Compact archive September 1, 2008

Havel: EU should admit Russia was aggressor

The former president of the CR Vaclav Havel commented in the Sunday Tv debate Otazky Vaclava Moravce on the EU summit in France, which should discuss the Russian-Georgian conflict. He said: “When a bear attacks a dwarf, it should at least be known and said.”

Havel is a moral authority, which is not afraid to call things by their real names: “It seems that oil is more important than human rights and a state’s sovereignty.” in reaction on the question, if Europe is going to pass resolutions against Russia. According to Havel, Europe needs Russian energy supplies, and so they are not going to make any significant step for Georgia borders preservation.

The Czech government supports Georgia sovereignty and territorial integrity, and do not agree with the independence of the two Georgian regions. The Czech Government supports Georgia, politically and economically. They differ from Vaclav Klaus, who labelled Georgia as the aggressor.

Havel also mentioned analogy between Georgia and the 1938 Munich Agreement. Part of the regions of Czechoslovakia of that time was given to Hitler, because Europe was afraid to stand against him. We all know how it ended.


List of Most Wanted of Tourist Prague

CzechTourism, an agency run by the state, informed about the most visited places in the Czech Republic. Not surprisingly, the Prague Castle holds firmly among the most visited, with Prague Zoo catching up.

Top Ten
1. Prague Castle 1.42 million
2. Prague ZOO 1.27 million
3. National Museum 687,000
4. Jewish Museum 674,000
5. National Gallery 571,000
6. Dvůr Králové ZOO 542,000
7. Lešná ZOO 503,000
8. Theresienstadt Memorial 470,000
9. Prague Old Town City Hall 433,000
10.Pilsen ZOO and Botanical Garden 402,000

In the museum category, the National Museum in Prague was the most popular in 2007, followed by the Jewish Museum and the National Gallery, both in Prague.

Among the industrial sights, the first place went to Plzensky Prazdroj brewery, the maker of Pilsner Urquell. It attract tourists with a tour around the plant, short films, and tasting of their famous beer directly from the barrel.

The second place in the industrial section went to Prague Zizkov Tower.


Planned Buddhist temple in Prague already has parcel

The foreman of the Vietnamese society in the Czech Republic Marcel Winter said for Pravo, the temple may be build much sooner than media expect; “It may be there as soon as in one year”. They have the parcel in Prague 4 Písnice bought, just 100 m from the planed final stop of metro.

According to Radio Praha, in the Czech Republic officially live about 22 000 citizens of Vietnamese origin. Their community is most significant as tradesmen, it differs from other foreign communities mostly by not expecting any special care, proving high self sufficiency. Again, the Buddhist temple is to be sponsored by the community, by individuals and businesses as well.

Beside the Vietnamese and the other Asian communities in the Czech Republic, other 7000 people indose Buddhism, many unofficial oratories spring in Prague and other places in the Czech Republic.


Czech Republic Abandons Halers

Starting today, the 50-haler coins cease to be accepted in the Czech Republic. That means, the last haler coins are disappearing from our, Czech, reality.

In 18th century, when the so called First Republic was young, eight various haler coins were used – 2, 5, 10, 25 and 50 halers. When I was born in 1980’s, there were 10, 20 and 50 commonly used, 5 haler coin was already a rarity people carried for good luck.

Why we would stop using them? The official explanation is people quit using them. The National Bank is receiving back only a fraction of the coins. Originally, there were 50-haler coins worth 200 millions czk, from the total 350 billions of circulating money, so halers formed quite a minor part anyway.