Compact archive September 12, 2008

Video: Tourist trip to Prague – fun, happy

This video was made by, and it depicts the trip all the way from the USA to Prague, shown in pictures and video, it is an amateur movie, however it is edited very nicely and it is fun to watch. And they show also some things that are not known to Prague people – tourist accommodation, in this case the interior of luxurious hotel and spa Alchemist.

They do some traditional sightseeing, among which is the Old Town Square, and of course the Gothic jewel of Prague, the Prague Castle. But why I put the video here – they got me with the sight I like the most, the Charles Bridge in the morning. As I say, the best sight in Prague is the Charles Bridge when the sun rises. As the vacant says: it is all mine :D it is beautiful indeed. Enjoy!


Strings of Autumn Prague

The Festival of Jazz and Classical Music, Tradition and Experiment combined returns again. Since the very beginning, the aim of the festival was to inspire and initiate original projects. The organizers try hard for number of premieres increase every year – to provide unique concert programmes which cannot be seen anywhere else.

The festival is special in the choice of venues as well, as it takes place in many significant buildings in Prague. At concert halls, theatres and churches.

The fist guest of the series is in the Holesovice La Fabrica the Austrian multipercussionist and a fresh holder of Leonard Bernstein Award – Martin Grubinger. He plays at Rudolfinum.

The tickets info and shop is here. This year’s season brings concert of Chava Alberstein with Czech Guests, the project of Lenka Dusilova Clarinet Factory and Beata Hlavenkova or joint concert of Joel Frederiksen and Jiri Pavlica with their ensembles. Concerts: 28th September – 9th November 2008

Read on for information about Strings of Autumn Festival in Prague


Parcel for the Blob Library – fact or fiction?

The Blob matter still continues, it will soon be two years since the international contest was announced. The National Library has a new leader now and a new piece of land to build on. A private company has allegedly offered it to Jezek.

The management of the Library keeps secret, which location is should be, and which is the company that made the offer. What Jezek admitted, was “It is on the territory of the capital city, somewhere at Prague 1-10 ” Kaplicky didn’t want to comment either.

The original parcel was promised by the capital, but than they backed out of the contract, allegedly because the National Library didn’t meet the requirements, which it pledged itself to.