Compact archive September 23, 2008

Martha Rosler in Prague Gallery Langhans

Langhans Gallery Prague presents the photographic art of Martha Rosler. The well-known American painter, photographer, activist, essayist and teacher, is known and considered to be one of the most influential persons of political and feminist-oriented art in America and Europe.

The exhibition in Langhans Gallery contributes to the debate about the role of art in society. Rosler redefines context of the social space, and traditionally puts in question of social, gender and power inequality.

Rosner is not concerned solely with photography, as she works with all available media ; among her favorites are film and video, slide projection, installation, performance, and political events. She is also known as an author of critical essays focusing on role of females and culture in everyday life.

The picture on the left is called Hothouse or Harem. Martha Rosler in Prague Gallery Langhans until 9th November 2008.


New Prague Tourist Map: Sightseeing routes by Tramway

There is a new map prepared for tourists coming to Prague. It introduces the main tramway lines and over a hundred destinations, where one can get by it. As the tourist chosen destinations are around the stations, it makes an excellent handbook for everyone interested in Prague sightseeing, entertainment, culture as a whole.

The new map was produced by the Prague City Hall in amount of 180 thousand pieces. They are distributed in the information centres of the Prague City Hall, for example there is one right next to Charles Bridge. It is in Czech, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian.

The map also brings information about funicular to Petrin and about Prague Ferries.


Movie about US military base

A more than a year the authors of Cesky Sen (Czech dream) Vit Klusak and Filip Remunda have been shooting a document Cesky mir (Czech peace). The film depicts ‘Czech radar struggle’ and will be screened this spring.

The duo focus on specific Czech stupidity. If you haven’t seen the movie Cesky sen, it is simply about amount, at which consuming replaced religion in Czechs. They made a fictive hypermarket Cesky sen, with advertisements, with billboards, TV campaign. Thousands of people have gathered at the ceremonial opening, only to find out it was a hoax. Some wanted to kill them.

Another movie about Czech stupidity comes – because 75% of Czech population is against the American base. The USA saved us during the WWI, didn’t want anything. The USA saved us during the WWII, didn’t want anything. The USA saved us from the hell of communism under Russia, didn’t want anything. Now they want to prevent we get occupied again. FOR FREE. Czechs are stupid enough to be against it. Will the documentary mirror help the republic from retardation? No. But it is a great idea.

The authors are known for their sense of humor, so it will be a comedy. I am looking forward to it…


Inner Circle in Prague

Do you know the living legend Inner Circle? When you recall the megahits „Sweat (A La La La La Long)”, or “Bad Boys” and there you go. The quintet from Jamaica/USA are authors of many hits and owners of Grammy for a reggae record ’93, but especially they are precise and original band with deep roots in Jamaican culture and history.

The group was founded in 1968. In 78, when Jacob Miller sung with them yet, they played on the legendary Peace Concert with Bob Marley and Peter Tosh. Since then, they travelled literary all around the world from Brazil to Sri Lanka, but they are going to perform in the Czehc Republic for the first time this September.

Even today, they are still one of the most progressive bands, who own one of the most opened up studios in Miami, making new hits with Damien Marley, Beenie Man or Luciano. Simply – caribbean energy comes to Prague this Sunday!

28th September 2008 in Prague Lucerna Music bar. Tickets at Ticketstream, 500 czk.


Narodni Trida Station is going to be Closed

The last blank spot at Narodni Trida is to disappear. The Town hall have taken the pre-steps already; first, the kiosks were moved, followed by the benches. The place has always been swarming with homeless, so they just sit on the ground. Than, the new public notice banning public drinking at chosen areas came out. Now, the surroundings of the station Narodni Trida are clean, and the developer is ready.

The metro station will be closed, as on the top of it is the new centre Copa Centra going to appear. It will be accessible from Spalena, Purkynova, Vladislavova, Charvatova streets, from the Tesco market, and from Metro B station Narodni trida. The business-administrative-residential centre is financed by Sebastian Pawlowski and the price will be approximately 160 000 000 €, the developer also invest into the metro station.

That the station will be closed for possibly 16 months have already aroused displeasure of Prague citizens and a few thousands of them have signed a petition against the metro station closure. The Prague Public Transport company defends the station needs reconstruction anyway.