Compact archive September 26, 2008

QUEEN and Paul Rodgers concert comes nearer

The Event devoted fans of the Queen in Prague await with great expectations. The O2 Arena in Prague, Czech Republic, hosts the special music event.

The live concert of Queen takes place on 31th October 2008. If you wish to attend the concert, now is the time to buy the ticket, because QUEEN and Paul Rodgers often fill even bigger stadiums than the O2 Arena.

The Queen and Paul Rodgers collaboration began in late 2004 when Queen were inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame.

Paul Rodgers’ voice is one of rock’s platinum assets and as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter as front man of Free and Bad Company and as a solo artist he has written, produced and recorded some of radios biggest hits.


Czech chairmanship of EU – Circus of Totalitarianism

early communism expansion Circus of Totalitarism is a concept prepared for 10 European cities over the period of Czech EU chairmanship, informing about the past regime. The purpose basically is to inform, what dangers people encounter in totalitarian society, at the same time contrasting with beauty of living in free world.

As a whole, the concept is educational. It aims at showing the generation which couldn’t see working communism, how the life was like.

In addition to Prague the Circus of Totalitarism will also stop in Bratislava, Berlin, Budapest, Brussels, Warsaw, Tallinn, Bucharest, Riga and Stockholm. Circus of Totalitarism will stay in each city for about 14 days.

Circus of Totalitarism is made by several linked mobile constructions, where the visitors will walk through various arts, happenings, creative arts, multimedia spaces with music and film. The cherry on the cake of the whole project is the “Totality Simulator” which enables visitors to know and experience at first hand features of different stages in the life of someone growing up in the countries of the former Eastern block.

Also, in each of the visiting cities, the local artists will have a chance to participate in the project reflecting specific local experience and/or attitudes to totalitarian regimes.

Circus of Totalitarism – a touring conceptual areal – Date: April to October 2009 more info here


Beer of the Year: KOZEL

Vyzkumny ustav pivovarsky a sladarsky – The Research institute of Brewery and Maletry organized the annual competition, where the experts try to find the best Czech bear. In 2008 it was the Kozel Medium, the 11° lager from Velke Popovice Brewery. It won closely ahead of Kozel Premium. The third was Litovel Premium from Hana.

Other beers which succeeded among lagers were Zubr, Holba and Patriot. From dark beers it was Rebel and Janecek. The second time in the history of the competition, also the best non-alcoholic beer was decided, again, the best Czech non-alcoholic beer became Radegast Birell.

The journalists choice of 2008 was Pilsner Urquell, followed by Bernard and Gambrinus. In total, 64 labels competed.


Strings of Autumn – Music festival in Prague comes nearer

Music festival bringing various top musicians of different genres is going to appear this autumn again. This year is going to be the 13th volume.

The festival tearing down the walls between genres, connecting seemingly unconnectable musical worlds, this year comes with a new project called Spotlight, aimed to new stars in the music world. As the first from the hopeful talents to 25 years will be introduced the multi percussionist from Austria Martin Grubinger.

The whole festival, which unites the world of jazz, world music, classical and the so called old music, is going to be opened by the significant Russian sopranist Irina Lungu, who in 2003 debuted on the stages of La Scala. Strings of Autumn Information here.

Concerts selection
9/28 – Irina Lungu
10/11 – Chava Alberstein and guests
10/19 – Julia Fischer
10/21,22 – Lenak Dusilova
11/1 – Les Arts Florissants
11/19 Joel Frederiksen
11/8,10 – Martin Grubinger


The Greens compelled Chinese delegates

The Chinese delegation watched Czech parliament discussions for only a few minutes. The protest against reckless disregard of human rights in Tibet took place directly in front of them. Two important representatives of the Greens walked to them and displayed Tibetan flag. The Chinese have immediately lift and left the parliament. The Chinese ambassador Huo Yuzhen said to had been surprised and disgusted.

The Greens see it different – the parliament agreed on their declaration where they agree to appeal to China to release political and religious prisoners and stopping their persecution. “We have agreed that while in contact with China representatives we are going to allude preservation of human rights and Tibet problematics. We kept up the promise.” the vice-chairman of the Greens Katerina Jacques stated. She held one side of the flag – the opposite side held the education minister Pavel Liska. Quite probably it was the same flag which the Chinese saw last time and they weren’t happy either.