Compact archive September 18, 2008

Caterham Race Academy arrives to the Czech Republic

Those who are interested in car racing, especially in the field of circuit racing, do not have much to choose from in the Czech Republic. The situation will change – Caterham Race Academy starts its first Czech season in 2009.

What is it about? The sport spreads Europe from Britain with the idea to provide semi-professional racers with the possibility to buy an affordable car, licence, charges for the circuit and needed education in one package. The final price is 845 thousand czk for a complete race season.

The vehicle itself – Caterham 7 Roadsport – is conceived so the driver could make the whole championship on one set of tyres and brakes. The driving properties are adjusted to drivers – beginners. Only after absolving the first year the pilots are offered upgrades like wider tyres, better engines and others.


The Punk - Iggy Pop - this Saturday in Prague

The 61-yo singer Pop brings The Stooges with him, planning to roll in Prague like in other cities since 2003, when he reunited his group. The living American unguided missile, who introduced crowd diving, always performing topless, eventually with buttered chest.

Iggy Pop became the main inspiration for British punks, beginning with Sex Pistols, Clash and The Strangers, to the New Wave represents Joy Division or Siouxsie & the Banshees. He cooperated among others with David Bowie, he introduced Madonna into rock hall of fame.

The Weirdness is his new record which he gave himself to his 60th birthday last year, but he do not let you down and play his best hits as well. You just have to come to Prague, AC Sparta Arena in Holesovice, on 20th September 2007. Tickets at Ticketportal 700-1350 czk.


Hepatitis type A Epidemic in Prague

Everyday, the number of patients diagnosed with Jaundice increases by 13 every day in Prague only. The ill run out of beds at infection wards all around Prague Hospitals. New rooms are being prepared and ambulances transport citizens with hepatitis to other regions as well.

Hepatitis type A started to spread among drug addicts, especially from those of Russian origin. From them the homeless got infected, than it spreads on, for example by the means of public transport. One just grabs a tram pole, don’t wash one’s hands, eats something, and is ready for hospital. Beware.

Until today, 374 people has gotten sick, the numbers are expected to grow. If the rate increase, there will be health acquisitions established.


Prague New Tramway Revealed

The 100% low-floor vehicle SKODA 15T ForCity brought its face out.

The tramways were made by the Plzen Skoda Transport. The design is different from the Prague Porshe tram type the Tram Skoda 15T comprises three very similar low-floor carriages, offering a compact interior with improved access for the disabled or baby carriages.

Plzen Skoda Transport plans to deliver total of 250 of these machines until 2017. The train capacity is 61 seats and up to 239 places for standing. The maximal speed is again limited electronically to 60 km/h. Passenger comfort will be enhanced by means of a new system of ventilation in the passenger area.


Havel's play Odchazeni in London

Havel’s play Odchazeni awaits its first foreign premiere tomorrow. The inscenation of the director Sam Walters takes place in the Orange Tree theatre in the Richmond Quarters. It is screened until 13th December.

The producer and art director of the theatre Sam Walters have said about the play for the Independent: “I am happy, we got permission to produce the play. According to my opinion, Odchazeni is one of the best Havel’s plays, it is theatre-rewarding and very funny. The play is the peak of cooperation which has begun in 1977.

“My political enemies waited for my return to theatre with hope, the play will be a flop and I am going to get it.” Vaclav Havel says with comment theatre brings him more pleasure than the politics now.