Compact archive September 3, 2008

Mayors have delivered a petition against closing of Masarykovo Nadrazi

Three thousands people have subscribed under the petition, which demands cancelling of Masarykovo Nadrazi to stop. Mayors of Central Bohemia villages and cities, who have initiated the petition, have handed it to the town council yesterday. Most of the people signed were from the central Bohemia, but a thousand of them from Prague. So according to the law Prague Representatives have to take it into consideration.

The problem of the Railway station is it was build for steam engines, and most of the area is unused, or there are some doubtful shops. The idea was Masarykovo Nadrazi Prague will be repaired, and the train depot from 19th century will be turned into a Railway museum, the surrounding unused areas than into new quarters.


Pumpkins Exhibition in Prague

Oh yeas, we are serious. You have never been to a pumpkin exhibition before? Now you have a chance. Ing. Petr Herynek, the long-term cooperator of Botanical garden of the capital city of Prague, brought almost 2000 of pumpkins to botanical garden in Troja. Of course, they vary from the most common sorts to the very unusal with comics names like White UFO, Longer from Nice, Golden Nugget etc.

Supporting programme:
On weekends you can also buy pumpkins
4th and 5th October: workshops for kids and adults: animals from pumpkins, pumpkins and painting.

Venue: Botanical Garden in Troja, Close to Zoo Prague. Opened – 2nd September to 5th October 2008.


Róisín Murphy and Mr. Oizo heading to Prague – Electronic Beats Festival

The third volume of the festival Electronic beats brings attractive music performances of electro-pop, ambient or techno genres. On Friday 14th November 2008, Róisín Murphy, Mr. Oizo, The Orb, Hercules and Love Affair, Junior Boys and Cartonnage will perform for your amusement.

Róisín Murphy is undoubtedly one of the main attractions of the show. The former member of Moloko has made two successful solo albums, on which she presented an interesting combination of disco and elektro-pop. Róisín Murphy with her singles scores in hit parades and during live shows she surprises by her original mode creations.

The Orb is the group presenting ambient, house and techno. They got into sub-consciousness of their fans how they smuggled chill-out music into musical mainstream

The festival starts on Friday 14th November in Prague Veletrzni Palac.


Prague Carnival, Rio de Janeiro Style

The colourful parade of allegorical cars, sexy dancers, stilters, jugglers and drummers takes place in Prague again. Inspired by the world famous carnivals, especially the one in Rio, Prague Carnival is a march of a merry crowd in colourful masks.

Allegorical vehicles made by artists are created in order to support salsa and samba dancers from groups of the whole republic, surely with support of dancers from Cuba, Brazil, Panama, Ecuador, Germany, England… music for them is played by Latino-American DJs, also by live groups.

Continue Reading, also for 2008 programme here


Prague wants to be a European Green City

The competition is intended for European cities with more than 200.000 citizens. The aim is to evaluate and honour those cities, which take care of its environment. This year is the first volume.

According to councilman Petr Stepanek from the Greens, who is the one responsible for Prague environment, Prague could gain experiences with how the other big cities of Europe take care of their living space.

The winner should be known until the end of the year. The idea is not new to Prague; “… in 2006, Prague stood, with other fourteen great European cities at the spring of this idea. Today, the initiative is supported by more than 40 cities.”

The main point here is not to win the prize, but to share knowledge.