Compact archive September 8, 2008

Horace 'Sleepy' Andy live in Prague

One of the most significant and influential reggae vocalists Horace Andy is in possession of the voice, which has no equivalent in the whole Jamaica. His records from the 70’s are a rich inspiration source for all the lovers of the genre, his new records he made together with the stars of hip-hop Massive Attack brought him new crowds of young fans.

He started his hit series by the song Skylarking, which made it to the top of Jamaican hitcharts, and other hits came shortly by; Love of a woman, Every tongue shall tell, Where do the children play, Oh Lord why Lord

The important moment came at the end of 80’s, when a beginning group from Bristol contacted him in order he would make a few songs with them. Andy liked the idea and soon the massive hit One Love rung in all the clubs.

Concerts of Andy are special because he always brings something new when performing live. Any you can indeed hear him live – in Roxy, Dlouha street 33. The day is Tuesday 4th November 2008 from 19:00. Tickets at Ticketpro for 430 czk.


Extortionate cause of ODS

The television TV Nova has revealed what was the scenario of the story; Vlastimil Tlusty is a politician known for his cause – about two years ago, there were reputedly some pictures of him with prostitutes, which has never got to the public, Tlusty defended himself it is all fake.

Now, Tlusty let himself to be pictured in jacuzzi with a girl, and trying to use them as a bait, trying, if anyone from the ODS will buy them in order to blackmail him afterwards, started to play his game. The inordinate plan aimed for the highest places in the parliament, so Tlusty could profit from their loss. They found one, not from a top chair, but still a known one – Jan Morava.

Even more striking was Jan Morava became known just a few days before for another blackmail case – he tried to blackmail Jana Zubova with pictures of her daughter just a few weeks ago. Now, when both of the cases came out, Topolanek demands resignation from both of them, Tlusty and Morava.


Prague court came between developer and Pankrac

Further development of Pankrac into new business centre of Prague has many opposers. Prague court now belongs to them. According to it the administrative procedures leading to approval of the new expressways and streets were not legal and full of flaws. Pankrac is very close to the main highway in the CR.

The ECM company, the investor at Pankrac site is not, according to their speaker, going to change the plan, not going to take the decision into consideration.

The lawyer Ondrej Tosner, who wrote the charges, evaluates the sentence as a breakthrough; “According to it the whole process of finishing the Pankrac design is practically illegal”

This is just one of the voices speaking against the planned construction. One of the most influential vices came from UNESCO, which considers the design as harmful to Prague scenery.


The winning leader of the Greens is Bursik

Bursik successfully survived the greatest rupture in his party. Dana Kuchtova’s rebellion brought even more sympathies for Martin Bursik, as he proved to work effectively under pressure. He not only won his chair, he also re-occupied the seats in the lead of the Greens, this time with his allies. The vice-leader became the Education Minister Ondrej Liska, the other heads became Katerina Jacques and Martin Ander.

Bursik’s challenger, the ex-chairman and ex-Education minister of the Greens, Dana Kuchtova, lost in candidacy on the leader and also in candidacy for the vice-leader.

Bursik have left nothing to chance, and gained one important advantage in advance; he travelled the Czech Republic and founded about 50 base groups of the Greens. The 50 new representatives decided the vote.

Bursik didn’t stopped at getting his post, he also needed to assure a similar situation won’t repeat. So he achieved one more thing – a few minutes before the end of the meeting, he call away about one third of the council, basically he not only gained new supporters, he also got rid of those against.

The way Martin Busik, in similar way as Mirek Topolanek, managed in the time crisis, shows up how they will behave when there will be a real state crisis. In satisfactory way.


Bruckner's Austria beaten France

Karel Bruckner has been at lead of the Austria team for only two months, but he achieved one sensation already. By the Saturday win 3:1 the Czech coach Bruckner gained over the Austrian fans. For whom it is an incredible success. France and Austria, compared in the FIFA chart, have incredible 90 positions among them.

Bruckner came with his typical personal style and immediately celebrated success. He pulled back defence a bit, and found an attacker of Jan Koller’s style. And the tall shooter Marek Janko immediately started to shoot goals. The Austria team has a chance to fight at a larger tournament after years.