Compact archive September 10, 2008

The first Czech paralympic gold went to Athletic latebloomer

The first of Czech handicapped sportsmen to gain gold in Peking Paralympics became the athletic latebloomer Eva Kacanu. She won the competition at the age of 43. What’s more, she also set the new world record by throwing 6,73 m.

Her first toss was 6,59 m, by which she got to the top of the chart. But that wasn’t enough for her; by the sixth try she made it over the world record.

Her last miracle throw brought back the memory of the golden medal success of Barbora Spotakova in javelin, at the same stadium during the Olympic Games.

Eva Kacanu has a title of the world champion from 2006, at the last Paralympics in Athens she gained the silver.


The court in India: Only one Etymologist can go Home yet

The court in Darjeeling have released one of the two Czechs off charges. They were charged with illegal collecting of endangered beetles for commercial purposes. The Czech etymologist Petr Svacha was released after bailment. The second etymologist Emil Kucera was found guilty and sentenced him to three years unconditionally.

Kucera have immediately appealed to higher instance. When the case started, Svacha and Kucera were in danger of getting up seven years, if all the charges will be proved. This is an exemplary case, of how the developing countries punish individuals for ‘ecologic crimes’, but don’t see how kilometres of forests are plundered by large companies every day.


Blob Library: The Leading Advocate Frozen Out

The minister of culture have recalled the leader of the National Library Vlastimil Jezek because of the battles around the Kaplicky’s Design.

Who stands among Klaus and his goals will be shifted aside. Such can be the explanation of why was Jezek recalled from day to day, by a call to his cell phone. The winning design of the National Library ‘Blob’ became fatal for his career.

Vlastimil Jezek made a miscalculation when he thought he won’t be called off his function. With him leaving, the ‘Blob’ project ends for now. The National Library have wasted at least 30 mil czk for the international contest and payments around the project.

Kaplicky can hope for next elections, because CSSD leader Paroubek promised him to build the Blob for Prague. If the elections will mean loss for the ODS, Jezek may come back too.


The blackmail case in ODS continues

Vlastimil Tlusty lost his support in the ODS. The meeting the Civic Democratic party held yesterday was a collective support of the Prime minister. At the end, the party appealed to Tlusty to resign.

Vlastimil Tlusty has been in politics for 14 years, during which he did things we can only imagine. But it would be naive to think the only guilty person was Morava, who has been there for two years so far, and who was at least decent enough to resign.

Vlastimil Tlusty however blames other parliamentaries, probably in endeavour to hold his post as long as possible. There are two other deputies of the ODS – Dalik and Tluchor, whom he says were interested in the blackmail in the first place.

It seems that such as the Greens did, the ODS will have to loose members before the elections.


Srotozemstan, the WEEE man landed in Prague

the original statue in London Srotozemstan is back! Respectively, the first statue made from old electronics appeared close to metro station Andel. It ‘looks’ at pedestrians from its seven metres height. In Prague, it appeared for the third time, as it is a mascot of the event, inspiring folk to recycle their used electronics. The organizer of the happening is traditionally ASEKOL, a non-profit association dealing with electric-trash recycling.

So right now, if you have some electric devices you don’t use, now it is the good time to get rid of them – bring them to Andel and help the Srotozemstan to grow. The main statue will grow until Thursday, which is also the day when thrash contributors can win something in a draw.

Czech Srotozemstan was inspired by English WEEE man, the robotic statue, that was created by Paul Bonomini in London.