Compact archive September 24, 2008

Germany going to lend the originals of Munich Agreement

From signing of Munich Agreement in 1938 The idea of the The National Museum in Prague, to bring all the original four papers of Munich agreement to Prague is going to be taken through.

At the basis of the document, which was sign in 1938 by Germany, Italy, France and Great Britain, Czechoslovakia had to resign and give over the area of Sudety.

Czechoslovak representatives weren’t present at the discussion. They were only recommended to accept it. Winston Churchill commented it by saying: “Mr. Chamberlain had a choice between war and dishonor. He chose dishonor. He will get war.” Czechoslovakia lost its political potential and Hitler gained area of border fortresses without fight.

According to information of Cesky Rozhlas the German side agreed to lend the original papers after long negotiations. Andres Peschke, the speaker of the ministry said: “The fact that we decided to borrow the documents to Prague demonstrates, how well the Czech Republic and Germany goes along with each other now.”


Alicia Keys concert in Prague

Alicia Keys – one of the most beautiful and talented women of contemporary music world, the owner of many platine records and 9 Grammy award holder will sing in the Czech Republic for the first time.

Alicia Keys on the tour As I Am introduces her new album of the same name, which was published last year November and a few millions of it have sold worldwide. Of course she keeps the megahits from earlier records, like Fallin´, A Woman´s Worth, Karma and others.

Her concert is undoubtely going to be some experience, as a chance to see such a sexy and talented performer does not come everyday.

Alicia is very acive at charity non-profit organizations, she is among the top persons in show-business, among those who actively seek help for others.

Even in the Czech Republic, Alicia helps osmenoe; by buying a ticket at 14th October in Arena HC Sparta/Tesla Arena Prague way can contribute by 50 czk to Avon help to fight breast cancer account. Tickets: Ticketpro


Topolanek asked to be less offensive by ODS

Hospodarske noviny informed about wild Monday discussion of the ODS, where the party asked their boss Mirek Topolanek to stop in ‘offensive and non-proved attacks’ on the Prague unit.

The group points to Topolanek’s quote, when he claimed Bem is the one who in long-term intricates against him.

Topolanek also said for HN that connection of business with politics is the most notable in the Prague ODS unit. Which is under Bem’s lead.

Disputes among Topolanek and Prague Mayor Bem have gone harder when the Morava-Tlusty case came out. A month before the elections the main government side still struggles with it; the leaders of ODS try to get Tlusty out of the ODS, but ‘his’ regional ODS stood by him.

Prague Zoo Human-Gorilla Diet Bet

The keeper of Gorillas in Prague Zoo Marek Zdarsky made a bet with his colleagues, he is going to drop weight faster than his ward, the female gorilla Shinda. They both have 105 kilos and aim to get to 90 kilos as fast as possible.

When Zdarsky is going to win the bet, he is going to get a five-litre bottle of champagne. If Shinda drops weight faster, she will get two litres of nature orange juice.

Shinda started to grow slim two weeks ago and Zdarsky made a too tough regime for her. “I was under pressure of my colleagues from Prague Zoo, who were pitting her.” Zdarsky explained why he went for diet.

The gorilla’s diet consist of six kilos of vegetable and twigs for nibbling. Shinda is not by far happy from looking at her fellow gorillas eating kiwis or apples. What diet her keeper uses for himself he didn’t revealed.


Prague afraid of Hepatitis A Epidemic, gives 3 millions czk for Prevention

Prague decided to invest into prevention of Hepatitis type A. The City Hall have bought vaccines, disinfection and hygienic equipment worth 3,4 millions czk, the Prague councilman Pesak said. Hepatitis A has been spreading quite fast recently, since there have been 350 people indicated with it since 1st of September.

Hepatitis type A appeared after the holidays’ end, in Prague drug addict community, soon it spread to the homeless. The Prague City Hall has decided to vaccinate both groups for free. The disease ceased to spread among them, however it got already transmitted to the general public. There were even infection at schools.