Compact archive September 17, 2008

Black Box Revelation in Prague

In their music, there is an echo of Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones or The Stoogers and even when in the golden times of garage rock even their parents weren’t alive, their records are devoted to the style and sharp. They are similar to The White Stripes in the respect they manage solely with the guitar and drums.

Their cheeky and casual style of the singer resembles a blend of Mike Jagger and Iggy Pop, but they are too young to be blamed they are simply retro. Rock’n‘roll in their presentment is not burdened with usual genre cliches, their music is young and fresh rebel music.

Their album with the song I Think I Like You became respected by radio stations, so if they keep up, they will be soon among the well known groups of our time. You can hear them this Friday 19th September in Palac Akropolis in Prague.


Prague Airport shortly a Gallery

Prague airport in Ruzyne have changed into an art gallery. The owners of the airport let the project Aeronale 2008 in the halls of Prague Airport. The first year of the project introduces an exhibition of contemporary art created by the young generation. The main ones are Richard Koci with his piece Love, sex and money and Humanoids by Michal Trpak. The art exhibits are placed directly in the airport hall.

The exhibition inclusive of artpieces of twenty six artists lasts until 31st December. The alias of the exhibition is ‘travelling objects’. By the exhibition, the Airport management wants to humanize the environment at the airport and also provide the travelling public with a sight at contemporary art.


Georgia presented Proof Russia started the War

The phone call, recorded by the telecommunication provider, proves Georgia didn’t start the conflict. Russia was very well prepared, that is known. They moved whole regiments of tanks at border with Georgia, and started to move them in by an underground tunnel. This is also the reason, why their advancement wasn’t seen on radars.

The conversation took place on 7th August at 3:525 Georgia time. The New York Times have released the transcription, saying: “The armor and people,” the guard replied. Asked if they had gone through, he said, “Yes, 20 minutes ago; when I called you, they had already arrived.”

The Russians have an answer – their units allegedly needed supplies. Georgia have strongly refused that to be true. Russia could move their units in Georgia only during the day and report about it a month in advance.


First snow in Czech Republic in September

The temperatures have broken from pleasant summer into chilly winter. Last week on Wednesday people were wearing shorts – this Wednesday winter jackets and hats. Even in Prague, which is usually much warmer then the rest of the country.

In Jeseniky, there is more than five centimetres of snow. And according to weather forecast, on the mountains it will be snowing until the end of the week. The Czech Hydrometeorological Prediction Center promises the weather will improve during the weekend, however:

I you are going to the Czech Republic, take your winter jacket and hat, and some good shoes with you, unless you want to risk getting sick. This morning in Prague the temperatures were about 5 °C, the daily temperatures are around 8 °C. In the rest of the country it is 2°C – 6 °C.


Tlusty doesn't have to leave the ODS

The plan of the ODS bosses, who want to get rid of the provoking parliamentary Tlusty have been pulled back. The regional committee of the ODS debated the matter yesterday, and they gave support to Tusty.

Tlusty hasn’t won yet, one more committee has to debate his presence in the government. The problem is, that by this act the ODS have clearly expressed they do not care about the public. And the public will soon pay back; preferences of the ODS have fallen even more.

The government of Mirek Topolanek originated last year in January. Since then, they started to lose their supporters. Those 32,2 they got two years ago became history. The opposite CSSD have improved by 11% . How the elections would fall out according to STEM agency:

CSSD: 32,6%
ODS: 22,3%
KSCM: 11,8%
SZ (The Greens): 8,4%
KDU-CSL: 5,9%