Compact archive September 2, 2008

Czech Gadget: Computer is possible to control by Eyes

The graduate of Grammar school by Jedlickuv ustav Michal Kabat presented the invention today – the system called I4Control for people with physical disadvantages. Since the next week, it is possible to buy it in Prague and the CR.

The first version of the gadget was first developed by Czech Marcela Fejtova from Cybernetics faculty of CVUT in Prague.

It is based on a little camera fixed to a spectacle frame, which scans movement of a person’s pupil. Its movement is than transmitted to a cursor on a screen, blinking stands for clicking.

The Czech invention will be sold since 2009 in other countries of the EU. Other systems exist in other countries, but are usually much more expensive. According to Fejtova they costs start from 5000 Euro. The Czech device costs 1560 €.


EU Georgia Summit – Satisfied Russia won't close oil tube

Russia can celebrate their diplomatic victory over the EU – the European Union didn’t accept any hard restrictions against Russia, Moscow was satisfied and promised, they won’t stop the flow of oil and gas.

The Russian foreign ministry published a report from the summit, stating: “Some of the states of the EU appealed for sanctions on Russia … the main point is, most of the EU states shown responsible attitude and also shown support for the line aiming to cooperation with Russia, because they well realize the importance of mutual cooperation.”

At the same time Russia clearly disagrees with one of the thesis of the summits, the one stating the use of Russian force against Georgia was inadequate. “The actions of Tbilisi, and those who supply weapons to Georgia, weren’t evaluated enough” Moscow closes.


Bursik: If I won't be able to defend my post, I am leaving the government

This weekend, the Greens have a very important meeting, where they decide about heir new leader. Martin Bursik, the present leader of the Greens, was challenged by Dana Kuchtova from his party.

Kuchtova criticizes Bursik for she claims he recedes from the programme the Greens were voted to the parliament with, representing more right-hand politics than would be expected for a Green party. She claims similar thing about the foreign minister Karel Schwarzenberg.

The ex-president Havel suggest the party should take themselves less seriously. He believes those disputes are common among Green Parties in other European countries.

Prices of Soviet-style block Apartments fall Down

Of more than 5% in 2007 only. According to experts it is a result of many factors: people tend to think more about buying a flat, growing inflation together with economical optimism weakening after six years of growing.

Interest cool-off can be seen in market of brick flats as well, according to brokers quite a number of factors participate: “People tend to think more about buying a flat, inflation is growing and economical optimism weakens after six years of growth.” Cost of goods increase every year.

The main reason is price, which does not correspond to demand. Those, who would have money for overpriced prefabricated flat tend to choose other and more attractive housing. These, who can’t afford attractive housing, usually also can’t pay more than the real price.

Tomas Bata Junior Died

In Toronto, Canada, Tomas Bata died at the age of 94. The world-known shoe businessman passed away at 13:40. His spokesman Lacko said that “He left in the middle of work, calmly and in peace, surrounded by his closest ones.”

The news of his dead stoke the whole region of Zlin, where Bata shoe empire started from. The principal of Zlin University of Tomas Bata Ignac Hoza said for Denik he is shaken, as this is a huge loss; “Until the last day he was full of life, I would never imagine he could pass already. I telephoned with him a week ago”

Tomas Bata’s funeral is going to be on 5th September in Toronto. In his life work he always advanced the basis of business ethics. He carried many high evaluations, e.g. the T.G. Masaryk Medal and Slovak Double Cross. He became a honorable doctor of many world universities. They brought up one son and three daughters with his wife Sonya.