Vlastimil Jezek because of the battles around the Kaplicky’s Design.

Who stands among Klaus and his goals will be shifted aside. Such can be the explanation of why was Jezek recalled from day to day, by a call to his cell phone. The winning design of the National Library ‘Blob’ became fatal for his career.

Vlastimil Jezek made a miscalculation when he thought he won’t be called off his function. With him leaving, the ‘Blob’ project ends for now. The National Library have wasted at least 30 mil czk for the international contest and payments around the project.

Kaplicky can hope for next elections, because CSSD leader Paroubek promised him to build the Blob for Prague. If the elections will mean loss for the ODS, Jezek may come back too.


The blackmail case in ODS continues

Vlastimil Tlusty lost his support in the ODS. The meeting the Civic Democratic party held yesterday was a collective support of the Prime minister. At the end, the party appealed to Tlusty to resign.

Vlastimil Tlusty has been in politics for 14 years, during which he did things we can only imagine. But it would be naive to think the only guilty person was Morava, who has been there for two years so far, and who was at least decent enough to resign.

Vlastimil Tlusty however blames other parliamentaries, probably in endeavour to hold his post as long as possible. There are two other deputies of the ODS – Dalik and Tluchor, whom he says were interested in the blackmail in the first place.

It seems that such as the Greens did, the ODS will have to loose members before the elections.


Srotozemstan, the WEEE man landed in Prague

the original statue in London Srotozemstan is back! Respectively, the first statue made from old electronics appeared close to metro station Andel. It ‘looks’ at pedestrians from its seven metres height. In Prague, it appeared for the third time, as it is a mascot of the event, inspiring folk to recycle their used electronics. The organizer of the happening is traditionally ASEKOL, a non-profit association dealing with electric-trash recycling.

So right now, if you have some electric devices you don’t use, now it is the good time to get rid of them – bring them to Andel and help the Srotozemstan to grow. The main statue will grow until Thursday, which is also the day when thrash contributors can win something in a draw.

Czech Srotozemstan was inspired by English WEEE man, the robotic statue, that was created by Paul Bonomini in London.


Conor Oberst - Songster in Prague

Tomorrow, the American songster Conor Oberst introduces himself in Prague allstar club Roxy. He leaves his project Bright Eyes at home; plays songs from his new solo record.

28yo musician and poet Conor Obers doesn’t waste his time, as he wanders the music world since he was eleven. He tried it with numerous projects (like Desaparecidos, Norman Bailer, Park Ave. a Commander Venus) in his home Nebraska, published over ten LPs and a few more singles and EPs. He gained the most fame with his collective Bright Eyes, which 7th record ‘Cassadaga’ appeared last year.

What is his performance in Prague, accompanied by his live group Mystic Valley Band going to look like? If you check his myspace profile and like it, you can go to hear for yourself. Into Roxy, the club close to Staromestske namesti, on 10th September 2008.


Buy Czech Train Ticket on the Internet

Ceske Drahy (Czech Railway company) have finally decided to let another piece of technology into their lairs – their customers can finally buy train tickets via Internet. The provider of the service is PaySec. Links to the shopping page can be found, together with complex information of services at

Or You can go directly to the pages of the ticket shop The Czech Railways have joined the group of travelling companies that accept PaySec, for example the company, well-known for their futuristic luxurious buses which will transport European Politicians during our EU chairmanship,, with air tickets, or

The Best Czech Beer according to The Times

It may be a cliché, but it is a fact anyway – in the world, we are known the best for our beer. The traditional British newspaper The Times published a list of the ten best Czech beers. The author is Evan Rail, known for his book Good Beer Guide Prague and Czech Republic.

So, the Best Czech breweries according to The Times:

1. Pivovarsky Dvur, Chyne
2. Berounsky Medved, Beroun
3. Moritz, Olomouc
4. Vendelin, Liberec
5. Pernstejn, Pardubice
6. Pivovar nova Paka
7. Medlesice
8. Pivovarsky Dvur Lipan
9. Pilsner Urquell, Plzen
10. Dalesice

Well, the truth is, I have never heard about most of those beers, as a matter of fact I had only three of these – Pilsner Urquell, which I consider the best Czech beer ever, than Medved, which is quite bitter but good, and Pernstejn, which I had to drink during my studies in Pardubice, which tastes like mud, and which I was getting used to about half a year.

What I really appreciate is the author Rail had to spend a lot of time travelling and degustation. It is an inspiration for a road-beer trip in the Czech Republic.


Czech parliament blackmail case – Morava out

For information about The Extortionate cause read here. Rebelling members of ODS Juraj Raninec and Jan Schwipel don’t believe Morava is the only person involved in the cause with compromising shots. Morava resigned on his post yesterday, but a part of ODS have revolted and want the head of the leader of the club, Petr Tluchor.

In ODS, the sharp debate have deepened. The rebelling part of the ODS see the main problem that the TV Nova film points to Tluchor advised Morava to take the contact on the sellers.

Doubtful is also the role of Vlastimil Tlusty. He described his role as the agent provocateur, but contrary is the case. The TV Nova documentary showed up that even when the idea came form the television, Tlusty actively took the opportunity and guided the reporters. He also offered he will record the Prime Minister.


Czech Etymologists in India found Guilty

Two world-accredited etymologists were found guilty from illegal beetle collecting in a National India park. It is the result of the sentence from court in Darjeeling, India. The two Czech scientists are in danger of getting up to seven years in India prison, they will know the length on Wednesday. Now, they are going to fight for a pardon.

They are going to ask for a pardon on Wednesday, if they won’t succeed, their lawyer is going to appeal to higher instance.

51 y-o employee of the etymological institute of the Academy of Sciences Svacha and a year younger Kucera were detained on 22nd June close to the national park Singalila. The Czechs reputedly had over 200 beetles with them. When at a police station, they were given empty sheets of paper, which they signed. On those sheets later appeared the charges.


Horace 'Sleepy' Andy live in Prague

One of the most significant and influential reggae vocalists Horace Andy is in possession of the voice, which has no equivalent in the whole Jamaica. His records from the 70’s are a rich inspiration source for all the lovers of the genre, his new records he made together with the stars of hip-hop Massive Attack brought him new crowds of young fans.

He started his hit series by the song Skylarking, which made it to the top of Jamaican hitcharts, and other hits came shortly by; Love of a woman, Every tongue shall tell, Where do the children play, Oh Lord why Lord

The important moment came at the end of 80’s, when a beginning group from Bristol contacted him in order he would make a few songs with them. Andy liked the idea and soon the massive hit One Love rung in all the clubs.

Concerts of Andy are special because he always brings something new when performing live. Any you can indeed hear him live – in Roxy, Dlouha street 33. The day is Tuesday 4th November 2008 from 19:00. Tickets at Ticketpro for 430 czk.


Extortionate cause of ODS

The television TV Nova has revealed what was the scenario of the story; Vlastimil Tlusty is a politician known for his cause – about two years ago, there were reputedly some pictures of him with prostitutes, which has never got to the public, Tlusty defended himself it is all fake.

Now, Tlusty let himself to be pictured in jacuzzi with a girl, and trying to use them as a bait, trying, if anyone from the ODS will buy them in order to blackmail him afterwards, started to play his game. The inordinate plan aimed for the highest places in the parliament, so Tlusty could profit from their loss. They found one, not from a top chair, but still a known one – Jan Morava.

Even more striking was Jan Morava became known just a few days before for another blackmail case – he tried to blackmail Jana Zubova with pictures of her daughter just a few weeks ago. Now, when both of the cases came out, Topolanek demands resignation from both of them, Tlusty and Morava.


Prague court came between developer and Pankrac

Further development of Pankrac into new business centre of Prague has many opposers. Prague court now belongs to them. According to it the administrative procedures leading to approval of the new expressways and streets were not legal and full of flaws. Pankrac is very close to the main highway in the CR.

The ECM company, the investor at Pankrac site is not, according to their speaker, going to change the plan, not going to take the decision into consideration.

The lawyer Ondrej Tosner, who wrote the charges, evaluates the sentence as a breakthrough; “According to it the whole process of finishing the Pankrac design is practically illegal”

This is just one of the voices speaking against the planned construction. One of the most influential vices came from UNESCO, which considers the design as harmful to Prague scenery.


The winning leader of the Greens is Bursik

Bursik successfully survived the greatest rupture in his party. Dana Kuchtova’s rebellion brought even more sympathies for Martin Bursik, as he proved to work effectively under pressure. He not only won his chair, he also re-occupied the seats in the lead of the Greens, this time with his allies. The vice-leader became the Education Minister Ondrej Liska, the other heads became Katerina Jacques and Martin Ander.

Bursik’s challenger, the ex-chairman and ex-Education minister of the Greens, Dana Kuchtova, lost in candidacy on the leader and also in candidacy for the vice-leader.

Bursik have left nothing to chance, and gained one important advantage in advance; he travelled the Czech Republic and founded about 50 base groups of the Greens. The 50 new representatives decided the vote.

Bursik didn’t stopped at getting his post, he also needed to assure a similar situation won’t repeat. So he achieved one more thing – a few minutes before the end of the meeting, he call away about one third of the council, basically he not only gained new supporters, he also got rid of those against.

The way Martin Busik, in similar way as Mirek Topolanek, managed in the time crisis, shows up how they will behave when there will be a real state crisis. In satisfactory way.


Bruckner's Austria beaten France

Karel Bruckner has been at lead of the Austria team for only two months, but he achieved one sensation already. By the Saturday win 3:1 the Czech coach Bruckner gained over the Austrian fans. For whom it is an incredible success. France and Austria, compared in the FIFA chart, have incredible 90 positions among them.

Bruckner came with his typical personal style and immediately celebrated success. He pulled back defence a bit, and found an attacker of Jan Koller’s style. And the tall shooter Marek Janko immediately started to shoot goals. The Austria team has a chance to fight at a larger tournament after years.


Congress of the Czech Greens started

Today, the special congress of the Greens, where they will vote for the new chairman, have started. Who are the sides? On one side Martin Bursik, who got the party to the parliament, and who shook hand with Dali Lama. On the other side there is Dana Kuchtova, the leader of South Bohemian Mothers, the person who unsuccessfully tried to be the education minister for a few months.

Who is going to be the next leader? Bursik have left nothing to chance, and gained one important advantage in advance; he travelled the Czech Republic and founded about 50 base groups of the Greens. Those 50 new groups have a chance to influence voting by sending their deputy to the elections.

In those cases, I like to look at betting offices and their betting rates. They are usually the easiest source, if you want to know the future. And they bet at Bursik.


Kanye West going to perform in Prague for the first time

Concert Cancelled

The hip-hop event of the year comes nearer, as 25th November 2008 welcomes the rapper Kanye West in Prague. Kayne is on his world tour “Glow In The Dark Tour”, supporting the last year album tour Graduation, but surely playing songs form Droupout and Late Registration. Prague audiences so get enough hip-hop to satisfy them, as Snoop Dogg concert takes place on 8th September.

Kanye West is known for his witty, off-the-wall lyrics like “She’s got a light-skinned friend look like Michael Jackson/Got a dark-skinned friend look like Michael Jackson” which are funny and smart at the same time, entertaining. They may not elaborately rhyme, but that doesn’t matter… or does it?

Kanye West Prague Show, 25th November 2008, Start: 20.00, Venue: O2 Arena, previously Sazka Arena, Prague Tickets: 890 – 1 200 czk


Tesla Arena: The New Name of T-Mobile arena

The hockey hall at the Prague Exhibition Ground changed its name again. Ten years ago the Arena HC Sparta, than T-Mobile Arena is now called Tesla Arena. The sponsoring contract was signed for three years.

Viliam Slivek, the president of HC Sparta Paha commendes he “… is glad our Arena will bear the name of the Czech brand, which historical roots date back to the same period, when our club originated.”

Tesla Arena opened in 1962 as Sportovní hala and can hold up to 12,950 people. The first concert to cebrate the newly renamed arena will be the show of the rapper Snoop Dogg on 8th September.


'We will make it sweet for Europe' Video for Czech EU chairmanship

Under the slogan We will make it sweet for Europe was launched the Czech government information campaign related the Czech EU chairmanship. The personalities acting in the movie are well-known characters of Czech culture in he world. As Topolanek commented, there is also one new character introduced – a sugar cube, which is a Czech invention.

The video begins with Jaromir Jagr, aiming and than shooting an sugar cube to Petr Cech, who catches it and makes a face. Then the prima ballerina Daria Klimentova spins her cube a little. The scientist Antonin Holy makes a little experiment. The famous architect Eva Jiricna builds a structure from the cubes. The super-model Tereza Maxova can’t resist and eats one. The conductor Libor Pesek closes the spot.

About in the half of November, the government will introduce the logo. The CR chairmanship start in the first half of the next year.


Prague OpenCard Scores

The Universal card of a Prague citizen OpenCard became a total hit accompanied by long queues at all the distributing places in Prague. The sales are gliding, and so the Town Council decided to prolong the 10% price off until 20th September.

What is OpenCard for? The functions are going to expand, at the present moment its main use is possibly for the pre-pay rides. Until 2010, when the paper pre-paid tickets are going to disappear, being gradually replaced by the OpenCard. Right now, the main benefit is to get those 10% off a year ticket price,

Anyway the card can be used also as an id to the Municipal libraries, and as a means of payment for parking. The upgraded version ables to use it for electronic signature.

The Summer festival Season is over. How was it?

Summer festivals remain the phenomena of Czech Music scene. Even when somewhere the visit rate was influenced by unfavorable weather, the organizers reported 2008 as record-breaking concerning visitors rate.

The biggest Czech festival Rock for people announced about 25000 people, which is about 1/5 more than the last year, so the famous became even more famous. They bet on famous names – British Kaiser Chiefs and American the Offspring.

Another famous festival O2 Sazava Fest brought The Skatalites and Roni Size & Mc Dynamite, which means the dramaturgy freed themselves from cliches and went for a really attractive music, not just for attractive profit. And people appreciated that as Sazava fest remains the second biggest with their 20.000.

Topolanek: The best campaign for the radar was the conflict in Southern Ossetia

The Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek stated, the recent bloody conflict among Georgia and Russia worked as the best campaign for reasoning we need the American radar base at our territory. The official materials to the US base nevertheless speaks about the base having no connection with Russia whatsoever.

The official American explanation of the interconnected system of anti-air defence in Poland and the CR is a protection against dangerous states such as Iran. The anti-rocket system doesn’t relate to Russia. But Russia took it from the beginning very personally, and they are also those who became notorious with various threatening of both the states.


The new Leader of Czech Greens will be Who?

duel flag The Median agency initiated a pool to find out, who should be the new leader of the Greens. Nearly 1,100 people participated in the poll with the outcome: most of the public asked would like the present vice chairwoman Dana Kuchova to be the new leader of the Greens. But the important thing is those who voted for the Greens in Previous elections would like to keep the present chairman an Environment Minister Martin Bursik at the lead government.

The reason why the public wants the change may be, the Greens under Bursik got some serious responsibilities, like the post of the Education minister and the Foreign minister. To replace the leader would mean the Greens could lose what they achieved, and so those who are not in favour of the Green Party want them to.

The Green Party present the ‘middle wing’ political thinking. The former president Havel votes for them.


EU Summit contribution to Georgia

After the Monday summit it is clear, the main country of European interest on the East is, thanks to pressure of Poland, Sweden and also the CR the desolated Georgia, devastated by the Russian invasion. The EU wants to help it to businessly and politically arise from the ground.

The countries have agreed that there will be a treaty about free business zone, easing of visa regime and endeavor in coordinating of donating conference, to establish sources for the country restorement.

The summit was criticized for the fact EU didn’t really stood up against Russian demands, they solely want Russia to keep a peace treaty, so basically the EU let the regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia to gain sovereignty, and to join Russia in future.


Jessica Korda decided to Represent the USA

Just weeks ago, it seemed that Korda would finally become the dignified representative of Czech golf. Jessica proved as a really talented and having huge skill, as she ended 19th on the US open at the age of 15. The next year, she represents the USA. She said the main reasons are she spends most of the time there and feels like an American. “I come to the Czech Republic once a year for a few weeks, it seems logical to represent the USA. To get into American representation is harder and more demanding.” the ambitious golfist said for Golf Digest.

Her father Petr Korda, who used to represent the Czech Republic in tennis, promised his daughter will represent the CR until 15, than she will decide how to continue. He criticises Czech Golf association for not helping them in any way: “Jessica represented all the time, even when she didn’t get anything from the association. It is nice people say Jessica is ‘ours’, so why nobody put her into the best juniors?” The Czech Golf association took her for granted, which didn’t paid off. Also, Jessica probably feels better as an American in any way, but still she already got hearts of many fans here.

Mayors have delivered a petition against closing of Masarykovo Nadrazi

Three thousands people have subscribed under the petition, which demands cancelling of Masarykovo Nadrazi to stop. Mayors of Central Bohemia villages and cities, who have initiated the petition, have handed it to the town council yesterday. Most of the people signed were from the central Bohemia, but a thousand of them from Prague. So according to the law Prague Representatives have to take it into consideration.

The problem of the Railway station is it was build for steam engines, and most of the area is unused, or there are some doubtful shops. The idea was Masarykovo Nadrazi Prague will be repaired, and the train depot from 19th century will be turned into a Railway museum, the surrounding unused areas than into new quarters.


Pumpkins Exhibition in Prague

Oh yeas, we are serious. You have never been to a pumpkin exhibition before? Now you have a chance. Ing. Petr Herynek, the long-term cooperator of Botanical garden of the capital city of Prague, brought almost 2000 of pumpkins to botanical garden in Troja. Of course, they vary from the most common sorts to the very unusal with comics names like White UFO, Longer from Nice, Golden Nugget etc.

Supporting programme:
On weekends you can also buy pumpkins
4th and 5th October: workshops for kids and adults: animals from pumpkins, pumpkins and painting.

Venue: Botanical Garden in Troja, Close to Zoo Prague. Opened – 2nd September to 5th October 2008.


Róisín Murphy and Mr. Oizo heading to Prague – Electronic Beats Festival

The third volume of the festival Electronic beats brings attractive music performances of electro-pop, ambient or techno genres. On Friday 14th November 2008, Róisín Murphy, Mr. Oizo, The Orb, Hercules and Love Affair, Junior Boys and Cartonnage will perform for your amusement.

Róisín Murphy is undoubtedly one of the main attractions of the show. The former member of Moloko has made two successful solo albums, on which she presented an interesting combination of disco and elektro-pop. Róisín Murphy with her singles scores in hit parades and during live shows she surprises by her original mode creations.

The Orb is the group presenting ambient, house and techno. They got into sub-consciousness of their fans how they smuggled chill-out music into musical mainstream

The festival starts on Friday 14th November in Prague Veletrzni Palac.


Prague Carnival, Rio de Janeiro Style

The colourful parade of allegorical cars, sexy dancers, stilters, jugglers and drummers takes place in Prague again. Inspired by the world famous carnivals, especially the one in Rio, Prague Carnival is a march of a merry crowd in colourful masks.

Allegorical vehicles made by artists are created in order to support salsa and samba dancers from groups of the whole republic, surely with support of dancers from Cuba, Brazil, Panama, Ecuador, Germany, England… music for them is played by Latino-American DJs, also by live groups.

Continue Reading, also for 2008 programme here


Prague wants to be a European Green City

The competition is intended for European cities with more than 200.000 citizens. The aim is to evaluate and honour those cities, which take care of its environment. This year is the first volume.

According to councilman Petr Stepanek from the Greens, who is the one responsible for Prague environment, Prague could gain experiences with how the other big cities of Europe take care of their living space.

The winner should be known until the end of the year. The idea is not new to Prague; “… in 2006, Prague stood, with other fourteen great European cities at the spring of this idea. Today, the initiative is supported by more than 40 cities.”

The main point here is not to win the prize, but to share knowledge.


Czech Gadget: Computer is possible to control by Eyes

The graduate of Grammar school by Jedlickuv ustav Michal Kabat presented the invention today – the system called I4Control for people with physical disadvantages. Since the next week, it is possible to buy it in Prague and the CR.

The first version of the gadget was first developed by Czech Marcela Fejtova from Cybernetics faculty of CVUT in Prague.

It is based on a little camera fixed to a spectacle frame, which scans movement of a person’s pupil. Its movement is than transmitted to a cursor on a screen, blinking stands for clicking.

The Czech invention will be sold since 2009 in other countries of the EU. Other systems exist in other countries, but are usually much more expensive. According to Fejtova they costs start from 5000 Euro. The Czech device costs 1560 €.


EU Georgia Summit – Satisfied Russia won't close oil tube

Russia can celebrate their diplomatic victory over the EU – the European Union didn’t accept any hard restrictions against Russia, Moscow was satisfied and promised, they won’t stop the flow of oil and gas.

The Russian foreign ministry published a report from the summit, stating: “Some of the states of the EU appealed for sanctions on Russia … the main point is, most of the EU states shown responsible attitude and also shown support for the line aiming to cooperation with Russia, because they well realize the importance of mutual cooperation.”

At the same time Russia clearly disagrees with one of the thesis of the summits, the one stating the use of Russian force against Georgia was inadequate. “The actions of Tbilisi, and those who supply weapons to Georgia, weren’t evaluated enough” Moscow closes.


Bursik: If I won't be able to defend my post, I am leaving the government

This weekend, the Greens have a very important meeting, where they decide about heir new leader. Martin Bursik, the present leader of the Greens, was challenged by Dana Kuchtova from his party.

Kuchtova criticizes Bursik for she claims he recedes from the programme the Greens were voted to the parliament with, representing more right-hand politics than would be expected for a Green party. She claims similar thing about the foreign minister Karel Schwarzenberg.

The ex-president Havel suggest the party should take themselves less seriously. He believes those disputes are common among Green Parties in other European countries.

Prices of Soviet-style block Apartments fall Down

Of more than 5% in 2007 only. According to experts it is a result of many factors: people tend to think more about buying a flat, growing inflation together with economical optimism weakening after six years of growing.

Interest cool-off can be seen in market of brick flats as well, according to brokers quite a number of factors participate: “People tend to think more about buying a flat, inflation is growing and economical optimism weakens after six years of growth.” Cost of goods increase every year.

The main reason is price, which does not correspond to demand. Those, who would have money for overpriced prefabricated flat tend to choose other and more attractive housing. These, who can’t afford attractive housing, usually also can’t pay more than the real price.

Tomas Bata Junior Died

In Toronto, Canada, Tomas Bata died at the age of 94. The world-known shoe businessman passed away at 13:40. His spokesman Lacko said that “He left in the middle of work, calmly and in peace, surrounded by his closest ones.”

The news of his dead stoke the whole region of Zlin, where Bata shoe empire started from. The principal of Zlin University of Tomas Bata Ignac Hoza said for Denik he is shaken, as this is a huge loss; “Until the last day he was full of life, I would never imagine he could pass already. I telephoned with him a week ago”

Tomas Bata’s funeral is going to be on 5th September in Toronto. In his life work he always advanced the basis of business ethics. He carried many high evaluations, e.g. the T.G. Masaryk Medal and Slovak Double Cross. He became a honorable doctor of many world universities. They brought up one son and three daughters with his wife Sonya.


Havel: EU should admit Russia was aggressor

The former president of the CR Vaclav Havel commented in the Sunday Tv debate Otazky Vaclava Moravce on the EU summit in France, which should discuss the Russian-Georgian conflict. He said: “When a bear attacks a dwarf, it should at least be known and said.”

Havel is a moral authority, which is not afraid to call things by their real names: “It seems that oil is more important than human rights and a state’s sovereignty.” in reaction on the question, if Europe is going to pass resolutions against Russia. According to Havel, Europe needs Russian energy supplies, and so they are not going to make any significant step for Georgia borders preservation.

The Czech government supports Georgia sovereignty and territorial integrity, and do not agree with the independence of the two Georgian regions. The Czech Government supports Georgia, politically and economically. They differ from Vaclav Klaus, who labelled Georgia as the aggressor.

Havel also mentioned analogy between Georgia and the 1938 Munich Agreement. Part of the regions of Czechoslovakia of that time was given to Hitler, because Europe was afraid to stand against him. We all know how it ended.


List of Most Wanted of Tourist Prague

CzechTourism, an agency run by the state, informed about the most visited places in the Czech Republic. Not surprisingly, the Prague Castle holds firmly among the most visited, with Prague Zoo catching up.

Top Ten
1. Prague Castle 1.42 million
2. Prague ZOO 1.27 million
3. National Museum 687,000
4. Jewish Museum 674,000
5. National Gallery 571,000
6. Dvůr Králové ZOO 542,000
7. Lešná ZOO 503,000
8. Theresienstadt Memorial 470,000
9. Prague Old Town City Hall 433,000
10.Pilsen ZOO and Botanical Garden 402,000

In the museum category, the National Museum in Prague was the most popular in 2007, followed by the Jewish Museum and the National Gallery, both in Prague.

Among the industrial sights, the first place went to Plzensky Prazdroj brewery, the maker of Pilsner Urquell. It attract tourists with a tour around the plant, short films, and tasting of their famous beer directly from the barrel.

The second place in the industrial section went to Prague Zizkov Tower.


Planned Buddhist temple in Prague already has parcel

The foreman of the Vietnamese society in the Czech Republic Marcel Winter said for Pravo, the temple may be build much sooner than media expect; “It may be there as soon as in one year”. They have the parcel in Prague 4 Písnice bought, just 100 m from the planed final stop of metro.

According to Radio Praha, in the Czech Republic officially live about 22 000 citizens of Vietnamese origin. Their community is most significant as tradesmen, it differs from other foreign communities mostly by not expecting any special care, proving high self sufficiency. Again, the Buddhist temple is to be sponsored by the community, by individuals and businesses as well.

Beside the Vietnamese and the other Asian communities in the Czech Republic, other 7000 people indose Buddhism, many unofficial oratories spring in Prague and other places in the Czech Republic.


Czech Republic Abandons Halers

Starting today, the 50-haler coins cease to be accepted in the Czech Republic. That means, the last haler coins are disappearing from our, Czech, reality.

In 18th century, when the so called First Republic was young, eight various haler coins were used – 2, 5, 10, 25 and 50 halers. When I was born in 1980’s, there were 10, 20 and 50 commonly used, 5 haler coin was already a rarity people carried for good luck.

Why we would stop using them? The official explanation is people quit using them. The National Bank is receiving back only a fraction of the coins. Originally, there were 50-haler coins worth 200 millions czk, from the total 350 billions of circulating money, so halers formed quite a minor part anyway.