Compact archive September 11, 2008

Luggage Weight Limits of CSA

Czech Airlines have changed the weight limit of luggage a traveller can take with him/her without extra charge. CSA wants the passengers to have lighter luggage by 3 kilos – from 23kg to 20 kg. The resolution will be valid from 26th October 2008.

The new limit does not relate to passengers in business class, owners of loyalty cards and flights to USA and Canada. The Czech Airlines expect the action will lead to reducing weight of transported luggage, and so to reducing fuel consumption. The reason is also most of the airlines have the limit set to 20 kg, and travelers had problems at consequential flights.

Payments for excess luggage differ according to destinations. For example the flight from Prague to Roma means every +kg 355 czk.


Blue Mauritius is in Prague, You can see it. Only This Weekend

The most famous postal stamp in the World have arrived to Prague yesterday. According to tv Nova, the Blue Mauritius and his brother Red Mauritius in the metropolis from Friday to Sunday. They will be displayed on the world philatelist exhibition at Prague Exhibition Ground. Philatelist jewels were brought by the governor of the Queen’s Elizabeth II collection, Michael Sefi himself.

Their arrival was accompanied by the most strict security proceedings. Both the Mairitiuses are to be under bullet proof glass. The way to them leads through metal detectors and a security frame. Not speaking about security guards all around. The stamp worth many millions in world’s hardest currencies attracts.


New National Library Leader Supports Kaplicky's Blob

The leader of the National Library was recalled from political reasons from his post. He was replaced by his former deputy Pavel Hazuka. Hazuka immediately surprised by continuing in the road which cost Jezek his post; Hazuka looks for a piece of land to build the Blob on.

Hazuka sees the design of Blob as unique. So the story of Blob is not over by far, as the opposers hoped. They didn’t help anything by recalling Jezek, his successor belongs to the group witch respects the international contest more than the old men on the Castle.

Hazuka have also seen the first private location, which was offered to be the ‘Blob territory’. The place is in Prague, however its location is kept secret, and so is the new strategy, which the National Library team plans. The problem is, the Prague ODS have already achieved the international contest was (on the second shot) pronounced illegal.


The biggest experiment in the history of mankind

The new era of science have started; the biggest machine ever made will simulate big bang, hopefully reveling some of the secrets of universe creation. European Organization for Nuclear Research have spend over 6 billions € on the construction. The whole device is placed close to Geneva, underground at Switzerland-French border.

Shortly after 11 am the first protons were successfully send through the whole 27 kilometres of The Large Hadron Collider by the speed of 99,99% speed of light.

Europe have succeeded in the project, which the USA abandoned fifteen years ago after two billions dollars spend. The USA team was however present and helped with the whole project.

The Czech contribution came from scientists of the Academy of Sciences, Charles University and CVUT. The main Czech aim was cooperating on development of the ATLAS detector, which is at the present moment the biggest measuring instrument of the world.


Milos Forman and Vaclav Havel Make movie together!

The Czech Movie Director Milos Forman prepares for his new movie, which script he is going to write with the former president of Czechoslovakia Vaclav Havel. They have chosen some real topic; the Munchen Agreement, dictate, betrayal of 1938, which infamous 70 anniversary we commemorate this month.

Information about the picture have been kept secret for long, only yesterday got the MF Dnes the info confirmed by the Havel’s office. The base of the film is a ‘true story’ of French journalist and writer Georges-Marc Benamou The Ghost of Munich which made quite a sensation on French scene. The author is a well-known personality of Politics as well – he was an advisor off Nicolas Sarkozy.

Havel wrote the preface to the book translation: “The Munich agreement was an incident which stigmatized or influenced the atmosphere in our country and its history for long tens of years”

Save your money, sleep in hostels in Prague

Price for accommodation in Prague is still rising up, although number of tourists are getting down this year. So this expense will be probably the main item on your travel budget. The wise choosing of your resting place in Prague can save loads of money which you can spend on more supreme Prague attractions.

So, how can you save money in Prague? Sleep in a hostel!
Stay at a hostel instead of luxury hotel make a sense if you plan to use it just for overnight and you will spend there just a few hours mainly in night time. It is wise to choose one of the hostels in Prague instead of room at an expensive hotel with unneeded services that you will never use.

What is the main difference between Prague hostels and hotels? Do you think that hostels offer only an accommodation in more bedded rooms with common bathrooms and toilets? The answer is No. There is a lot of hostels in Prague where you can get a double or a triple room even with private bathroom and toilet. Of course, they are little bit more costly then rooms with common bathroom but it is still great value of money. The rooms in hostels are sometimes smaller than hotel rooms, mostly with just basic furniture. Most of their services are economical.

The price for accommodation also depends on the location of the hostel. Downtown hostels are far more expensive than hostels around the city centre of Prague. So thanks to a very cheap and comfortable public transport in Prague is the best choice a cheap hostel with private facilities not directly in Prague downtown. The price for double room with private bathroom starts at 35 EUR in this location.