Compact archive September 9, 2008

Conor Oberst - Songster in Prague

Tomorrow, the American songster Conor Oberst introduces himself in Prague allstar club Roxy. He leaves his project Bright Eyes at home; plays songs from his new solo record.

28yo musician and poet Conor Obers doesn’t waste his time, as he wanders the music world since he was eleven. He tried it with numerous projects (like Desaparecidos, Norman Bailer, Park Ave. a Commander Venus) in his home Nebraska, published over ten LPs and a few more singles and EPs. He gained the most fame with his collective Bright Eyes, which 7th record ‘Cassadaga’ appeared last year.

What is his performance in Prague, accompanied by his live group Mystic Valley Band going to look like? If you check his myspace profile and like it, you can go to hear for yourself. Into Roxy, the club close to Staromestske namesti, on 10th September 2008.


Buy Czech Train Ticket on the Internet

Ceske Drahy (Czech Railway company) have finally decided to let another piece of technology into their lairs – their customers can finally buy train tickets via Internet. The provider of the service is PaySec. Links to the shopping page can be found, together with complex information of services at

Or You can go directly to the pages of the ticket shop The Czech Railways have joined the group of travelling companies that accept PaySec, for example the company, well-known for their futuristic luxurious buses which will transport European Politicians during our EU chairmanship,, with air tickets, or

The Best Czech Beer according to The Times

It may be a cliché, but it is a fact anyway – in the world, we are known the best for our beer. The traditional British newspaper The Times published a list of the ten best Czech beers. The author is Evan Rail, known for his book Good Beer Guide Prague and Czech Republic.

So, the Best Czech breweries according to The Times:

1. Pivovarsky Dvur, Chyne
2. Berounsky Medved, Beroun
3. Moritz, Olomouc
4. Vendelin, Liberec
5. Pernstejn, Pardubice
6. Pivovar nova Paka
7. Medlesice
8. Pivovarsky Dvur Lipan
9. Pilsner Urquell, Plzen
10. Dalesice

Well, the truth is, I have never heard about most of those beers, as a matter of fact I had only three of these – Pilsner Urquell, which I consider the best Czech beer ever, than Medved, which is quite bitter but good, and Pernstejn, which I had to drink during my studies in Pardubice, which tastes like mud, and which I was getting used to about half a year.

What I really appreciate is the author Rail had to spend a lot of time travelling and degustation. It is an inspiration for a road-beer trip in the Czech Republic.


Czech parliament blackmail case – Morava out

For information about The Extortionate cause read here. Rebelling members of ODS Juraj Raninec and Jan Schwipel don’t believe Morava is the only person involved in the cause with compromising shots. Morava resigned on his post yesterday, but a part of ODS have revolted and want the head of the leader of the club, Petr Tluchor.

In ODS, the sharp debate have deepened. The rebelling part of the ODS see the main problem that the TV Nova film points to Tluchor advised Morava to take the contact on the sellers.

Doubtful is also the role of Vlastimil Tlusty. He described his role as the agent provocateur, but contrary is the case. The TV Nova documentary showed up that even when the idea came form the television, Tlusty actively took the opportunity and guided the reporters. He also offered he will record the Prime Minister.


Czech Etymologists in India found Guilty

Two world-accredited etymologists were found guilty from illegal beetle collecting in a National India park. It is the result of the sentence from court in Darjeeling, India. The two Czech scientists are in danger of getting up to seven years in India prison, they will know the length on Wednesday. Now, they are going to fight for a pardon.

They are going to ask for a pardon on Wednesday, if they won’t succeed, their lawyer is going to appeal to higher instance.

51 y-o employee of the etymological institute of the Academy of Sciences Svacha and a year younger Kucera were detained on 22nd June close to the national park Singalila. The Czechs reputedly had over 200 beetles with them. When at a police station, they were given empty sheets of paper, which they signed. On those sheets later appeared the charges.