Compact archive September 4, 2008

The Summer festival Season is over. How was it?

Summer festivals remain the phenomena of Czech Music scene. Even when somewhere the visit rate was influenced by unfavorable weather, the organizers reported 2008 as record-breaking concerning visitors rate.

The biggest Czech festival Rock for people announced about 25000 people, which is about 1/5 more than the last year, so the famous became even more famous. They bet on famous names – British Kaiser Chiefs and American the Offspring.

Another famous festival O2 Sazava Fest brought The Skatalites and Roni Size & Mc Dynamite, which means the dramaturgy freed themselves from cliches and went for a really attractive music, not just for attractive profit. And people appreciated that as Sazava fest remains the second biggest with their 20.000.

Topolanek: The best campaign for the radar was the conflict in Southern Ossetia

The Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek stated, the recent bloody conflict among Georgia and Russia worked as the best campaign for reasoning we need the American radar base at our territory. The official materials to the US base nevertheless speaks about the base having no connection with Russia whatsoever.

The official American explanation of the interconnected system of anti-air defence in Poland and the CR is a protection against dangerous states such as Iran. The anti-rocket system doesn’t relate to Russia. But Russia took it from the beginning very personally, and they are also those who became notorious with various threatening of both the states.


The new Leader of Czech Greens will be Who?

duel flag The Median agency initiated a pool to find out, who should be the new leader of the Greens. Nearly 1,100 people participated in the poll with the outcome: most of the public asked would like the present vice chairwoman Dana Kuchova to be the new leader of the Greens. But the important thing is those who voted for the Greens in Previous elections would like to keep the present chairman an Environment Minister Martin Bursik at the lead government.

The reason why the public wants the change may be, the Greens under Bursik got some serious responsibilities, like the post of the Education minister and the Foreign minister. To replace the leader would mean the Greens could lose what they achieved, and so those who are not in favour of the Green Party want them to.

The Green Party present the ‘middle wing’ political thinking. The former president Havel votes for them.


EU Summit contribution to Georgia

After the Monday summit it is clear, the main country of European interest on the East is, thanks to pressure of Poland, Sweden and also the CR the desolated Georgia, devastated by the Russian invasion. The EU wants to help it to businessly and politically arise from the ground.

The countries have agreed that there will be a treaty about free business zone, easing of visa regime and endeavor in coordinating of donating conference, to establish sources for the country restorement.

The summit was criticized for the fact EU didn’t really stood up against Russian demands, they solely want Russia to keep a peace treaty, so basically the EU let the regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia to gain sovereignty, and to join Russia in future.


Jessica Korda decided to Represent the USA

Just weeks ago, it seemed that Korda would finally become the dignified representative of Czech golf. Jessica proved as a really talented and having huge skill, as she ended 19th on the US open at the age of 15. The next year, she represents the USA. She said the main reasons are she spends most of the time there and feels like an American. “I come to the Czech Republic once a year for a few weeks, it seems logical to represent the USA. To get into American representation is harder and more demanding.” the ambitious golfist said for Golf Digest.

Her father Petr Korda, who used to represent the Czech Republic in tennis, promised his daughter will represent the CR until 15, than she will decide how to continue. He criticises Czech Golf association for not helping them in any way: “Jessica represented all the time, even when she didn’t get anything from the association. It is nice people say Jessica is ‘ours’, so why nobody put her into the best juniors?” The Czech Golf association took her for granted, which didn’t paid off. Also, Jessica probably feels better as an American in any way, but still she already got hearts of many fans here.