Compact archive September 30, 2008

Czech Army: Spies watch planned Radar indeed

The second journalist source confirmed, foreign secret agents collect information about the planned US base in Brdy. “The military intelligence have, in 2007, noted among others concrete interest in information about the possible construction of the anti-rocket base” has written the Military in their annual report.

They didn’t specified, what is the ‘concrete interest’, but as we know from the annual report of BIS (Czech CIA) those are Russian agents. But, the report is not solely limited on the Radar, we can find out that: “The target of intelligences of various states are to gain secret information about NATO, armed forces of the Czech Republic, new weapon systems or new technologies used in Czech Army.”


Havel gained German prize Point-Alpha

The selected group of statesmen, who got the prize, gained merit in unity of Germany and Europe. It was given over at the German embassy in Prague by the Kuratorium Deutsche Einheit (KDE). According to it, Vaclav Havel has, in an exemplary way, helped peace, freedom, protection of human rights and dignity.

Havel so got another prestigious international prize for peace. Point-Alpha was before awarded e.g. the Russian ex-president Gorbachev, the German ex-chancellor Helmut Kohl and American ex-president Sr. George Bush. They all contributed to the end of the Cold war.

Havel, according to the organizers, belongs to charismatic models and the most convincing activists of the European motions for freedom of the 2nt half of the 20th century. The president of the Kuratorium Christine Lieberknecht stated Havel deserves the award for his “long-term brave and thanks god successful involvement in struggle for peace, freedom and human rights.”


Primal Scream Prague Concert in Roxy

The inscrutable Scots introduce their new album Beautiful Future. The Glasgow music group Primal Scream, known for their changing of rock traditionalism with electronic dance charges, is going to play on Friday since 19:00 at Prague club Roxy. This year’s album Beautiful Future brings some “shiny pop” in the best sense of the word, with strong melodies and sharp sound.

Primal Scream breaktrhrough took place in 1991, when they published their third album Screamadelica. It sounded like the young acid house fused with much older rock, and together they played the best rock riffs in new acid house lays. It appeared, that the antagonist world of rock and DJs can not only coexist, but even inspire each other and blend.

Primal Scream @ Prague Roxy, Dlouha 33, this friday 3rd October 2008. Tickets at Ticketpro.


Prague celebrations in Historical way – mead, lutes

Karel IV. Arrives to Vysehrad – the Kralovodvorske slavnosti (princely court celebrations) end the season of New Town foundation festivities. There will be of course jugglers, conjurors, freelance actors and knights. All these are going to Vysehrad this Saturday.

Since 10 am in the morning, the visitor can watch medieval dances, fencing or troubadour performations. There will even be a medieval ale-house with traditional snacks. The whole action ends by a fireshow in 18:30.

Kralovodvorske slavnosti is one of the events, where we look at our long past from its bright side, and simply have fun. Those are special in that respect few other events have all the age groups having fun together. Families with kids, youth, adults, old fellows. Come have fun to Vysehrad! On 4th October 2008, 10 am – 6:30 pm


Prague Hepatitis A Epidemic getting worse

Hepatitis type A Epidemic in Prague is still getting stronger, there is the most people got sick in nine years. “the situation is not calm, fortunately not critical either” the main health officer Vit calms us down. Numbers of infected should according to him grow until he beginning of November.

The situation is the worst in the lat nine years. Until now, 602 were diagnosed with Hepatitis A. Last week, the number was 374. Among the most infected districts are Prague and middle Bohemia.

In contrast to last years, most of the patients is not among children. The most affected demographic groups are adults among 20-45 years, by reason that the epidemic started among Prague drug addicts, more specifically Russian drug addicts.
Compared to last years, the hepatitis spread quite fast – Prague run out of vaccinations right now, there should be enough next week.